We Finished Playing Together



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    This is not clickbait, this indeed is the end of our journey together playing the Resident Evil series. No more gaming collabs where we face off against hoards of zombies 😥

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    1. mokongthe3

      "Silence woman, let's play video game no more tears" -Giga Chad Sigma Male

      1. a turtle

        @AvalynnGoroshe i know a guy on TRonline: his name is Connor aka cdawgva aka monke. I think you'd like his stuff

      2. AvalynnGoroshe

        I hope to find a guy who's like that to me whenever I get sad or upset lol

      3. a turtle


      4. Invis

        @p3el MY GOD HE’S RIGHT

      5. p3el


    2. Eren the birb🕊

      Connor: *empties half a magazine* The zombie: *"Tis but a scratch."*

      1. Some dude from a pharmacy

        @oday farid it’s a bot

      2. oday farid

        @MMI👇😍 Bro why you give link without warning? I opened that link on the bus next to my brother with girls around me😂 Good thing my I tapped away in .4 seconds

      3. Avatar Korra

        It's you again 😂

    3. Friend of Onizuka

      Connor the hero "I came here to save you" while sounding like he smoked 3 blunts

      1. psydeffex

        @Leo report them for spamming links or go to the bots channel and report their channels for violations.

      2. Daro'Khajii

        And he has a 4th already lit.

      3. Aodhan Robbins

        @Leo Report.

      4. Leo

        Does anyone knows how to deal with those shitty bots?


        Fr tho lmao

    4. James Hughes

      Them: "Eventually Connor will put Ironmouse in the title" Sigma Connor: Removes Vtuber from the title entirely

      1. Shreyan

        It's evolving just backwards

    5. Holly_Rancher

      The editing gets me every time 🤣 Truly great, you have an awesome editor

      1. Golden Corvus

        The mouse emotes they are so cute and funny i love em

      2. Purple

        @ALEXA,,, 👇😍 be quiet bot

      3. Holly_Rancher

        @Hamza Hamid And when he replaced the face at 5:55 LMAO

      4. TheLoveFaerie

        Ty mudan

      5. Hamza Hamid


    6. themanyouwanttobe

      Expecting Christian Bale, "We are finished, professionally."

      1. Gamer Boy

        Peter Griffin: "Wait just professionally?"

    7. Fantasy_loving_ angel

      2:41 I love how the editor miss quoted him

      1. Duck Dictator


      2. jesuschristgiles

        i thought he said wenus i was so confused but this makes sense

      3. ArchAngelGamer

        I know thought to myself wait he didn't say that lol

    8. Akumu Ryuu

      If they think this is silly, they should wait until they try to co-op Ada campaign. The shoehorned second player there is unintentionally hilarious.

      1. Khârn the Cuddly

        @Mr. Edit reminds me of the time I started a pro vs anti water civil war within a server I was a part of. Good times

      2. Mr. Edit

        @Dasherplayz I forget most of the details since it's been so long, but it was something silly like the soldier wanting revenge on water since his family drowned. Anytime we'd encounter water in a level we'd treat it like this big, epic confrontation.

      3. Dasherplayz

        @Mr. Edit so are you gonna tell the story

      4. Mr. Edit

        Me and my friend came up with a story for the second player to justify his existence.

      5. Lord Inquisitor Skorn

        @I AM THE HYPE! That would have elevated the game from a 5/10 to a 6/10 in my book, Hunk is the G.O.A.T.

    9. RDM

      i want a friendship like Connor and Mouse...

      1. Anthony

        @Arcadius How is it their problem that you disagree with their comment. Do you really think that highly of yourself?

      2. Anthony

        @Arcadius You don't agree with someone else's view of what's humor, "it's their problem" and what you can/ can't joke about with strangers. That's a YOU problem, what do you not understand. Just like someone who doesn't have the same humor as you do, basically replying with give them more of your jokes if they dislike it and have a "ridiculous reaction" it's their problem.

