pixar stop making your characters look like me

2 Danny 2 Furious

2 Danny 2 Furious

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    1. 2 Danny 2 Furious

      my dog scratched my face that's why it looks like that

      1. Sarah Samaan

        Hello Danny

      2. Stupid_


      3. •Hunter N•

        My mom birthed me like this

      4. Sarah Samaan

        Rip Danny

      5. the deodorant man

        What happened to peanut?

    2. Jasmine Allen

      Please PLEASE drop November 1st, just the first lines pretty much explains my feelings when Halloween ends. Fuck thanksgiving👺

    3. HomereQ

      i actually like Happy Song it sounds so much like an indie game soundtrack

    4. Jazlyn Clark


    5. Callie Gibson

      "This doesn't even look like me and kurtis" Is actually a picture of both of you

    6. bilinas mini

      Pls don't stop making vids like these love hearing u talk it’s calming it feels like talking to a friend without actually engaging in the convo🧑🏼‍🦲👍🏼

    7. yamyammaot

      Alpha sigma gregma bregma. 🙃🙃🙃

    8. yamyammaot

      The eyes are popping with that sweater

    9. Eli Milo

      Please make a video of you just photoshopping your face onto animated characters that look like you

      1. bilinas mini

        As somebody who wanders around a small town wearing a witch's hat constantly, you don't usually get laughed at, just some really weird looks 🧙🏻😅

    10. ria🐸

      the hair swoop is fine as hell in this vid danny can we get a tutorial

    11. Nidal Nowshad

      It's still an amazing sweater

    12. Liv W

      why does danny's old music sound like 100gecs?

    13. Desmond Dumonchelle

      My brother showed me Drivin in the Snow years ago, I had absolutely no clue you were in it (or that it had like only 80000 views, I couldn’t find it again)

    14. adorb pokefan

      Find it funny how Danny spent a few minutes talking about how someone thought his song mentioned reindeers having paws when in 'I'm gonna kill Santa claus', in the lyrics if you search it up, it is written pause and works perfectly that way. I always thought that was what he was saying in the song from the start anyways.

    15. ari-gato

      holy shit ive been a gregma all along

    16. James辣椒

      I also make Spongebob songs. It’s kind of like my tag. I should start uploading them

    17. Torrey Livenick

      I love nutcrackers and I love Sherlock Holmes. My sister bought me a Sherlock Holmes nutcracker one Christmas, and I hated it.

    18. an enby friend

      u shld defs make more videos like this!!

    19. Nicole H

      A video about his old music videos would be great. maybe recreate some of them

    20. Jay Ines

      Danny, is that- uh- is that LaCroix? Hmm. Drinking LaCroix? Enjoying that can of LaCroix? Yeah? Yeah.

    21. Aerianna Jasper

      Danny's 1st two songs be soundin like a Nokia ring tone 😂😂

    22. xxwingeddragonxx

      Spotify lists lyrics now and it says "paws" so, checkmate danny

    23. Aerianna Jasper

      As somebody who wanders around a small town wearing a witch's hat constantly, you don't usually get laughed at, just some really weird looks 🧙🏻😅

    24. squish

      I am a sigma greg

    25. Johnmanboy _TTV

      Danny's getting gray hair lol

    26. Snoixalicious


    27. nathalie / xanti

      omg he didnt say greg

    28. Johnny Davies

      I legitimately am only subscribed to your second channel and only watch these videos and I have no idea why lol

    29. Julianna H

      Nah, I get lost in them baby blues and swoopy hair EVERY. TIME.

    30. Walker Owens

      Danny your alumni just won state championship for football

    31. Hinata_hyuga0


    32. nick childers

      You're a jean E. Us Greg. Never stop being baass

    33. Katy Kowalski

      I’m a sigma Greg🤙🏽

    34. Sea-core

      I watched “ I’m gonna kill Santa Clas” and when I put on subtitles I’m pretty sure it’s said “paws” not “pause” But then again TRonline could have written that off of what they hear 🙃

    35. Glasses Face

      when is someone gonna tell danny that that’s actually a tin soldier and not a nutcracker 👀

    36. Mackenzie Schoenfield

      why did danny get 15 years younger for the sponsorship

    37. Gaming With Danger

      why do you hide your dislikes

    38. Maggie

      I keep wanting to like this video whenever you make me laugh but I can only like it once so

    39. Amanda Purello

      we got deep lore this video folks!

    40. Luck98

      I thought the "reindeer paws" line was a joke this whole time

    41. StormChasingNinja

      Danny you should dress like a nutcracker

    42. Absolutely

      Bruh right when he was going to show his first song I got an ad that said "shOUldeNt YoU Be sTUdyInG" :(

    43. Erin Kay

      If he doesn't drop that spongebob mix to public I'm throwing hands

    44. Ge Sav

      When the execution of Santa clause first went public I outplayed it so much my parents got annoyed and the sound of murder

    45. Orli Adamski

      I just want to point out that the captioning for I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus says paws. But, you know... it's all chill.

