NBA "Never Back Down" MOMENTS



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    NBA "Never Back Down" MOMENTS showcases some of the most heated moments in NBA History. It includes players such as Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jimmy Butler, Luka Doncic, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant and many more NBA Superstars!

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    1. KingSwish

      Who you taking right now...LeBron, Giannis or KD 🤔

      1. Princess Lightning

        Giannis n Bron

      2. Raekwon Johnson


      3. jodeaida

        Thanasis stare was killer

      4. trent towers


      5. David


    2. ABearNamedBurnie

      Morris in way too many of these. At some point it's not about "not backing down" you're just an emotional player who gets into too many fights.

      1. Aaron Berry

        @FaTE NiNjA well he’s 6’8 so was the guy he beat up 5’10 or was he 6’8 as well? Kinda matters

      2. FaTE NiNjA

        @Haulistic Idk He did beat up a guy for shit talking him and another for flirting with his mom Guy could probably fight tbh

      3. Haulistic

        Exactly and it's very easy to be tough when you know it's gonna be broken up anyway.

    3. cool man

      can we just appreciate steph's reflexes at 2:23

    4. Bob Hollywood

      Simmons was like, "why y'all pushing me?!" That same scuffle is one of the reasons why I love Jimmy Butler.

    5. Nicholas Peca

      The Embiid one gets me every time 😂 just throws the hands up like nah that ain’t me

    6. Big Man

      Morris only has altercation highlights but very little game highlights, that says a lot abt him as a player

    7. Rusty

      10:30 I can't get over how ready JR Smith was from the bench, shit got me laughing

    8. Parker Rose

      also how did curry catch that 2:21

      1. Tokeyo

        You know Barton told Seth “You will never be as good as Steph” 🤣

      2. Dammy Murphy

        Yeah it was like it got magnetized to his hand. Funny that he drains 3s and got a magnetic hand.

      3. Sheila Williams

        You can see him get surprised the ball

      4. Xped

        yeah woah just saw that

    9. Daydreamer

      Steph Curry catch at 2:20 is god tier

    10. Joji Rose

      4:38 Drummond really “pushed” is face and started pacing backwards. When his teammates came, “You lucky they holding me back.”

      1. andrea williams

        He was scared, I’m from Detroit but I seen the fear lol

      2. Joji Rose

        @Brandon Norris 😂😂😂

      3. Brandon Norris

        Drummond just there to get garbage boards and collect paychecks. He ain't tryna do anything extra out there 😂 he don't want that smoke.

    11. K Hayes Jr.

      6:35 that instant karma Jimmy Butler was golden 😂

    12. Ahmad Merrell

      Dat stare ftom Thanasis would have scared the life out of me 😂😂

      1. Jaydo

        forreal xD

    13. Angelo Mitchell

      One of my all time favorites always is and will be. KD & Brodie face to face after he left OKC & the thunder ended up mopping the floor with the warriors.. But, what killed me more 3:05 if u read KD’s lips carefully, u see him callin Westbrook a P***y right before clappin his hands, lol.

    14. Keith Allen

      We all know who side Beal was REALLY on 😂

    15. Silxnt

      0:46 the way Adams grabs Lopez wrist just kills me😂😂

    16. Caitlin Fanning

      love that morris is in half of these lmao

      1. Latinoman 1

        No more bullying from Morris Bros.after the Joker put his hands on one.

      2. Christopher Darden

        @d piddy and yet way more successful than you will ever be in your life

      3. Christopher Darden

        So is doncic. It’s basketball soft boy

      4. Mando

        They are 🤡

      5. Youtube Account

        Lol jokic bodied that bum

    17. Q Rashad

      LeBron should definitely get a Oscar..

    18. Beastdelaeast

      Bruh Dudley only ran up cuz he didn’t wanna play no more.. I bet he told the bench “Aye if sum go down watch this!” 😂😂😂

    19. Jordan Jetty

      I love how tough they act when 8 people are holding them back

    20. trancebeliever

      I really got surprised by Gordon that had a late revenge on Lowry

    21. Adrian 5067

      Devin Booker needs to chill tf down😂 he trynna pick fights with guys that can fold him and turn him into a Christmas present for Kendall

    22. J San

      Most of these players don’t really wanna fight because fines, suspensions and all that. So they face each other, talk shit, wait to get separated by refs/players and then act like they want to be let go so they can fight lmao. C’mon man. We all know you don’t really wanna fight.