      3. Anthony

        @Arcadius You also replied prior with a comment. Based on if someone is uncomfortable, the person making the joke should stop for the other as in courtesy. Now you've replied to me, "it's their problem" "it's not illegal to make jokes that people aren't comfortable with." You're pathetic

      4. Chuky Uniqul

        @Arcadius lmao did you miss that Anthony only flipped your logic and pointed it back at you? It's also your problem that your skin is so thin oft-misused words like nazi, racist, bigot, etc. get under your skin lul. You wanna give it, be prepared to take it. Just like you wouldn't RKO a stranger just because you do it with a friend. Without prior knowledge one can't know where an action is coming from, so acting in defense of oneself isn't unreasonable.

      5. Anthony

        @Arcadius do you realize the hypocrisy in your comment, I used it in the same context you. And you didn't realize it, seems to be that it's everyone's fault and not yours

    10. LuringSuting

      "I got an assault rifle, yo come here." Eh Connor, what are you gonna do with that assault rifle?

      1. E Nygma

        So, anyway, I started assaulting........

    11. TheGreatestGem

      It's devolved to a state of vagueness beyond "vtuber" and has entered the realm of "we" If it helps the algorithm I guess...

      1. Cassandra Janelle

        @Brendan Stone it may be session based. I've had them pop back up if I've backed out of a thread accidentally and went back in. So that's entirely possible.

      2. Brendan Stone

        @Cassandra Janelle I can see the comment again after reporting. It disappeared as you said, but... Is it session based and that's why I can see it? Or was it somehow reviewed and approved? But either way I see where you're going with that and you're absolutely right.

      3. Cassandra Janelle

        @Brendan Stone it's usually different bots on each video with virtually identical names and pfps. All leaving the same exact comment and link. I always try to report the actual account each time I come across a different one before reporting the comments since the comments disappear once you report them, leaving you unable to get to the account afterwards.

      4. Cassandra Janelle

        @JULIUS VILLAPANDO don't respond to bots. It makes them worse. Just report the account/comment and move on.

      5. Francisco Fernandez

        @Brendan Stone I know, I just report them when I see them

    12. Emika Syviis

      12:27 I nearly choked on my own spit when he said "I'm dying"

    13. audreyxaveline

      all jokes aside- watching them get closer as time goes on and more comfortable to talking to each other is ngl wholesome

      1. Syncopia

        Need me a relationship as strong as theirs

    14. 897bigman

      I feel like Mouses laughter is extremely genuine with Connor

    15. Dark_Source.

      "we're finished playing together" *well we all know that's a fucking lie* 😂

      1. Mike Gonzalez

        "No more gaming collabs where we face off against hoards of zombies" there is no lie.

      2. Heath Hunley

        Gotta get that clickbait

    16. Hamza Hamid



        @Hamza Hamid lol



      3. Cyko Tsukasa

        @TheyBuffMe even if its not too good it'd be funny to see what comes up lmao

      4. - ZeRoIsTaken -

        This is where the fun begins

      5. Hamza Hamid

        @TheyBuffMe If you're a talented artist you should do it, mousey doesn't have so much r34 tbh xD

    17. merus

      35:08 this cranked me up so bad, props to mudan

    18. otakuop

      11:41 thanks for the editing, it's wonderful

    19. 534DaHill

      This video cracked me up. I love the chemistry between Connor and Mousey so much. Pure and deep friendship. Also: Props tot the editors for making this so funny. The cartoony sounds effects like at 12:11 made me laugh like an idiot.

    20. MelonHead

      This game went on for so long that I forgot they did it in veteran difficulty.

    21. Vosh the Stampede

      Connor: *opens a door* Ironmouse: I must go, my people need me. *falls into the underverse*

    22. disk3001

      At 17:25 I know the editor is having fun with the "chad" model, but I legit thought he made Conner into someone from the middle east when a plane is about to crash and I was like WOW that's dark

    23. lilangelarishi

      I wish so badly that they'd play the rest and on normal difficulty. I want Connor to keep ignoring the cutscenes and getting progressively more confused with how the plot develops in each one. I want to see his confusion over Piers' ending after playing on his phone during the emotional cutscene. I want him to look down when Jake's wearing a coat in a snowy place and look up to see him shirtless in a white room in Hong Kong and not know wtf is going on.

