Selling My Most CURSED Knock-Off Anime Merch.



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    I'M SELLING EVERYTHING I OWN!!! Follow any future streams for a chance to get something from the CDawgVA cinematic universe.

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    1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      The fact that the knock off merch ended up selling for more than 5 times its original price blows my mind

      1. Katy McDonald

        It’s for the memes man

      2. justedith


      3. Grimslade Leviathan

        5 times some of these things are at like 20 times. For god's sake a free item got almost a 200% markup

      4. Яed Ch.パーディオンエンペラーレッド

        @Wesley Wyndam-Pryce I would regardless or not if it was charity. But first things first I need money for that and I don’t see anything inside my wallet 🤷🏼

      5. 乂Telly乂

        You are fucking EVERYWHERE

    2. James B, B

      "I'm gonna be honest, you guys shouldn't pay more than one dollar for this." "tree fiddy."

      1. Nannosphere

        They're really about to bankrupt themselves on a pen....

      2. Moguyo

        Danny is a true lad

      3. nicky_ tdbp

        @0hDannyBoy we bow to the tree fiddy man!!

      4. TonyG _FGC

        That's so funny

      5. 0hDannyBoy

        yee lol

    3. WarpGamer

      The amount of times I've heard "are you sure? " has made my day

      1. Sound Tech

        Or 'oh my god, what is happening'

      2. NaruZkurai

        Makes him trustable lol

      3. Crimson Queen

        *John Cena meme intensifies*

      4. Demontyana

        *are you sure?*


        *are you sure*

    4. The Provider

      Each bid is literally "0 to 100 real fucking quick" except it starts at tree fiddy and goes beyond 100.

      1. Raptor King alpha

        Damn your pfp is cultured 😎

      2. Viva Leroca

        I read it as free tiddy. I apologize. No hawny.

      3. 0hDannyBoy

        @SourTb T R E E F I D D Y

      4. SourTb

        The tree fiddy always kills me

    5. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

      I bet a CDwag hoody that you wore for a few days would make you mad charity $$$$. I think a certain female demographic would be would into that 😎

      1. Uncle Squatch

        I'd bid for it.

      2. George

        @Takeshi-dono Wearing your s/o’s hoodie is like a permanent hug from them

      3. Takeshi-dono

        @SomeRandomJackAss nah fam chicks are into that shit fir some reason

      4. SomeRandomJackAss

        You mean, VTubers?

      5. Takeshi-dono

        Stop Just stop My gf already stole all my hoodies and it's cold as fuk where I live

    6. VON

      Hearing so many numbers being thrown out made me forget they're throwing around actual money

      1. Stephy00nine

        It's like on Ralph Breaks the Internet when they bid on the steering wheel.

      2. Aristheia

        @Epic at 23:20 the bidder actually paid the exact amount to the said charity

      3. Haruka

        The numbers mason what do they mean!

      4. Nin

        @Epic if you watched the stream you'd notice that the payment for the items were interchangeable with donations to the charity itself, so while you could be talking about unrelated donations... they also purchased the items through donations. They were required to donate immediately after the bid, if they didn't then Connor said he would sell it to someone else.

      5. Geralt of Rivia

        @Davrial aka Blue Mario fax

    7. kkfreak

      The guy that keeps saying $3.50 should win something

      1. JayPlusForerunner

        He should win $3.50

      2. komewgi

        Should have done an auction at the end with just him in the call

      3. [e:LLUSIV ]

        he'll be there when the others run out. always.

      4. Veen-a

        Three fiddy

      5. tepigboi

        we have so much respecc for you danny o7

    8. o0Avalon0o

      I've been to live auctions (including race horse sales) & they weren't even half as exciting as this.

      1. Ascdren

        Charity auctions are always more fun

      2. Tegan L

        And yet this is far more entertaining than it has any right to be. Pure gold

      3. Marley Turpin

        I know right? It’s just a bunch of old people lmao 😂

    9. lakamokolaka

      The fact they will go from 5 dollars to 30 makes my wallet scream in terror from that price jump alone

      1. ポケモントレーナーIsaiah

        @Van wonder how much a Giorno fountain pen would cost

      2. Chikako.

        3.5 dollars to 699 dollars. 👌🏻

      3. 0hDannyBoy

        @Xu Xian of course, what could be better than tree fiddy?

