This is my DIY OVENS for a barbecue party 🍖🔥

Wood Mood

Wood Mood

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    This is a fun and unusual way to build a backyard stove. You need cement, plywood and ... a balloon!

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    1. Wood Mood

      Full video:

      1. Irlane Silva

        Se f sdd Gian3

      2. jaqueline santos


      3. Ara_ Ganz

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    2. mad penguin

      Imagine going to a barbecue and they're like "hold on, I haven't finish building the oven yet"

      1. Ajnish Bhakar

        @XxzoexX l

      2. Surendra Kashyap

        @WhyAmIHere ? श

      3. ʚ Todoroki ɞ


      4. cookie bean

        @WhyAmIHere ? I'll get the coal

      5. Katherine Hoard

        Omg true🤣

    3. Mishirose

      My husband works as a Rosetter Philadelphia ironworker, This would never work without rebar in the cement. Cement needs some sort of a metal binding agent for something like this to hold. This video is basically promoting how to catch your yard or home on fire. The wood left at the end that wasn't removed is enough for that, then add the crumbling ball of fire, cement, ash, and wood from whatever was placed to make the fire. You basically just showed people what not to do. I really hope noone does this and find a professional or does more research first.

      1. David Bracho

        Also it has to be a hight temp resistant mortar/cement otherwise it'll crack as soon as you try to cook anything interesting.

      2. pedro taco

        It's refractory cement. There's thousands of videos of people building pizza ovens this same way. "But dur me husband's an expert at concrete dur"

      3. Spartacus4000

        Some heavy duty chicken wire would help

      4. l quinn

        That's not cement. Cement is a additive of concrete. So you mean concrete.

      5. Kavan Boo

        @Sak 20012019 and because the walls are too fucking thin

    4. z

      Me encanta tu gran trabajo

    5. Scott Towle

      There are other stoves you can build that has a wood burning compartment and the heat is directed into the baking area before going up the chimney. Just one of the few options.

      1. Joao Gonçalves Joao Gonçalves

        @tahrer abas mmnbxhjkloy? A 😀

      2. Joao Gonçalves Joao Gonçalves

        Bom 😇😆⛪💒💐💍💌👭📖👝📖🐶⛪💒💐💍💍💌⌛, mas o que eu te ligo e o ⛪😆🎀😇👭💞🎋🎋📖📖💌💍🏃

      3. SMA1mommy

        Link please 🙂

      4. richard anburaj


      5. tahrer abas


    6. No

      No such thing as perfect 🤩

    7. Martha Howley

      If there’s any moisture left in the cement or tile mortar, it will explode when heated.

      1. sekar libiya

        @Alex Alex

      2. Wayne

        Explode,... really? It'll crack and fall apart.

      3. Justajoke Forme

        Or it will just crack

      4. Normal Whiteguy

        Yea, that’s what I was thinkin, was crazy thin for having that amount of moisture

      5. Blerta Xhika


    8. Regina Bayles


    9. Mark Blix

      As a retired bricklayer who has built many fireplaces, etc, I'll just be nice and say it's good to see the young lady try this.

    10. Jason Breslow

      There’s no way that holds without any wire mesh/rebar for the cement to grab onto.

    11. EL PRO GAMER🇨🇴

      Me encanta tu gran trabajo

    12. Jose Alvarez

      Very clever could have shown me to mi like 15 years ago 😄 Onestly that's one the best ways to cook anything 👏💯👍

      1. Rubina Saleem

        V. Bjhgujkl778

    13. xX

      Never seen that before. Very innovative, good job 👏

    14. Jhordana Camargo Pinto

      Eu só gostaria de ver alguém fazendo isto na vida real prá ver se realmente dá certo !!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🤔

    15. Muzzy Kolip

      You need to put a layer of strong metal mesh in between the cement and a layer of ceramic fire Blanket then another thin layer of cement plaster. It will hold the heat for hours and very rarely have cracks . But not a bad job for a starter 👍

    16. Ahmed Daniel

      😍😍😍👏👏👏 Nice and easy idea that saves you a lot of effort and a lot of time. Well done

      1. AnUnLuckyPenny

        Easy and quick way to burn your home!!!!



    17. bozarme bozarme

      Удивительно, диайвай и без термосоплей, однозначно лайк👍

    18. Ronald Duclos

      Good idea but still lots of exposed wood on outside that can catch fire

      1. Yogita Dhore

        Tanishk# Sandeep# dhore

      2. FATHIMA  FINU


      3. Potato Kalman

        Lmao ye

    19. David Lopez

      Maybe burn the wood out next time to avoid fractures when peeling it out?

