What Happened: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on 19 Months of COVID

Hoover Institution

Hoover Institution

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    Recorded on October 13, 2021

    From the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya has been on the front lines of analyzing, studying, and even personally fighting the pandemic. In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Bhattacharya takes us through how it started, how it spread throughout the world, the efficacy of lockdowns, the development and distribution of the vaccines, and the rise of the Delta variant. He delves into what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we got really wrong. Finally, Dr. Bhattacharya looks to the future and how we will learn to live with COVID rather than trying to extinguish it, and how we might be prepared to deal with another inevitable pandemic that we know will arrive at some point.

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    1. sc100ott

      Last year, I was one of tens of thousands of physicians to co-sign the Great Barrington Declaration. Today, I am still proud of that fact. My greatest respect goes out to Dr. Bhatacharya (apologies for spelling), his collaborators on the GBD, and to Dr. Scott Atlas, who I know is on the same page.

      1. ziggy

        Thank You Doctor for.being on Correct Side of History. Godspeed to you and your kind. 🙏

      2. gnorweb

        Thanks, I am not a medical professional but I could clearly see that this was not a significant issue that warranted the response it got. It has been truly eye opening to see the scale of human stupidity and the resilience of the economy. I am in different ways hopeful for, and fearful of the future. Thank you for your contribution toward sanity during a time of unprecedented madness.

      3. Johan öhman

        Thanks for a refreshing interview that on this topic make sense for a change 😊

      4. ladyesther

        Thank you.

      5. Kathy Leicester

        I'm a member of the public who's being destroyed by the communists who have taken over and destroyed every institution I used to trust, including the medical profession. God bless all doctors who signed Barrington. We pray for you every day, and know that eventually, right will defeat evil. God bless you and all your other Barrington MDs.

    2. Owen Crassweller

      Dr Battacharya's measured approach is so much more credible than the hysteria of the public health officials and many politicians.

    3. Paul Armstrong

      This man is a hero. The fact he is targeted despite his scientific credientials is nothing less than criminal.

    4. Kane123

      Jay has been one of the true heroes of this pandemic. History will look kindly on the man who was brave enough to mount a defence against all this madness.

    5. Mario Gonzalez

      It's unbelievable to me how so many people get really upset if you try to explain these facts to them...they simply don't want to hear it...Thank you...

    6. Catherine Macneil

      Thankyou from Melbourne, Australia. I wish we had such respectful and thoughtful discussions broadcast on our media here.

      1. Met Girl

        Hi from Adelaide Agreed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Covidity

      Historic interview. It will be referenced for years and years.

    8. Dede Tudor

      We're grateful for this interview.

    9. Anna Fields

      Thank you so much for this important interview. I am one of the millions whose livelihood was devastated by the shutdown. I was unable to receive any assistance during that time, and I’m still trying to dig my way out financially. I started 2020 with no debt, and now I’m still on the edge of losing my business with tens thousands of debt. It’s been emotionally draining and stressful, and has taken me from loving my work to dreading it. I live in Washington state, and our state’s lockdown and mandates have been horrible for businesses, while next door in Idaho, it’s been mostly business as usual. We lost many customers to Idaho, since it’s a 25 minute drive away. I really appreciate you drawing attention to the mishandling of the lockdown. I hope it does some good, and wakes some people up.

    10. Lifebee LifeBee

      Thank you for this intelligent and deep conversation. Personally, my hope to survive covid without vax is equal to my fear of getting serious side effects from vax. The scale is pretty much balanced, at least for me. In my immediate circle, I have four people age 60-80 who died from covid being fully vaccinated. It is a no for me, by now.