      4. Xu Xian

        Nah, they started with Tree Fiddy

      5. HidinginShadows

        Infamous pen which he tried to get correctly multiple times lol

    10. Igglyy •

      the one ups were entirely personal for everyone in this auction, the items are completely out of the question

      1. Let him do his work for you

        @Igglyy • Well yeah,but it's for charity.

      2. Igglyy •

        @Let him do his work for you it wouldn’t have been good if they were actually paying what they thought was worth the money LMAO

      3. Let him do his work for you

        Exactly,but hey it went to charity so I guess why not have fun with it.

    11. Ryu Tak

      Tree fiddy must be remembered for all of time

      1. tepigboi


      2. 0hDannyBoy

        @Ryu Taktrue that's pretty poggers

      3. Ryu Tak

        @0hDannyBoy You also won the respect of thousands of people though. I'm glad you kept with it because tree fiddy is amazing.

      4. 0hDannyBoy

        I did win something edit: I won a kakashi figure

      5. Shrimp

        @Endless i dont think so

    12. Charlie the Champion

      I would’ve loved it if ironmouse came in and was like “1000$” just randomly

      1. Mikey

        "And this Tenga is sold to the woman who doesn't know how auctions work"

      2. Bijoy Chandra Roy

        @RickHyperBoi well he is... the vtuber magnet

      3. RickHyperBoi

        well, riri did come up and bid till 255$ and then told to throw it,i guess there had to be vtuber in every connor dawg video

      4. Random Kriegsman

        Exactly bro

      5. Lyle Marie Ceniza

        Yasss lol

    13. Amrish Lakhisaran

      Riri casually flexing on everyone by buying something just to burn it ♥️

      1. gestaltblitz

        @MahouShoujoRiri absolute mad lass keeping the world pure

      2. Broken Record

        It is because of such deeds that our lands are kept safe.

      3. Ayss

        @MahouShoujoRiri it belongs in a trash inside another trash

      4. sanjunisho

        @MahouShoujoRiri you are a freaking legend, that was my favourite bid!

      5. MahouShoujoRiri

        what can I say, it belonged in the trash

    14. Kenjix

      other people when selling : it's a really good product, you get a lotta facilities and im selling it to you for about half the price CONNOR : TRUST ME GUYS, IT'S THE WORST QUALITY AND NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS GOOD. HENCE, YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN PAY A DOLLAR FOR IT

      1. Tea._IDK

        @Linko 1005

      2. KoinZell

        "It's time to kick ass and make poor financial decisions" - kinda sums everything up.

      3. 0hDannyBoy

        @LAD same

      4. LAD

        Tree fiddy

      5. Linko


    15. Squidnasty

      Lol at the bidder who always starts at tree fiddy but Connor refuses to pronounce it like that 😂

      1. 0hDannyBoy

        Such is life sometimes.

      2. Saito57G

        And that damn Loch Ness Monster wanted...three fiddy

    16. Airin Surii

      The amount of concerned "ARE YOU SURE???" from Connor is absolutely amazing 😂

    17. Ayo_ ExprTz

      I’m waiting for him to mention this on the podcast, about his fans making bad financial decisions

      1. Rei

        In 4 weeks

      2. SoulZyx

        @Alexander Pohl that explains a lot about me

      3. Bijoy Chandra Roy

        its for charity so i guess in a way they are just getting free gifts fir their donations

      4. Daviro Yota

        it's for charity, so I guess it's not so bad .-.

      5. Alexander Pohl

        That explains why I like his videos so much, making bad final decisions just feels like home

    18. Kai

      Really appreciate the Guy trying to compete with his three fiddy

      1. 0hDannyBoy

        @Ric Moany one who is a twitch subscribers or Patreon member was able to participate, and there was a discord waiting room for bidders. edit: typo

      2. Ric Mo

        @0hDannyBoy nice. Question, how were you able to bid? Can anyone join? Or was that just for toptier subscibers?

      3. Kai

        @0hDannyBoy Congrats bro you deserved that

      4. 0hDannyBoy

        Hi, you're welcome. I did win Kakashi so I didn't leave empty-handed lol.