    20. luis perez

      Muy buena idea. 👍👍👍

    21. Michael B

      Or you can just use a grill. They sell them at Lowes or Homedepot

    22. • d a e g a l •

      I love how this is an oven shaped like an igloo

    23. Jessy Ltr

      Also it seems a little thin depending if it is exposed to a hard winter

    24. PurpleOre123

      The cost of all this stuff is probably more than a real wood burning stove. Also, it takes a lot less time to just go to the store and buy a wood burning stove.

    25. Reena Singh

      This is so nice idea 💡

    26. Kenneth Coffey

      First problem it has no supports so eventually it will collapse in on its own weight second problem it wasn't fully cured so eventually the moisture will make it go boom third problem is you just use refractory cement not a composite mixture of plaster of Paris, fine sand, perlite ,and refractory cement .... Which for those curious is the composition of what they used to make fire bricks out of for pizza ovens

    27. Frogenius W.

      Wow! I love it!! ☆

    28. Mary M

      At last! A way to use my exercise ball!

    29. ETOPS

      A hole for the chimney is one of those minor, yet consequential details.

    30. andres Narváez

      I love it ,very creative 🙏🏼👍🏽💪🏽 Haters don’t like it😠sad

    31. Beautiful Black Queen Stone

      My god family are totally DIY people they've made a few of those and they came out really well

    32. Adriana Silva

      Bello trabajo😍😍😘😘

    33. Adriana Silva

      Bello trabajo 😘😍😘😍😘😍

    34. Cole Balderas

      The amount of decritive tiles she had to use is emaculent

    35. Terrestre

      Isn't the door a little bit larger (taller?) than the optimum size?

    36. Infamous Times

      Don't seem like there's enough room to put food in it to cook. Plus, what's up with the huge hole at the bottom? Wouldn't the wood fall through it? How is this practical?

    37. Adael Sylva


    38. Erdogan Soylar

      I hope you realize you're doing this on a wooden table.

    39. Марина Родионова

      Девушка умница .Интересная идея. Спасибо

    40. Y Mc

      I didn't know where she was going with this. Awesome!!

    41. Rafaeo Thomaz

      Sem ao menos haver um estrutura dentro, com aqueles vergalhões de ferro, toda essa estrutura de cimento fica insustentável. Será que explode ?? 🤣

    42. aola wili

      I didn't know where she was going with this. Awesome!!

      1. Black Heart_150

        Are you looking the comments ?, this have so many errors, if you want to make fire in your garden and house this thing is the best option

    43. Andrew ROBINSON

      Wire netting would go a long way too. Just put half cement thinkness cement on then bird wire then other half cement . To reinforce & holds it all together too.... just a thought....

    44. Mark Vegar

      That is sooooo cool im going to make one of those

      1. Mark Vegar

        @Ace Rune seemed like a good idea I can see now wouldn't last long at all

      2. Ace Rune

        Do NOT make one of these. It has no metal skeletal grid and it will crack and break upon first use once there’s a fire inside. This is an accident waiting to happen please do NOT do this.

    45. Audeo Lav

      You go girl🍾🥂🥂😆

    46. درب سعادة

      Nice beautiful video worth watching I enjoyed it a lot I wish you more success and success always

      1. Maria Saavedra


      2. Maria Saavedra


    47. Matt Finkel

      Just use sand to provide the form work. It's cheaper and easier.

    48. el amine

      How did you carry that onto the bricks?

    49. Paqui Ros Medina

      Valla trabajo 👍👍👍😜😜😜👏👏👏😍💝🌹🌹

    50. Work in Progress

      This has weak or almost no foundation at all. It's missing something. If I am going to relate this to our daily stuffs, it's like a disposable one

      1. kyuubi nine

        This is from creator of 5 minutes craft and yummy I think. Both are garbage Channel that full of bs and lots unsafe diy. I remember some of their Channel target market are for kids and its have dangerous 'easy' experiments.

      2. Joy Gaudiano

        Yeah. She should be using clay too and something to trap the heat inside.

    51. Александр Калинин

      Столько работы ради одного видео однозначно лайк

      1. qtyer8udr qrryyeruudduuf


    52. Carlos P

      Wonder how long it took before cracks start showing all over that thing!!

    53. 𝔹𝕠𝕓 𝕕𝕫

      Wow* I love it!!🔱

    54. Obelix

      This will break with the first fire 🔥

      1. Obelix

        @Riley Seely just stop the cringe now pls

      2. Riley Seely

        @Koa That's alright dude, not expecting you to have the attention span to read what I say anyways

      3. Kiara K

        @Riley Seely Lmfaoo what 💀

      4. Koa

        @Riley Seely I can't take you seriously dude 😭

      5. Riley Seely

        @Obelix Mine? Was basic literacy not a focus in your elementary years?

    55. The end of the beginning

      So wait, your too poor for a grill or a actual oven, but you have cement, decorative tiles, nails, wood, and a exercise ball on hand? Edit: and a nailgun

    56. bouytt guyt

      Wire netting would go a long way too. Just put half cement thinkness cement on then bird wire then other half cement . To reinforce & holds it all together too.... just a thought..

