My First Ever Pokemon Nuzlocke



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    As the god-tier gamer that I am, no challenge is too big for me! That's why I set all of my plans aside today to purely focus on doing this Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge. 13 hours of pure sweat and tears to bring you some amazing content so can I get 1 like for every tear shed?

    RIP monke 😥

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    1. Komi Vica

      Connor: Get in the f-ing ball Also Connor: Why Shinji

      1. Bella

        @Korhu Draak same 😅

      2. Korhu Draak

        Oh I thought it was Shinji Matou

      3. Komi Vica

        @Joaquin Mejia 4:56

      4. Joaquin Mejia


      5. Sybato

        I only got the reference because of the Evangelion 4Kids ver opening song

    2. 花子

      Imagine just catching a legendary, a pokemon that could end the world, only to be named *G a y B o w s e r*

      1. Megumin

        @breadman and the honour of being named after powerful being

      2. breadman

        Groudon had the honour of fighting against the great Charles,he should be thankful he wasn't killed

      3. Naruka Hatsu

        Damn they must feel real lucky, what an honor for such a small fry.

      4. 望月花


      5. Keps


    3. Jack o'Banter

      "What if I just hyper level my mudkip?" "Don't do that, bad strat." "Ah, okay" Hyper levels Mudkip anyway

      1. michael

        Starters get extra exp and no matter how many type disadvantages you come across it means shit all when you outlevel them so yes that is the best strat while playing pokemon and nuz runs that are designed to make the game harder do nothing to hinder it.

      2. Astro Wolvez

        Why is that even bad?

      3. A RANDOM BOSS

        That's not mudkip that's Charles. He's built different.

      4. Shreyan

        @Aura Emerald Oh! forgive my foolish self to not be aware of this and if its the blood thats needed, sure, here you go the fresh blood of a wild pesant

      5. Aura Emerald

        @Shreyan Making a religion? It’s been made for a long time now. All that’s required to join is the blood of a pesant.

    4. Bizzare Jelly

      Chat: “Don’t just pump your starter, you’ll lose.” Charles: “Hold my Swampertite.”


        He is power

    5. DemiDeity

      The pesant arc was so good

      1. Tigershark232

        The death flag of Connor telling Pesant that he's going to rename him King after but Pesant dying before... So sadge...

      2. ラルク アン シエル

        Redemption arc😂

    6. Maxim Pak

      2:48 "Do you reckon my pesant can beat his pesant?" Sounds like people of a high class having a good time

      1. Jannes Ebeling

        You peasant misspelled the word "peasant". True peasant is what you are

      2. Mr. Popo

        The OG pokemon battles

      3. Raja Anak Raja

        @TawnyPelt Kidnapping Her Grandson. cool

      4. Raja Anak Raja

        @TawnyPelt Kidnapping Her Grandson. I know, but the second peasant is supposed to be spelled normally

      5. Damn

        @ankleblad Connor did spell it wrong, that's why we also spelled it wrong

    7. Pastel Wolf

      No one is going to talk about how swampert still had water gun and tackle as moves at level 38? No? Ok XD

      1. Smokey 1419

        Thats what happens when you evolve early

      2. m.r .c

        You mean... Charles?

      3. Pastel Wolf

        @Angel_exe JAJSJAJSJ

      4. Angel_exe

        Who the hell is swampert?? Thats CHARLES!!!

    8. Ahmed Mudkip

      Naming Wingull Shinji is the smartest name ever He won't get in the pokeball

      1. Danny Pendragon

        I am once again asking you to get in the Pokeball Wingull XD

    9. Quadra Mask

      Connor taking the piss out of the name "Flannery" when there's a novelist called "Flannery O'Connor" is hilarious.

      1. Quadra Mask

        @Arcana74 Yeah, look it up.

      2. Arcana74

        WAIT REALLY?!

    10. Noriaki Kakoyin

      Who would win? A legendary Pokémon with the ability to destroy the earth. Or *Charles.*

      1. OofBoi727


      2. Stuck._in._kodoku

        Why is this just Charles VS Charles?

      3. A RANDOM BOSS

        Youngster Joey

      4. Leaf

        this isn't even a question

      5. Gappy

        Mmmmmm charle

    11. ryan

      44:43 "If peasant dies, peasant dies" he truly has a way with words

      1. TheLankieMidget

        Thor: only if he dies Eitri: yes... thats what dying means

    12. Benjamin Li

      I love how when any one of Connor's Pokemon evolve he begins to Fortnite dance wildly as if his last three brain cells have decided to revert and let Connor's most basic primal emotions take over. Just like how our ape ancestors beat their chests after asserting dominance, Connor gyrates wildly as his synapses fire and fill his brain with primal joy when his Pokemon evolve.

      1. ren_YT

        this feels like unnecessary. what's up with the obvious smart talk?

      2. JollyOllie

        Oof! That is a harsh an not a fair.

    13. Luissv72

      Raichu: *does 8 damage to Charles* Charles: "all that for a drop of blood..."