      5. Ric Mo

        When you broke but you gotta bid

    19. ilackausername

      As soon as Conner lifted up his legs for that mouse pad pose, I got an ad for the Olympics and it immediately said "Let the games begin"

      1. αnimєlσνєr5ƒυl

        Wtf 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Rosa

        Me too, but it was about AirPods.

      3. Tuesday


      4. Bruna Buzatta

        @Peyton Kasinger 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Peyton Kasinger

        @Bruna Buzatta ima die of heart attack at this rate I’m cracking up so much every time I see this

    20. Some guy

      Mum: where did you spend all your allowances on? Me : a knock off anime underwear wore by a Welsh boi

      1. Melnia

        @Some guy He is Welsh

      2. Some guy

        @I eat pineapples Nani I thought he’s Welsh

      3. I eat pineapples

        English boi*

      4. Itoshi Rin

        Mum:*saw connor* understandable, have a nice day

      5. dDeckon

        Mum: at least your brother is responsible with his money Brother: bought a used Sharpie

    21. Delta_62

      I have to keep telling myself that they’re just donating for charity and NOT paying $185 for a Nick Cage as Shrek shirt, lmaoooo.

      1. KaMi~desu

        @Chikako. indeed its a..... *National treasure*

      2. Chikako.

        A shirt like that is priceless imo 🤷🏻‍♂️

    22. Maiku Taisan

      Lass straight up threw 250 bucks to remove that accursed Zenitsu off the face of this earth. What an absolute Queen

      1. Rosa

        I still can’t believe she spent that much to burn the Zenitsu mousepad. What a Chad, preventing from anyone who isn’t a teenager from being caught by the FBI for owning it.

      2. Cydney Lucy

        Yah the hero

      3. Ayss

        @MahouShoujoRiri true hero needs no cape

      4. MahouShoujoRiri

        I was the hero we needed all along

    23. Amy Lyne

      Who thinks that picture of connor impersonating the mouse pad will be turned into a mouse pad?

      1. benbulletdragon

        Needed merch

      2. 0hDannyBoy

        I would bid tree fiddy on it at the very least

      3. Alt._.F4

        @Jason Dean can you link it?

      4. Alt._.F4

        @Jason Dean LMAO

      5. Alt._.F4

        First thought that came to mind lol

    24. Anima Station

      All this dudes are charity madlads.

      1. Dorothy L. Wan

        @nexustom It's an option.

      2. nexustom

        @Dorothy L. Wan I think if you have that amount of money, taxes is not a big deal lol

      3. Dorothy L. Wan

        When writing the irs, 'I donate 420 to a charity stream.' Edit: 'for a questionable mousepad.."

      4. Dorothy L. Wan

        Can they write it off from their taxes???

      5. nexustom

        Or Connor madlads

    25. Ade William

      "Can you burn it? He's underage!" what a pure lady

      1. Fonsa Ceci

        @marcy I know that, Marcy. I'm referring to the Zenitsu butt mousepad, it's still worth $250 at the time of the auction and when it is thrown away.

      2. marcy

        @Fonsa Ceci it's for the charity soo the money is not being thrown away

      3. Fonsa Ceci

        $250 to throw it away 🤣

      4. Ade William

        @Sweet Dandelion Exactly what I thought!!

      5. Sweet Dandelion

        Fighting the good cause

    26. Smokey

      The original sellers must be fuming watching this

      1. Shiro • 69 Years ago

        @W_ldan they put all their budget into the faces and i love it xd

      2. W_ldan

        @Shiro • 69 Years ago that damn cursed anime, love it.

      3. Shiro • 69 Years ago

        @Vengeful Fruit kinda like that Grand blue pfp

      4. Vengeful Fruit

        Like they have the right to complain, they are selling a bootleg merch and figures... So jokes on them

    27. Aiso

      Congrats to Alex on the Giorno pen. Im still upset but Rem will comfort me.

      1. Siliarus


      2. Shalev Tiram

        At least you can still afford a meal. Alex, on the other hand...

    28. Chika's Not Mad, Just Disappointed

      My jaw was on the floor during the Giorno pen segment.

      1. King Andrew

        @Shape Shifter K I mean, the point is the donation to charity. The items were bonus.

      2. thefallensaints

        To be fair, the Giorno pen was the true piece de la resistance of this collection LOL. Well, that and the Shrekolas Cage hoodie.