      1. ninjardb

        As someone who beat this game repeatedly, the self-induced confusion kinda bugged me, but these two are hilarious so I just got used to it. but finishing up the first campaign and Connor saying they beat the game, were done forever, and could say they beat it on veteran...well I felt that familiar rage welling up again lol

    24. Jordan Takahiro

      22:28 that whole sequence was insanely funny.

    25. Emre

      I only recently stumbled upon a clip of Ironmouse and you streaming together, and now I can't stop watching videos of the two of you. You two have such a great chemistry, it's like I'm watching my favourite kind of anime IRL, I love it 😂 I hope you never stop streaming together and we can keep enjoying your wholesome interactions.

      1. Syncopia

        Just fell down the tungsten rat x chromium dog rabbit hole yesterday, been watching them non stop.

    26. Keziah Reiss

      Connor - the man who falls over at the slightest "jiggle".

    27. DragonSlayer Girl

      Loving these co-op streams. You gotta play A Way Out

      1. Diego Coutinho

        Mouse already played that with Nyanners.

    28. Fveltal The Galactic Emperor

      For some reason I don't believe it's the end

      1. Cassandra Janelle

        @Fveltal The Galactic Emperor don't respond to the bots. Just report the account and the comments. Responding only makes them worse.

      2. Fveltal The Galactic Emperor

        @MMI👇😍 no one wants you here

      3. Fveltal The Galactic Emperor

        @Frame! read literally most of the titles of this series

      4. Frame!

        Read the description lol

    29. Charles Lee

      Mudan took "Alternating mouses" to a whole new level at 16:58 lol love that editing

    30. Nick

      Ironmouse cracking out brings me such joy LOL I literally cracked out because of the way she laughs, so funny to hear her laugh like that.

    31. Scary Meunster

      I wanna see them play as all the characters in Mercenaries No Mercy. Haven’t played, but it looks a hell of a lot more fun than whatever shit the campaigns have to offer.

    32. REX !

      I had the pleasure of playing all 4 campaigns don't judge me I was bored to death.

    33. Lege.

      Connor when cutscenes have audio: I sleep Connor when one cutscene doesnt have audio: real shit

    34. Leo

      22:50 In name of all my Spanish speaking brothers We do not say it like that Hope they play the other campaigns so we don’t have to

      1. Samuel MFT

        @Leo i used to say pikza and sangwich, So maybe there are still people who say it like that. Anyway, you shouldn't take something that it's not, so seriously. It's just a joke

      2. Leo

        Yes, I want you to believe in me So believe in me when I say we don’t say elien we say alien, or sangwich we say sandwich(or emparedado), or pikza we say pitza

      3. Vladyslav Pidlisnyi

        Do you want us to belive you and not mouse?

      4. Daniel De León

        @Samuel MFT eso mismo pensé, es como en algunos países no dicen "héroe", dicen "hero" (como ero)

      5. Samuel MFT

        Tal vez así es en puerto rico xd

    35. Rei Zak

      I agree with Ironmouse. E.T. is terrifying. It used to make me cry as a kid.

    36. glow tail

      How did you finish playing with each other And why did you stop playing with each other

      1. Daeni Boi

        @OPEN PAGE,,,,,, 👇😍 please stop

    37. TheGreatSmol

      "Just close your eyes" That part got me haha

    38. Max Payne

      Conner:"how convenient that the power turns off when you turn of the power"

    39. pseudonym

      4.30 “Of course my king I will open the door for you. *Hillichurl noise* ”

      1. haziee

        Use : not a . buddy

      2. Diego Coutinho


    40. Floof4lyfe

      the falling through the map killed me XD had me choking for half an hour!