      1. Nan

        I really wish he had talked more on this. Would have loved to get his thoughts on Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Malone and others incl ex VP Pfizer Mike Yeadon and their very convincing and concerning warning on the vaccines, and also his thoughts on all the alarming safety signals showing in the Vaers data. I face losing my job over an employer mandate and so confused by conflicting information I'm hearing from seemingly genuine and highly educated medical experts. There is also no long term safety data. I am totally opposed to the propaganda and coercion and don't even know how I could continue working for a company that deems it ethical to demand coerced medical interventions on its staff. Where there is risk there should be choice.

    11. Dani R

      The courage of this man to keep speaking out against the atrocities of our “scientific” community and governments in the way they have handled this pandemic, gives me hope for humanity! Thank you Jay and thank you for this interview. Everyone should hear this talk!

    12. Cody Bench

      The creation and response to this whole thing is criminal. Thank you Jay for being honest. Although the damage continues, Thank you.

    13. Mark Stanton

      Brilliant men. Everything discussed makes so much sense, although I wish they would have addressed children's vaccinations.

    14. Karrie Welch

      Great work- thank you for continuing to speak- I disagree on these vaccines- we are seeing untold numbers of heart and neurological issues shortly after vaccine. The record number of top athlete deaths- many in teens and early 20’s, are horrifying.

    15. Gyaan Chandraa Shakya

      Thank you for the interview . increasing covid hysteria is looking like a mass psychosis .

    16. Babs Harris

      Well I never did go for any spots, never had the Flu & had no intention of getting a Vaccine. Just before Thanksgiving I got Covid from my Vaccinated friend. At 88 it was pretty scary, but with no DR, NO Hospital & no one to care for me, using only needed Supplements I have survive. It was scary & costly. Some side affects very frustrating. Excess sleeping was a great benefit. Unable to care for myself or cook, not being able to eat for over 3 week's worst.

    17. Mercedes Carrión

      This was devastating. Hard to watch 😭 Brutally and painfully honest. Heart broken with everything. Thank you for your bravery. 💗

    18. Victoria Ward

      Thank you soooo much!!! The Great Barrington Declaration was a light in the darkness when it was first published in Summer 2020. And it still makes perfect sense now, over a year later. It isn't built on whims and knee-jerk reactions but the principles of proper public health. Oh, may we soon return to those.

    19. mark savage

      I started following Jay in april 2020 and it has kept me sane in a world of ignorance.

    20. tonedawg1983

      This was fascinating, thank you very much for this level headed interview. One thing I wish you touched on was the vaccination of children and young adults and the issue of Myocarditis.

      1. ian bardon

        Another interview is required re so called Vaccine s, these are shots with many different outcomes.

      2. Nan

        Yes I 100% agree. I'm wish I could get his thoughts on Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Malone and others incl ex VP Pfizer Mike Yeadon and their very convincing and concerning warning on the vaccines, and also his thoughts on all the alarming safety signals showing in the Vaers data. I face losing my job over an employer mandate and so confused by conflicting information I'm hearing from seemingly genuine and highly educated medical experts. There is also no long term safety data. I am totally opposed to the propaganda and coercion and don't even know how I could continue working for a company that deems it ethical to demand coerced medical interventions on its staff. Where there is risk there should be choice.

    21. Julie Beth Ramsdell

      This discussion has restored my faith in humanity. Perhaps there is hope. Thank you, Dr Jay.

    22. Babs S

      True science from scientists who actually care about humanity as a whole! Thank you so much!

    23. Tom Perrone

      One of the clearest conversations to date. Thank you!

    24. Aces Maven

      I'm so glad that Peter interviews the way he does. Makes it easier for the rest of us to understand too. Wonderful interview as always! I always get excited to see Peter and his guests. Oh how I wish Dr. B had been in charge of the task force. How much better off we would have been. Unsure if some states would have listened. I'm glad he is still speaking out. Bless you Dr. B and thanks for another great interview Peter!

    25. ANN HOOVER

      Can't say thank you enough for this interview. Finally heard what feels like truth - rational, drama-free, unpolitical truth.