      1. MegaMonke 21

        I mean, yeah, obviously 💀 it’s just fiery competition.

    23. LLDC


    24. Drew Gamezzz

      @3:29 “Patrick Beverly getting involved” the better way to say that is, “Patrick Beverly doing what he usually does” lol. Which I actually like the way he plays and is always talking and getting people angry and all, cause it can really either do one of two things, throw them off their game or sadly for his team, put them in a zone lol. But other than when he hurt Russ, I think it was Russ, I’ve always liked how physical he plays and how crazy he and his trash talk cam be at times lol.

    25. Igor Majoros

      Seeying Gordon hit Lowry made me feel great!

    26. Frosty Warrior

      Bro if two players from the old school stood face to face, you just wondered who was gonna throw the first punch...

    27. Death Star Stallion

      Patty mills is just abt the last person you'd expect to see in this video. He didn't back down at all lol

    28. Matthew Cheng

      Go to 2:20 and look at Steph Curry because I think he has magic or something

    29. Youtubeandrobloxarebest

      KingSwish Never Backing Down with his great vids!

    30. Dennis Marvin Fanega

      Bro Jokic and Morris has a history of arguments int the past. Probably, jokic got fed up of their antics.

    31. J Escorpizo

      The cavs 2016 comeback is the epitome of never back down

    32. ReCoil

      10:00 even tho Payne fell on him it looked like he tried to help PG didn’t want him hurt

    33. 王焌任

      6:10 Duncan still got it

      1. zyoma


    34. Puff 23

      Damn Ben had his back lol

    35. cled arvid

      Even in fights, James flops.

    36. Jiarell Piñero Garcia

      Bruh 7:38 The best stare I've ever seen lol

    37. Eddy

      Payne went at Caruso but didn’t say anything to PG 🤣

    38. rchris Meijer

      Never back down award goes to Patty Mills being 6ft only and didn t back down

    39. Kazuki Miyazaki

      4:38 me and my brother fighting for the last Piece of Pringles

      1. Eye Conqueror

        Once you pop

    40. andrea williams

      Drummond didn’t want them problems 😂😂

    41. Darren Balanay

      7:39 hahahah makes me laugh

    42. Puttingafewshellsinya

      how kanter is still in the nba is astonishing to me

    43. Patrick John Salinas

      8:54 small vs big 😂😂😂

    44. Oneworddon

      2:30 coaches can get thrown out who gon coach them ??

    45. Grack

      4:21 straight fire

    46. GAMER LOUI

      It’s always Joel embid, luka donkich, russel westbrook and most of all Morris

    47. Howard Yong

      So the conclusion is, Marcus Morris Sr is very rude, I don't really like him, he often fight with other players, idiotic!

      1. Howard Yong

        And Beverley too, rudeeeee!!!

    48. revvy

      0:45 Robin Lopez lookin like that neighbour next door when you step on his lawn.

    49. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

      The Russ vs KD the crowd went bananas lol

    50. The Ultimate Rage

      4:38 I love how Acy sneaks the ref on his right trying to go after Drummond lolol

    51. Q

      Basketball player nowadays don’t really wanna fight…they square up and don’t nothing happen😂😂😂

    52. Aston*-*

      I’m never going to be that good

      1. Yannis Barrientos

        In basketball perhaps but in something else you will

    53. kben 101

      Kevin Harlan:Dudley and Simmons into the Stands 1:50

    54. Ugo

      I love it 😆

    55. JahGotWings

      3:07 😂😂😂

    56. bruce lau

      KINGSWISH blessing us on a Friday AIYOOOOOOOOOOO

    57. Agent Beamstar

      Morris like that one kid who makes a big deal outta errthing and always wants to turn nothing into something. Somebody bring this man back to the Mental Hospital he escaped

    58. Thomas Mullin

      me thinking they were biting each other in the first one

    59. Huddo AU

      Embiid and the 76s are in every 2nd one

    60. Douglas Reis

      Lopez is the definition of rage monster

    61. Lee Sin

      7:42 That's Stare is Funny i dont know if he is Scared , Mad, Confused 😆😅 10:18 Ayton is about to cry or Laught he look like the Yao Ming face Memes in hes reaction in this Video .