    41. Ishaan Anil Cherian AI

      11:41 mudan tells u to imagine it after closing ur eyes😂

    42. Bobbito

      I decided to go back and look at some reviews for this game, and do I just have brain rot or would this game not have sucked in 2012 too? Because there are a ton of reviews praising this as such an amazing game, and they love the storyline, and how everything is so action packed. I remember games in 2012 being a lot better than this. That same year we got dishonored, borderlands 2, diablo 3, chivalry medieval warfare, spec ops the line, xcom enemy unknown, and apparently candy crush saga.

    43. gekkokkid

      chat making it weird Connor & Mouse: aight, is that how y'all gonna play it??? then let's play begin to make fun sarcastic puns about it

    44. Chaos-kun

      Can't tell you enough how great it is to have you back, ConnR.

    45. BlackravenSSS

      5:02 He never said he's a good leader. Just a leader XD

    46. Chief1tear

      This game is just “but wait there’s more”

    47. Brian Gruenewald

      40:39 This is a mood

    48. Nox

      It would be amazing if they went back and finished this game.

    49. BornKiller 1463

      I want to see mouse and Connor do a try not to laugh challenge

    50. eleazar espinoza

      The edits are always A1 :)

    51. raydemonte1

      I can´t imagine both playing all four campaing missions

    52. Narva95

      Edit is on point again, the Tyler edit got me good

    53. Pabloto 5099

      It is always fun to watch cannur and tungsten rat gaming, even more with the editors work.

    54. Senpai Online

      dude this editor is out there i love it makes the video 100 times better

    55. Brian Gruenewald

      17:25 Damn, Connor! You look good!

    56. heorhe

      Fun c4 fact (rekinded me when you said clean c4 at 7 mins) american soldiers in the Vietnam war would cook c4 with their rice when out of rations for the protein. C4 is surprisingly stable and will not be set off due to heat, or pressure making it safe to cook with. They often had "explosive rice" where they would mix in shavings of c4 with rice.

      1. KarasunoKC

        I assume they also often had "Explosive Diarrhea".

      2. I AM THE HYPE!

        I can't help but guess that isn't healthy.

      3. MC D

        Sounds spicy

    57. Arthur

      Does he know he can duel weld pistols as leon? Don't ask how I know this.

    58. Lil Gobbo

      “Disgooostin,” will always make me laugh

    59. Gamemeister

      I can’t wait for the other campaign runs lol as far as plot Leon’s makes the most sense lol

    60. David Holm

      Never before where 2 gamers so relieved to reach the end of such a shitty game!

    61. MikeOuttaphone

      *Train lands on Leon* Cannur: "Are we dead?"

    62. Real Human

      "We finished the game." Bruh you're ¼ way through.

    63. The World Is Not Flat

      "No more gaming collabs where we face off against hoards of zombies" so... no even a chance to COD:Zombies??

    64. Goro Majima

      Little did they know. There was 3 more parts to the game

    65. Ryu Tak

      If bamboozled isn't an Apex Legends reference it's gotta be a JoJo reference right?

      1. Gremlin fifty

        Bamboozled is a reference to everything

      2. Ryu Tak

        @Draumr Now that'd be amazing

      3. Draumr

        Why not both?

    66. Phantom Greyfire

      [insert JoJo reference]

      1. Daymein Morales


      2. your local introvert

        YO ANGELO YO ANGELO YO ANGELO YO ANGELO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Brian Gruenewald

        Teme no tsuke wa kane de wa harae neze! *7 page ORA on Steely Dan*

      4. Macaw Web

        [insert jojo reference that fits well as a reply]

      5. Top-cat 07

        ‘You thought it was normal mode, but it was I, VETERAN’

    67. Bottle 12

      this was insanely entertaining

    68. BlackravenSSS

      23:12 And than here's me, sitting for a damn 5 minutes listening for the alien, alien, alien, why do you say alien?, alien, alien, alien, alien...

      1. BlackravenSSS

        @Daniel De León I don't really even hear elien. I hear just alien said with her voice tone. So it's kinda annoying each time when they just say the same thing over and over and over again. So even if she does say that - nobody would really notice. I understand the overall joke, just doesn't seem funny to me in any way.