    26. Robyn Cohen

      Thank you Dr Batacharaya for your courage during this time of profound intellectual deceipt from governments, the media, and corporates entities worldwide

    27. magnus kwaszenko

      Such a good interview, and what a gracious, thoughtful man, Jay Bhattacharya is. One hopes that as a result of rigorous analysis of dynamics, decisions made, policies implemented and public pronouncements given, a much more effective and multilevelled consideration of the actions needed in the next pandemic will emerge. Thank you both.

    28. Joseph

      The list of things I loved about this interview is huge. Thank you for interviewing actual experts and asking some challenging questions! The tide is turning slowly thanks to shows like this

    29. Neil Kerby

      Thank you for all your work, I can only hope that as the facts are laid out, Anthony Fauchi and many more people who dictate to the population of the world, go to prison, no politician or scientist should be allowed to lock down a society. The WHO are not fit for purpose and are a disgrace. The damage to mental health and people's wellbeing is going to be felt for decades to come, I can only hope that this never will be allowed to happen again.

    30. Ruth Nutter

      I’m riveted! Such common sense based on actual science! Thank you.

      1. Cold Man Snivels


    31. Tropicalan

      I called this right from the "get go". I said, "This will not end anytime soon" once this started. I cannot, in words, express my gratitude for a common sense approach. I thank you...

    32. vita j Coffey

      What great information! Love this interview! Thank you for doing this! I have lost faith in Medicine. But this interview helped me understand that there are still some doctors who really believe in their oath to “Do no harm” and have the best interest of their patients in mind!

    33. Ines Crawford

      Finally!! A reasonable, highly-qualified explanation about Covid, social, economic, political, education, medical, miscalculated health policies. Thank you Doctor Jay your explanations were easy to understand and convey to others. Thank you both!!

    34. The Truth

      In person interview is night and day better than the zoom interviews. Thanks for what you do Peter.

    35. Vira Mandybur

      Jay Bhattacharya...a brave voice of integrity. Thank you for your continued commitment to truth and science.

    36. Dean Memory

      Thank you for such an intelligent discussion.

    37. PhysicsOnLine

      This is one of the most profoundly insightful interviews I have ever come across on You Tube.Thank you for publishing it.

    38. Claude Hutchings

      Thank you for the first common sense discussion I have seen on this matter. Im surprised the social media police haven't shut it down

    39. Nicole Smith

      Whatever illness one gets when in your eighties it’s common knowledge that one is at a higher risk of dying,. Covid or no covid.These earthly bodies ware out as difficult and sad as that is; we are not in heaven yet! If one is afraid of covid they can choose to stay home but if everyone stops living, we all will die. Thank you such good common sense, at least to me. God bless

    40. Clear Vision

      You were such a bright light in the darkness of this "Pandemic". God bless you and yours! Old nurse here!

      1. Clear Vision

        Dr. Battacharya that is/ Thank you for continally speakng out on this onfolding disaster.

    41. Donna Manuel

      It felt so good to hear the scientific facts and truths that I now can sleep tonight knowing that I no longer feel confused. I'll wake up in the morning feeling so much stronger than I have been since that so called pandemic began. Thank you gentlemen. ❤️

    42. Robert Tuss

      Enlightening. Thank You, Hoover Institution, Dr. Bhattacharya, and of course the inimitable Peter Robinson.

    43. Joshua Lott

      Dr. Jay is a very intelligent person.

    44. Jody

      Fantastic interview, really appreciate Uncommonknowledge

    45. Muskett

      I'm from the UK. This is the best interview that reflects my views. Thank you.

    46. Mooshin

      As a pro-vaccination person this discussion gave me fresh and quite an interesting perspective. Thank you.

    47. Dina Armeni

      Best interview ever. Hopefully things will change

    48. Praneet Singh Butran

      WOWOWOOW, I am the first here to comment on the latest episode of the fantastic Pete Robinson's UnCKnowledge! You are truly doing a service to mankind, what a range of intellectual awesomeness!