      3. Shape Shifter K

        Yeah, knowing what it's worth from the video makes it pretty hard to watch, although they do seem to never be made quite the same so maybe there is something to be said about maybe selling it with the signature.

      4. HidinginShadows

        Ay I remember that beautiful username… truly fitting for this video

    29. Red Red

      If there was a gacha game that was legit only Connor, I think the whales might be more powerful than Genshin whales.

      1. Gelert

        Whales for the welsh man!

      2. ren

        tectone would probably download it

      3. why god

        people donated the amount i’ve seen whales use for new banners at one point.

    30. mokongthe3

      $3.50 guy should get the tree fiffdy award of the year

      1. nemo27

        @0hDannyBoy legend

      2. Tariq Zead

        @0hDannyBoy sir you are a hero

      3. 0hDannyBoy

        Don't think they have one of those, but I did win the kakashi figure so I'm happy with that.

    31. Moe Z.

      Top ten anime betrayals: “I didn’t even get to say tree fiddy”

      1. Gülcan Deniz

        @Worm on a string you're welcome c:

      2. Worm on a string

        @Gülcan Deniz thanks!

      3. Gülcan Deniz

        @Worm on a string 19:05

      4. Worm on a string

        time stamp?

      5. Arshad Bacar


    32. lillithdv8

      The amounts people are paying is insane, I'm enjoying my relative sanity compare to this lot. Perfect entertainment, thanks Connor Edit: I commend the charitable donations, don't get me wrong. It still boggles the mind, is all

      1. Kugelblitzingularity

        Guess it's kinda like deciding how much to donate to charity by meme potential

      2. BlueSkyeDays

        @Fidel Castro Connor actually had nothing to do with the money. We had to send the winning amount by a donation in our name to the charity via their own donation link. Connor and his mods then recorded when the donation amount appeared on the screen so they knew each item was paid for.

      3. Dale Wilson

        @Fidel Castro It's set up to go directly to the charity, that way the donors can claim tax benefits for charitable donations more easily. Technically all Connur has to do that wasn't directly in the stream is ship the items.

      4. ricky Rodriguez

        @Fidel Castro eh yeah

      5. Soudip Chanda

        @Fidel Castro 23:21 how do you explain this?

    33. summersouls

      Finally...he releases the cursed items back into the wild

      1. Acumen

        You can't unequip cursed items unless traded for a non zero value with another player

    34. richy ket

      Sometimes I wish I had a few grand lying around just to flex on a Connor Charity stream and get some weeb shit

      1. House King

        yes, like a used sharpie, or a space cat mousepad

    35. Mudan

      What a charitable man 😍

      1. Kourosh Khojand Zadeh

        Great editing btw

      2. 0hDannyBoy

        @Evanit0 you're still the MVP in our hearts for sticking around from start to finish to help with the interviews

      3. Salman Mahyuddin

        @Evanit0 release the Evan cut lmao

      4. Minari chan

        Hey mudan,. You're not verified man

      5. Dark94WerWolf

        @Evanit0 ye didnt kanur say they were going to your voice channel for after bidding banter? R.I.P. Evan perspective i guess

    36. jason_x_90

      The amount of numbers being called out made me forget they were talking about paying actual money. Some of those winning bids were insane

    37. BlueSkyeDays

      I had so much fun watching this livestream and participating in the auctions. Hope we can do it again sometime 💙

      1. María Clara Martínez

        @BlueSkyeDays What do you do for living? 😅😅

      2. 0hDannyBoy

        @BlueSkyeDays lmao agreed that was fun. my only auction victory didn't make the cut either XD

      3. BlueSkyeDays

        @0hDannyBoy sad they cut out the cheesecake saga. That was pretty amusing.

      4. 0hDannyBoy

        T R E E F I D D Y

      5. BlueSkyeDays

        Not poor at all. That was pocket change 😂 I’m ready to go again.

    38. Ivan7670

      Connor: This is terrible, horrible garbage Everyone: $$$

    39. Jerry Gurrola

      I can respect the fact that this is for charity, but knowing that none of these are genuine merchandise, AND THAT THE PRICES ARE EXCEEDING $100 IS A LOAD OF BARNICLES

      1. fleur de tristesse

        They were going to get thrown out anyway, so might as well get some additional content out of it. And for a good cause, too. Also it probably pisses off the people who made the product more than it pisses you off, so there's that.