    46. Dani Kassander

      Yes, we all think Danny is hot, we're just just keeping it to ourselves to be polite.

    47. Davin England

      *Danny taking 113756 minutes To notice The animated eyes*

    48. _Velvii_


    49. Alexandria Green

      How long has Danny had blue eyes? I'm pretty sure he has brown eyes. How have I never noticed this? Have I just never seen his face before? HeLLo?!

    50. Eli Dab

      5:44 Danny going full Reddit mod mode lol

    51. Rrbros


    52. Mariana Yumi

      for the love of god sort by top this month/this year next time

    53. alana graff

      fuck yeah im a sigma greg

    54. Odin VEVO

      Yeah fuck thanksgiving man, it’s a super racist holiday.

    55. Fucky Ducky

      How do i find happy song someone plz help

    56. Baiba

      We hit a kid!

    57. Samantha Loudermilk

      NOT THE DREW SLANDER you can’t say danny is fine and then say drew isn't...they’re the same person

    58. Viktor Cordyceps

      Welp, based on that description I am absolutely a Gregma. Is this how is feels to be a peak male specimen?

    59. FancyRedScone

      you can tell which line in the ad read was added in later cus raycon was like "bitch you didnt read the whole copy"

    60. Kaelyn Mynhier

      I’ve been subscribed for years and watched almost every video but don’t have notifs turned on because I hate when my apps have the lil red dots on the corner, so what does that make me 😔

    61. Illegal Cheese

      I just realized that danny’s face is photoshopped onto buzz lightyear in the thumbnail lmao

    62. Bo Sundblad

      Beta Gregs should be called Craigs

    63. Roosa

      11:13 The goobie video was, is and will forever be the single funniest thing i have ever watched

    64. C Laird

      Yeah I LOVE thanksgiving! Giving thanks about the millions of indigenous people brutally unalived ! Woo…! (Sarcasm, a shit ton of sarcasm)

    65. Gabi Muehle

      the subtitles on “i’m gonna kill santa claus” says “paws” 😔☝️

    66. Sam

      13:00 geometry dash music

    67. Spaghettea

      Turning into a GigaGreg

    68. sgh

      plz release november 1st lmao it slaps

    69. karenmarie


    70. Rina Ntz

      Ayyyy I’m a sigma Greg lessgo

    71. karenmarie

      I love that Danny upvoted a post saying that he’s the only attractive one of his friends

    72. Archer M1

      "If you're at like a restaurant or something and the waiter makes a mistake, it's important for you to apologize to them." Danny has never talked about his ethnicity... is he secretly Canadian? 😂

    73. X tinydemon

      "We hit a kid."

    74. Bet Menen

      when i’m relaxing i’ll just watch the playlist of all of his videos

    75. Carter Herbert

      8:18 Ok but what about Gregma Gregs

    76. Rhiannon moody

      I'm gunna kill santa clause brought me to your channel. Now I'm sigma Greg

    77. *p op*

      I've been binge watching old videos for so long now but I stopped and I don't remember where I was at-

    78. MarsTM

      this video was incredibly funny danny, i'd love to see more of this :^)

    79. Rob Campbell

      Has Danny been compared to Lip from the show Shameless, or are they the same person

    80. J A

      1:49 the gregma guy stole my joke lol he like my comment where i said the same thing

    81. Levi Crank

      Oh God please put a man dressed as a Nut Cracker

    82. Susan Haldeman

      I thought it was "reindeer paws" as in, they are hearing the reindeer pawing on the roof...

    83. Nita Clares

      So... Danny looks like so many cartoon characters... because he's basic?

    84. kat.something

      I need to watch the driving in the snow video

    85. Let's Game Bout Time

      Should I sort by Hot or New? Sort by Top.

    86. The Dislike Button

      Petition to change 2 Danny 2 Furious to evil Danny.

    87. Verified Creator

      My sister and I are sigma Greg’s!!

    88. Ariel T Allen

      *creating a reddit account for the first time just to down vote all of Danny's comments*

    89. Iruparazzo

      8:45 i absolutely paused then went and watched the im gonna kill santa claus video

    90. Loki Tech

      normal people: family guy greg: family woman

    91. Alistair Arehart

      3:45 have drew do it

    92. Official Skypie

      Fun question, where did you get your sweater?😁

    93. megan616

      Hair looks amazing Danny

    94. Sarah-Michelle Mease

      I started laughing so hard at "Driving in the snow!"

    95. Lexie O

      Them reindeers do b pausing

    96. Jaiden Morin

      just made myself a sigma greg... feelin pretty good

    97. Kellogg's CornFlakes

      Please drop that SpongeBob remix

    98. Casper

      Gregma male merch???

    99. Marcelo Santos

      11:17 says the boy with a giant picture of himself drinking water on the wall 😂