    62. usef haslem

      9:27 dude palming Lowry's cheeks

    63. Supremium

      Kanter cant stand LilBron and I love it

    64. Tdope Ro

      This s should've been called the Morris show dude in more than half of these clips 🤣😂

    65. Ken Fu

      7:39 there is the bad guy exactly there what i am gonna do now O.O

    66. slitex

      if they run into to me in that stands im suing them

    67. BukChoiBoi `

      Kanter is such a good teammate.


      Hahaha butler kiss🤣

    69. hahahaha

      Seen a few comps like this now, the NBA is way too soft for these kinds of vids... Both rough plays and "fights" Watch 1 nhl comp and compare... You would need 3 decades of NBA moments to rival what 1 week of NHL...

    70. Alfonso Reyes

      1:15 wtffff 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    71. John Bordeaux

      Morris is the last person I ever want to hear talking about cheap shots

    72. KillCount95 Neighborhood

      Schroeder 😂😭😭

    73. Miran

      HAHAHAHAH morris in every one

    74. Harry Saar

      KingSwish with the epic upload :P

    75. Ryan joe

      How composed is Giannis? Dude has a different mentality. 🧠

    76. Rezdagoat

      Trez be on go 😭

    77. Helicopter Gunship

      @9:00 excellent job by the female official to throw herself in the middle of angry men literally twice her size and three times her strength, only to be rag dolled around the court. Very smart and very helpful.

      1. Riven

        A for effort F for execution

    78. adklfakdlf

      Acy was about that action.


      That jarret dudley beef was goated hahah

    80. Michael Tom

      NBA needs enforcers

    81. Antho364QC

      @KingSwish , video idea: "when 2k ratings lie" (Tacko Fall hitting a jump shot) and stuff like that

    82. Ismaeel Badoolah

      This constistency is officially unmatched

    83. Sense The Villen

      I thought Kanter had a bigger beef to worry about

    84. David Del Rosario

      Steve adams grabbed Lopez wrist like “chill kid”

    85. Raekwon Johnson

      Why Robin always point💀

    86. Road2Sweaty

      NBA “fights” are just staring contests with some shoves. No one is really about that action

    87. Evander Underwood

      Just let them fight it out sheesh 🙄 hate the nba lol

    88. Aphrem Danha

      Anyone else watch this hoping for some tough basketball, but just end up laughing at how soft they are?

      1. Aphrem Danha


      2. Donquixote Doflamingo

        @Aphrem Danha old head

      3. Aphrem Danha

        For the title of the video, yea lol i miss the 90s and 80s. These guys are soft.

      4. BananaClipse

        You want them to get into a fist fight and lose out on thousands? Lol

    89. Drew Gamezzz

      I swear I’ll never understand why NBA refs are so small tbh. Like how tf you really expect them to hold back or pull back a mad, at the smallest, 6’4 240 pound grown man lol. Like they need former players, bigger players with good intelligence about the game to ref. Also so when things get rough they have the strength to pull them back lmao.

    90. Jay Hooks

      Butter cup era. I grew up watching 90s BB. These soft puppies would not last in a day in that era.

    91. Sizzle

      11:13 Just a reminder this was 2019, and I can't unsee it.

      1. MF MARS

        @IZ san shot

      2. IZ san

        @MF MARS They broke up.

      3. MF MARS

        why's that.

    92. DMN DMN

      Kanter that tough alternate

    93. Switch-_-out

      1:53 that was all ball

    94. Flyy The BirD

      I Will Win A Grammy One Day☝🏾🚀🗣

      1. life is a true comedian

        Win what your music is trash no bars the Grammys won't ever nominate you

      2. Jaay Johns

        @Kevin Durant cmon man don’t say that. You bigger and better than this

      3. mr pooper

        Nah broski

      4. Kevin Durant

        The only thing you will win is diabetes.

      5. Cheez It

        No you won’t

    95. Jaay Johns


    96. Danny phantom

      @ 0:45 Steven Adams grabs dudes wrist like a child

    97. Airon Christian Earl Acopiado

      Robin Lopez should have his own show

    98. Just Gary

      Morris out there acting tough and dumb as hell.

    99. John Kreese

      Ben Simmons should go back to the sixers and be a defensive goon ….get your hard 6 fouls..rebound, pass that’s it….switch positions to sf…don’t shoot unless ur wide open lol

      1. joshua bryant

        But even in a case like that you should still know how to shoot. But good one though and I agree.

    100. Harry Liu ✪

      7:40 When my girlfriend came in to check if I was eating her spicy snacks.