      1. Shiruki Man


    14. Charles Berries

      My name's Charles and this video filled the love I never got

      1. Jay Fujiwara

        @Charles BerriesDon't worry bro, you'd fold *GAY BOWSER*

      2. R0se13_

        Don’t worry Charles, just know that you could absolutely fold a legendary Pokémon known for burning absolutely everything and expanding land mass.

      3. Charles Berries

        @Asian Salt lmfao 10/10

      4. Asian Salt

        It’s okay Charles, just remember everyone supports you, even though you were a fighting slave that got captured by force till the very end

    15. DailyDoseOfHuman

      I can just imagine if this was an anime, and when connor brings out Pesant in the first Elite Four, then the side character friend is like “You know, people always underestimate pesant because he was a mistake, but theres one thing they overlook” **Pesant prepares attack** “He was the only one who kept up with Charle’s training” **Pedant one shots the enemies**

      1. A RANDOM BOSS


      2. Sargent SATAN

        Hello this is studio trigger we will consider your idea. Of course with our amazing endings.

      3. Schwing

        Charles: "Can you keep up with me?" Pesant: "I won't keep up with you Charles... *I will surpass you!"*

      4. In0suke

        @Ouyii of the Simping Order i mean i heard a similar thing in Eyeshield 21 about Sakuraba and Shin

      5. New Meta

        @CJCroen1393 pesant is best girl. We will always remember you pedant o7

    16. Professor Baguette

      That freeze against Cradily was like Jotaro learning how to stop time.

    17. YetAnotherDodo

      It's kinda funny how the biggest threat he faced was a Cradily...

      1. Bloemkool en de street gang

        I swear if he didnt freeze it it wouldve wiped his team

    18. Pixel x Mick

      31:56 Viewer: Is Charles using 1% of Shaggy’s power? Connor: No, it’s the other way around, Charles is using 1% of Shaggy’s power. Me: *visible confusion*

    19. • irene

      8:26 names the female magikarp "speedwagon". he really is best waifu

    20. Ryan Walker

      That champion fight was like in every action anime where the side characters sacrifice themselves so that the main character can power up and climactically beat the final boss. Charles is the ultimate anime protagonist.

      1. Goosenine

        @Professor Baguette their name is literally speedwagon

      2. Deez

        @Professor Baguette no speed wagon was speed wagon

      3. Professor Baguette

        Charles is Jotaro, BIG N U T was Joseph, Speedwagon was Iggy, Hiden Bruh was Abdul and Pesant was Kakyoin.

    21. Mitchell Pierce

      The Pesant story arc was my favorite in the manga, glad to see it got the anime adaptation.

    22. Heliotrope Skies

      fun fact about mudkip: he's the best starter for a nuzlocke because there are 2 (two) required grass type pokemon in the whole game of ruby and sapphire

    23. MK8 Master!

      Gen 6 and later games are easier to Nuzlocke thanks to the existence of the XP share item. Oh, and TMs are reusable too. Less important but I thought I'd mention this, the shiny odds in Gen 6 onwards are higher. It's currently about 1 in 4000 instead of 1 in 8000

      1. MK8 Master!

        @ShanBoi In what way exactly?

      2. ShanBoi

        YOU TAKE THAT BACK, gen 7 ultra sun is NOT EASY

      3. Lil Yogurt

        @Pokejedi that's why most people play nuzlockes with a level cap so you can't just get to level 100 and destroy everyone

      4. MK8 Master!

        @Aharan R I used a Zygard against Molayne.

    24. Andres Angarita

      *Registering Cdawg's team in the hall of fame* Charles *That's it*

    25. Jaden Hirasawa

      Charles is truly the favourite child. The other kids dying but Connor is just like 👍

      1. Justin Burke

        What about Giga Brain's death?

      2. Ágnes Czikmántory

        Exept monke…rest in peace monke

      3. Lobster

        @Baron Byakko Clarity D. Dragneel Woruto Zeppeli its wally's theme

      4. Tuber Clips

        What a magnificent bastard.

      5. Boniour

        CHARLES In all caps

    26. Lasnight

      As a VA, words are literally this man's job... Yet spelling seems to be a bit of an issue...

    27. msrcali

      Someone needs to make randomized files for Connor, I think a randomizer nuzlocke is the perfect kind of crazy

    28. ShinrinRei

      22:00 If you look closely you can pinpoint the exact second his heart rips in two

    29. Darth Zayexeet

      „The Team battles are hard, pls grind“ „Nah, I’m fine“ *famous last words*

    30. Tom W

      connor is slowly unlearning every english word and replacing it with japanese

      1. Jirachi- Wish Maker

        Spelling bee contest

      2. Literal Garbage

        @Komi Vica I've forgotten quite a lot of Norwegian over the years so in my case, yes.

      3. Hahonryuu

        Soon all he'll know how to say is "Monke"

      4. nemo27

        @Alex Rock monke was legendary pokemon in my eyes

      5. bruh duh


    31. WomboCombo

      Charles is a godslayer. He has more plot armor than every anime protag combined. Change my mind.