    49. Ruhmheim

      Finally an face to face interview! I can't believe it..Feels so good

    50. Peter Loxham

      Peter, such a big thanks for a well balanced and incisive discussion into a world problem. We will never be given an apology by world health for making such catastrophic decisions based on fear rather than fact!

    51. Jesus My Savior

      Thank you so much Dr. Jay! My heart is sunken and heavy seeing what’s happening in our country to our people, I cry…

    52. Scott Carl

      Excellent. If you look at each question through the lens of entropy and fear, you will be able to predict the outcome. Should we lock down? Yes, increases fear. Should we move sick seniors back into the assisted living centers? Yes, increases entropy. Should we investigate true IFR? No, it would decrease entropy. Thank you Dr. Bhattacharya

    53. Beck Beck

      what a brilliant presentation by medical professionals qualified that makes sense on issues to combat covid. Thanks Hoover Instituation for bring this out.

    54. Zach Scott

      Thank you for this interview and it’s so great to hear a really intelligent and thoughtful discussion of many colossal failures that just happen to be coincidental. Brett Weinstein said a quote the other day that bears repeating, “just follow the silence”

    55. Yoon Jeongsoo

      Thank you to the Hoover Institution for this interview as well as the one with Dr. Atlas many months ago. I swear, when I get rich enough I will start donating to you guys.

    56. Marco Williams

      Thank you both. A balanced reasoned interview that lays bare as ridiculous all the silly mandates, and rules that have been imposed on us - often without any justification and in some cases, with no discernible logic.

    57. Karen S

      Jay is one of the few with courage; thanks Peter for bringing him to us. Please comment back on what he thinks of using the vaccines with the current dominance of wild type variants. Thanks to you both.

    58. Francisco

      What a range of intellectual awesomeness!!! I admire Dr. Bhattacharya! THANK YOU!

    59. Mickey Constam

      So great to hear Dr. Jay at length! I appreciate his expertise and common sense approach. Have seen him a number of times on Ingraham, but the format only affords him a couple of sound bytes. Thank you for this informative discussion!

    60. Darvistas

      This channel is brilliant.. I've watch for 18 months.. placing covid in context, where any journaliat and scientist with integrity should..bravo.

    61. Mary-anne

      Thank you this brought me more hope again. This idea of focused protection is one I've felt is best right from the beginning. I enjoyed the whole video, I hope some people that should watch it do.

    62. wei shiue

      I just wondered what will happen if Dr. B is in charge of task force back in 2020 instead of Dr. Fauci.

    63. herinsh

      Very thought provoking, thanks for the bold share. I must wonder how could you get this so wrong? Perhaps it was no accident. Will history remember Fauci & the WHO in the same sentence as Mengala?

    64. kwakaman555

      Thanks for a high quality discussion. Both elected officials and unelected bureaucrats have willfully avoided high quality debates, in itself disturbing to witness...

    65. SCWgreg

      Please also post this on Odysee and Local platforms, to thwart censorship. Spot on, calm, logical, common sense. What about data from VAERS? What about alternative treatments? More research here please. Thank you.

    66. Erik Metzger

      Dr. Jay is the best. He's too good for the farm.

    67. Hertha Voorhis

      Hallelujah! I salute you for speaking truth! As a pharmacist, I have been appalled by Fauci’s control over this Covid outbreak. We health care professionals have been silenced but we are waking up and are speaking out! Thank you!

    68. Emily Allan

      Very important conversation. Thank you for posting this and thank you to TRonline for not censoring it.

    69. Barbara Louise Benjamin

      A brilliant interview. Thankyou for being the voice of reason. May you be heard.

    70. Yoon Jeongsoo

      this is the most important video I have seen in the past 19 months

    71. praise songs

      Thank u for this wonderful interview, it confirms all that I have experienced and concluded from scientific data and physician statements!!!