      2. Jerry Gurrola

        @nexustom WHICH IS A LOAD OF BARNICLES!!!

      3. nexustom

        @Buildin a sentry except is very high bets

      4. Buildin a sentry

        But its basically just donating in chat except he makes it into fun content and you get something.

    40. Iconic Blue

      Me: “Should I buy a $5 coffee...?” Person in the video spending $1k on a shitty jojo pen Me: *sipping on coffee*

    41. anim dalf

      $68 bid is actually genius if you want to raise the price, but not actually buy ... there will always gonna be someone who will raise it to 69 for the memes.

    42. Simply Saif Skits

      Cannur's house is filling up with stuff he needs to get rid of them 😂

      1. Splashpage

        To much crane games

      2. S H

        He's moving soon as well, so this stuff needs to go lol!

      3. zapord

        @Slushy mans said trash talk lmao

      4. Let him do his work for you

        @03germas True, but I mean his fans can have some of his stuff now.

      5. MNoriio

        @Fury aye, thanks man :) I was worried cuz I only listen to trash taste on occasion

    43. Son of a Beech

      Charity auctions are big brain. It's like a win win win situation. people are willing to pay a lot because it goes to a good cause, the charity wins because they get a bunch of money, and he auctioneer wins because they get lots of social cred basically for free.

    44. animeking1357

      Danny is the reverse Loch Ness Monster. He gives tree fiddy instead of asking for it.

      1. seers

        @0hDannyBoy u live on in our hearts bro

      2. animeking1357

        @0hDannyBoy A true travisty.

      3. 0hDannyBoy

        At the end of the stream I also donated $350.00 for the meme, but it didn't pop up on the notifications so he didn't read it out loud #sadge

    45. Kiterou

      Hearing Connor say "Todoroki" when it's obviously Bakugou hurts so much

      1. Madison Bowden

        Ah yes, glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought this.

    46. Jesus Harold Reeves

      The fact that this man sold a sharpie for 170$ amazes me

    47. VeriLee Art

      Someone needs to screencap Connor in the mousepad position he made and make a mousepad out of it

    48. Vengeful Fruit

      "Why is that bootleg figure is more expensive than the original?" "Depends who owns it" The fight on knockoff giorno pen was a massacre.

    49. Bradiatore

      If you ever do another charity auction, maybe you could auction off a "Date with Connor" ? Lol

      1. HartxStarr

        I think a fan scored one for free plus a video out of it

      2. Captai Awesome

        I think Connor is too kind to try to completely bankrupt a member of his audience.

    50. Where’s the Paprika

      Jesus Riri, $255 for a Zenitsu mousepad that gets destroyed

      1. Sunfadedred

        @MahouShoujoRiri you are a true hero

      2. Ayss

        @MahouShoujoRiri you are everywhere

      3. MahouShoujoRiri

        charity is pretty pog

    51. Strawberry_Cream14

      Was anyone else like cheering for the 3.50 guy to say 3.50 before all the other bids started?

      1. 0hDannyBoy

        I appreciate your support lol

    52. Tiller

      This video is a reminder that people have adult money and these are the things they spend it on

    53. Friend of Onizuka

      100 dollars for Love life underwear 1000 dollars for Giorno Giovanna pen "Every day we stray further from the God"

      1. PurpleRupees

        If I were there I would have gone over $100 for Love Live and not even questioned it.

      2. sergio ocampo


      3. HellSpartan Z

        @sergio ocampo 😂 what r u even talking about 😂

      4. sergio ocampo

        @HellSpartan Z yeah but even then prison is and the person who buys that needs to go there

      5. Tom

        @HellSpartan Z Too much EDGE

    54. Barokai Rein

      Fuck me some of these items sold for more than I've made this month! Btw don't worry,I'm doing fine,these sorts of months just happen when you're a freelancer,especially nowadays.

      1. LadyOcón

        I feel you.

      2. Raflebiu

        @Ata fakheri I feel you, watching this felt like a javelin piercing my heart

      3. Ata fakheri

        coming from a 3'rd world country with hyperinflation. i was here watching with my mouth open. the minimum wage is around 120$ per month is this neck of the world

      4. why

        The Gio Giovanna pen went for how much I earn, with overtime.