      1. Maria Saavedra


    57. Jeff Strongman

      Yeah, that won't Crack into ten pieces the first time you use it.

    58. Pedro Soler Martínez

      It’s ok, though it’s too thin I think 🤔

    59. Ozert

      You need metal strings to make it sturdy ,tho this is very good already


      It's too beautiful

    61. madimetja simon

      Love love this idea

    62. Evangeline Lopez

      That's is nice 🤩

    63. 🎄It’s me Cringe Taniya🎄

      There’s no such thing as a perfect circle

      1. Maria Saavedra


    64. Brittany Lehman

      THAT WAS SO COOL TO WATCH!!! IT LOOKS LIKE A MINI IGLOO. I'm gonna call it a fire igloo.X3

      1. Maria Saavedra


    65. Jo Gallagher

      Sooo... I may have missed something but.... what's going to stop the table burning???

    66. mikea hiooi


    67. Дилноза Юлдашова

      Это печь палучилось крута

    68. Henry Lee

      This is the five minute crafts of woodworking

    69. A. 76

      Pretty nice goodjob 🤩🤩🤩

    70. Sahir Ebrahim

      The idea is there but you gona need some kinds reinforcement like mesh wire to hold the concrete and also use some bricks.

    71. Seyma Kaya

      Çok güzel olmuş😉👍👍👍👍

    72. Hi


    73. Food iRoth

      Nice work

    74. Κωνσταντινος Περγαντης

      Μπράβο συγχαρητήρια 🇬🇷🙋‍♂️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔝

    75. Creative hub🎨

      I live in India and where these barbecue or whatever parties doesn't even exist 😂😂who else agrees? And in India we call this as mitti wala chulha which even exist in village or even though in many towns too😂😂😂

    76. Senshi Kuma

      That will last maybe a month lol If your going to do it do it right with cob

    77. ~Its meeeee~

      Waw I love it so much 😇😘📱🍭😂


      So amazing

    79. Iain Engilis

      Question. Can this be used as a furnace for forging/blacksmithing

      1. Ace Rune

        Do not use this whatever you do. It’ll crack and break upon first use. Also no, it wouldn’t get hot enough for that.


      Doesn't that need a metal skeleton? I don't know the name of those metal nets because I don't know shit about building, i know that it needs that thing.

      1. Rajak Sumra


      2. Sara radley

        No doesn’t need metal, some people make these out of rocks

      3. Bruce String

        @JULIO DURAN I believe rebar would be the term you’re after, although chicken wire would’ve sufficed in this video as something 😆

      4. NoDrum


      5. Xighor

        Yes or something it was already crumbling by the end of the video If you look carefully lol Also she didn't cut out a hole for the chimney 🤦‍♂️

    81. Mole

      Is the table made by wood?

    82. Bless'dSavin'Grace

      We're NOT GONNA MENTION cement cracking& breaking?!

    83. Asiye Öztürk

      Oohh Jesus...You are making a Fire Place with Wood ..😳😳 Are You Kidding Me ..??? ❤️❤️

    84. maria da graça costa

      Quê massa

    85. Ritu Sharma

      I’d rather by an oven, first I would go to the shop but the stuff to make this DIY oven I can instead buy a regular normal not DIY oven and my time is also saved.

      1. Ми Редми

        Приветик Я тебе сегодня в

      2. Ritu Sharma

        @Jose Mendez yup, it was just an auto correct.

      3. Jose Mendez

        You mean buy

      4. lui- G

        Yeah most diy are supposed to save time and money.

    86. Dawn Michele

      Awesome 👍😎

    87. Likely Foods

      Wow Very nice 👌👌👍

    88. ✨mia_ :D✨

      Por que simplemente usamos el horno de nuestra casa :)

    89. morgan EPIARD

      Une grotte en forme de barbecue 😀

    90. NTgamezZ

      Fire in an igloo makes perfect sense

    91. °Dakota-Sãn°

      Yeah hold on let me grab all of those things to make it,WAIT I FORGOT.Nobody has those LAYING AROUND

    92. aeleasha 🍜

      very nice and creative

    93. AISHAܪܘܣܐ ܕܡܫܢܐ

      Mantap ܡܘܣܝ

    94. Dino Atualizado

      Acender isso encima de uma mesa de madeira ? Acho que dá muito certo não 🧐

    95. Егирь михей

      2-3 протопки и делай новую

    96. bananaedits

      I think buying an oven would be faster-

    97. Ashraf Inayat

      Wall done😊😊👍🏻❤❤

    98. Parveen Parveen

      Mashallah 👌

    99. xSlowday

      Building an oven out of wood is like building a boat with holes