      2. Daniel De León

        The worst part is that we don't say "elien" in spanish, it's "extraterrestre" or "alien" (the 'a' is pronounce like in apple), maybe it's a Puertorrican thing

      3. Axterix13


    69. Derek Cox

      This game was an inaccurate representation of Derek's we do not take responsibility for white suit mans actions.

    70. SimplyVibe

      *sees fire* Connor: “This is why men have wieners, so they could pee out the fire” 5head Sigma Male

    71. Marcus Alm

      Anytime Mouse is scared of space or aliens I just want to give her a hug and show her the northern lights. Try to show her that space isn't that scary and can be very beautiful.

      1. Uncle Merlin

        Bro you'd cause her to get 13 different kinds of bacterial infection just by getting within 5 feet of her

    72. AviatorNic28

      Hold on pause on the credits I want to know *who's fault this is*

    73. Athena R.

      27:39 for my own amusement, I've timestamped it 😂😂😂

    74. Nick Lopez

      17:03 Leons leg went through that box

    75. KoDOmega

      Oh wow. Hearing Mouse scream "Leon!" gave me RE4 flashbacks....

    76. Nick Lopez

      14:00 I think my mouse is supposed to protect you at that part

    77. Nineteen Eighty-Four

      Those who dislike this video will be left behind when the world falls apart

    78. Animefannatsu

      As much as they fight they do work kind of well.

    79. Nick Lopez

      14:50 How did that then dynamite barrel not kill you two in the blast since it seems to be closer to you than the shark

    80. DadamDraws

      1 out of 3(4) campaigns complete, congratulations

    81. Gabriel Andrade

      Cant wait to see the Chris campaign.

    82. Booma4142

      The man saved the woman from her tears just by showing up. I'm not joking.

    83. Pablo Angulo

      23:05 Mouse sounds like she's shouting "Eliel!" just like Don Omar in Pobre Diabla 😂

    84. frostだげ

      Ok I cannot watch this after watching Resi 8, then watching 7, like they were so good, this is over the top cinematic with a few sprinklings of gameplay

    85. Hiku ReMon

      Great Connor, you did part 1 of 4

    86. The EpicSlayer7 SSS

      imagine, this is just ONE chapter! there are like 3 or 4 more!

    87. Fuerted Slash

      [Spanish sounds] Connor: "eilien" Mouse: "elien" Me: "Alien"

    88. Robin Cuillandre

      15:20 Well done, but my sigma vision is way beyond 🦆

    89. saucy noodles

      i love their interactions its so funny but also tugstencat sounds exactly like my ex which makes me sad sometimes

      1. Cassandra Janelle

        @Cursed Paladin it's a bot, bro. Don't respond to bots. It just makes them worse. Just do your part by taking 10 seconds to report the account/comment and move on.

      2. jjdude55

        @Cursed Paladin oof gotteem

      3. Cursed Paladin

        @OPEN PAGE,,,,,, 👇😍 bruh he needs someone who sounds like tungstencat how tf is 18+ gonna help that 🤣🤣

    90. Sophie Wouters

      20:56 As an Italian, reading my language on the subtitles caught me so off guard wtf.

    91. Zeros Alchemist XV

      Little did they know they had 2 more parts to this

    92. Marge Clarito

      11:40 I'm liking this stream highlight

    93. JKNiño

      22:29 I was always afraid of E.T. when i was little! His horrible scream was so frightening. The movie was also completely eerie.

    94. Kevin Valencia

      As a man that has made the mistake of peeing on a fire, I can confirm that our weewees were not given to us for that...

    95. Leo Likes Lamb

      Your videos butter my biscuits thank you

    96. Lenny

      "Silence woman, lets play video games no more tears" Never before have I heard such based energy in this website

    97. Patches

      It’s funny because I don’t think they realize there’s two more parts to that game lmao 😂

    98. Nick Lopez

      27:20 on Console when I played this with my friend it wasn’t that broken

    99. Zann Christo

      The suffering continues

    100. Patrick Manselle

      "Did some solid snake stuff" *Shows GIF of Big Boss*