    72. ESSM

      What a great conversation. Thank you Peter and thank you Dr Jay Bhattacharya. You are a gem of a person.

    73. kosmotrekker

      Great interview with a really honest scientist who dares to tell everybody ( including the establishment ) the truth of what is happening with this epidemic. Great job Hoover Institution !

    74. Nolie Abriol

      Thanks so much, i wish you are the head of the UN you have a lot of common sense, and a very caring person. My decision is not to be vaccinated. I think this is just crazy, when you are forcing the vaccines to the people. Gob Bless You Dr. B and Hoover.

    75. LM G

      Thank you both gentlemen, a wonderful open discussion.

    76. Sandra W

      Thank you for this discussion but I have a few questions. If the man who invented this type of "vaccine" recommends not to use it then what argument do y'all have that we should? Also, y'all are really informed and smart,and with that being said I would really be interested in hearing about an indepth analysis concerning the the side effects of this actual "experimental vaccine". Not that my opinion counts for much but y'all assume that Dr. "F" has our best intentions at heart which I don't agree with. Again thank you.

    77. judge4all

      I agree w/ the gd Dr. ‘fear is more powerful than placebo”.

    78. Ramy Barrett

      Thanks for an outstanding and educational interviews!!! Congratulations!🏆

    79. Richard Billings

      Amazing! Thank you for your lucid and frank discussion of the issues and applying common sense. These discussions are needed in a broader medium and are not happening. Thanks again.

    80. Ben Lloyd

      My two favourite people in one show!

    81. elizabeth haas

      This discussion has been very enlightening. Thank you

    82. Petro Bowen

      At last another very highly intelligent person that did research and is now revealing true facts, well done and thank you for your hard work. RESEARCH AINT EASY, ITS HARD WORK !!!!

    83. Irene Jennings

      Finally some truth and common sense!! Thank you!

    84. S P

      Mr. Robinson and Dr. Bhattacharya - thank you so much. My heartfelt gratitude for both of you.

    85. Jim Wilson

      Thank you gor such a great interview. I wish were broadcast through more mainstream channels.

    86. Jason Lovato

      Strangely, I have friends that are very intelligent and educated that still think the lock downs were okay.

    87. Al Wilk

      This was a real eye opener, thank you.

    88. SirGalah4d

      That was an informative discussion. Thank you gentlemen.

    89. Carrie Sweeney

      Love this Dr! Thank you so much for speaking out! You are THE VOICE OF REASON!!!

    90. soapbxprod

      Thank you once again, Mr. Robinson and Dr. Bhattacharya. Hoover Institution is our last greatest hope for reason to prevail over superstition.

    91. Julie Lumsden

      This discussion is the most sensible I’ve listened to in a very long time. Thankyou very much

    92. desertskymike

      Dr. Bhattacharya, thank you very much for all of your good work. And thank you Peter Robinson for all the intelligent discussion that you provide the public.

    93. Nolie Abriol

      Thanks so much, i wish you are the head of the UN you have a lot of common sense, and a very caring person. My decision is not to be vaccinated. I think this is just crazy, when you are forcing the vaccines to the people. Gob Bless You Dr. B and Hoover.

    94. dave

      Thank you Dr. J (now I have 2 idols named Dr. J), and Peter for a great interview. Broadcasting like this is so needed and important. ✌️

    95. Water Gun

      Thank you Peter and Dr Jay. Very important work.

    96. Margaret Hess

      What a gracious and enlightening interview. Thank you!

    97. 2WheelsFinn

      Great video! Thanks for sharing your great knowledge Jay! Hero of these times.

    98. shayne smith

      I have love for Dr Jay

    99. Daniel Tochinskiy

      Great interview, thank you !!

    100. DL

      Thank you for this fantastic discussion and insight. I hope justice will be done in the end and we’ll see those (like Hancock) that took away our freedoms and caused untold damage to ordinary peoples lives and health will be punished appropriately.