    55. Zen

      At one point I'm having mixed feelings over people paying so much money... BUT! I‘m glad that we're getting so much content from this and with Connor using this money to send to charities and stuff.

    56. Tarxon

      Props to the guy who kept bidding all his savings in every auction. $3.50 boy

      1. Jesse Roach

        @0hDannyBoy Respect

      2. 0hDannyBoy

        Thank you.

    57. Pranav Chopra_035

      i love how someone paid 250 to get it burned

      1. AniCarmin

        Yes because they said zenitsu is underage

      2. Ayss

        @MahouShoujoRiri at least a pen would be a useful item to have

      3. MahouShoujoRiri

        @Let him do his work for you There were no ¨good items¨ so atleast I could donate to rid the world of the monstrosity that was that mousepad LOL

      4. Let him do his work for you

        @Natsuki Masamune Wdym they say? You don't believe them? I mean she donated,but I think it was to joke around with the "underage" thing.

      5. Natsuki Masamune

        it was Riri, you know, the girl he sometimes played videogames with. its for charity, they say.

    58. Lil Steve vert

      I'm happy that I was to participate and won a item on this cursed stream.

      1. 0hDannyBoy

        same XD

    59. 6CatsInAnAlley

      The power of memes is stronger than any drug is what I learned from this

    60. Yuvraj Pradhan

      i officially lost my mind at the giorno figure bidding

    61. Li T

      I just kept gasping every single time the amount just. Just wow people really love charity huh

    62. 09cirohernandez

      This was my first Connor stream live, absolutely loved it, i thought the zenitsu mousepad winner was a Zenitsu stan turns out she was just disgusted by it

    63. Dennyspuncakes

      Thank you so much for raising this money. As an Asian American, it really meant a lot to me to see all of the support. ❤

    64. Kiyopawn

      The Giorno Pen, I'm so glad it sold for high. That thing actually has high value due to how many people are trying to get it.

    65. Saiko Banters

      I honestly think this could pass for a main channel video, editing is top notch as well.

    66. Calippo

      Damn Connor are you an alchemist? because you just turned trash into gold

    67. Sabrina Lindholm

      I appreciate all of the money going to charity but the amount of money these people spent on these things is insane lmao

    68. Anjali

      This is the best charity stream ive ever seen thank you connor

    69. Stan Stray Kids

      Connor should do a collab with artists (like artist alley-type businesses) where he buys his fav merch and sells them offering half the proceeds back to the artist and then some back to charity.

    70. Sam Wilkinson

      This video is the perfect distraction from being ill, thank you, really needed the laughs!

    71. Attakrus

      Whoever donated 1,000 dollars is now homeless because he didn’t pay his rent.

    72. GrayGeno

      Danny with the tree fiddy almost every start. What a champion

      1. 0hDannyBoy


    73. Jerrin Chu

      The spendings i see here are worst than a gacha addict, at least it's for charity 😅

    74. A Shiny Eevee

      _$3.50_ lmfaoooo😭 the numbers being thrown around hurts my soul but becomes calm knowing it's going for charity. I helped buy a poster board sketch for my husband and it was a live auction. Not going to lie, that shit is adrenaline inducing.

    75. Ata fakheri

      combining the addictive feel of buying things off auctions and the power of anime

    76. no wammies

      I really hope all these people followed through with these purchases

      1. Its Steph

        @BlueSkyeDays ngl watching you guys bid gave me heart palpitations lol

      2. BlueSkyeDays

        Everything was paid for straight away. We had to send the winning bid amount to the charity via their donation link. Made sure to donate in our screen names so it was traceable. Our donations all appeared on screen so Connor and the mods could see that everything was being paid for.

      3. Paul Napkinds

        They got contact by mods when done bidding and the payment gotta show up in the stream to be legit. Otherwise, they don't get it. Also, bidders are not random but twitch subscribers. So they are sure to have money.

      4. Nikhil Peram

        I think the donation was done by Twitch donations so they should've done it immediately

    77. J Valentine

      I'm 12 minuets in and I'm already done with all this. It's like watching a train crash into a bank account.

    78. KOTOWARU

      Conor is a real wizard, because there is no other justification for turning $750 into $6074

    79. シSyzyg

      I feel bad for the postman

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