    32. Omni the Smore

      So sad! Pesant was going to be renamed to King after the sweep but ended up giving his life for Charles... a true king

    33. Alex Stroh

      “It’s gonna take a GOD to take down Charles” Finds Arceus.........dies

    34. André Marques

      PESANT SWEEP is the true result of the underdog story

    35. mutton

      "Your rival chose the best starter." Connor: You sure bout that?

    36. CJCroen1393

      This is a beautiful Nuzlocke. My favorite part was (spoiler under the read more)... Pesant's noble sacrifice, holding off the Cradily so Charles could heal.

    37. treymtz

      God, I want that Steven fight fan-animated where his friends give up their lives dramatically in order to save Charles and win everything.

    38. Julio Omega 69

      Monke: *dies* Squoop: welcome to the club boi

    39. Jovonn Harris

      I really wanted to see MONKE make to the end. R.I.P. MONKE: You will be remembered😔

      1. Lame'n'HornyBoi

        Imagine MONKE making to the end and not being affected by the ghost type elite four .

      2. The_Innocent_ OneWho

        The thumbnail literally says RIP Monke. This isn’t really a spoiler

      3. Tomoyou


      4. Lal


      5. Kris

        @Lal That sucks, but man you know what to expect >.> Unless idc about the spoilers for the vid I never check comments till I finish the vid

    40. Castafiel

      The fact that naming pokemon to get emotionaly attached just to see them die and suffer is the best about this description of a nuzlocke.

    41. Dummy Thicc

      him saying “imagine he just gets frozen right now” gave me flashbacks of when Stevens areodactyl froze me 3 times in a row with ice fang

    42. justin julian

      8:13 Apart from me shiny hunting, I’ve never seen anyone be THIS excited to encounter a magikarp

    43. Lissi

      I really liked this nuzlocke as it was highlights instead of having to live through the grinding.

    44. Darth Zayexeet

      Charles is literally the anti-plot armor device

    45. Hira Hiro!

      Conner: Stand User Stand: Charles Ability: Creates Destructive Earthquakes

    46. ZeMastah

      I love how CDawg slowly went from Charles's master to Charles's servant

    47. Yes

      RIP Pesent, my boy had the run back and took one for the team

    48. C C

      This was the most entertaining Pokemon gameplay ive ever seen, didnt even knew it was 51 mins long..... Thank you Connor❤️

    49. Ben

      These stream highligts make my day, keep doing what u do connor

    50. Andrew | Cosmic Animations

      19:11 The most terrifying thing you will ever see

    51. JyxXsou

      a pokemon: **kinda flying** Connor: iT gOt LeViTAte

    52. Neo Lord

      Charles is such a unit. Him just placing his hands on the ground creates earthquakes.

      1. Maou Zen

        @Baron Byakko Clarity D. Dragneel Woruto Zeppeli Probably because of smash. It's Mute City.

      2. Baron Byakko Clarity D. Dragneel Woruto Zeppeli

        36:00 wtf is this background music sounds so familiar

      3. C C

        When he does a push up, he doesnt get pushed up, he pushed the earth down....

      4. Maou Zen

        Man really just says "Hakai" and kills the opponents team.

    53. Cheerios

      Connor needs to more Pokemon content, loved this video

    54. Dabitari

      I love this video, its pretty entertaining, watch it over and over again, hope you do more of these type of funny videos!

    55. Reckerboy xD

      Please do more I love these their make me laugh so much

    56. The King of Antarctica

      Seeing people do Nuzlockes for the first time is already entertaining. Couple that with pure monke energy? You've got yourself a banger.

    57. Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi

      At the beginning somebody in chat said “nooo you didn’t get the best starter” you could not be more wrong

      1. Gaming While Broken

        @Giratius In nuzlockes fire types are usually the better choice because you’re going to get other water types (like three or five lol) and grass types just aren’t great (usually) in nuzlockes (and you’ll probably get at least one or two anyway). That makes fire types the natural pick for nuzlockes. Besides Hoenn, Swampert just overwhelmed the region.

      2. Giratius

        Imo the best starter in R/S/E is mudkip but ORAS is torchic because mega blaziken is broken with speed boost. Gen 4 chimchar is the best because there's only 2 fire type you can get and close combat is broken, and gen 5 is better started with tepig since emboar has better movepool that easily cover their weaknesses and has better shiny

      3. Comsox

        @Aye Jaye It's kinda bad unless you also get a Torterra. They cover eachother's weaknesses pretty well.

      4. Aye Jaye

        @Lucas Gonçalves Empoleon's steel type makes it actually neutral to fire and weak to ground and fighting which are types you really don't want to be weak to, Empoleon sucks

      5. Ivan Chicharro


    58. CouchPotatoCNPB

      The people telling him to grind for that early rival battle had been telepathically compelled to do so by Giga Brain

      1. sharpy

        His future sight kicked in but charles wasnt havin it

    59. Jussi Mattsen

      Damn, this was one of you best videos! Please do more Pokemon content!

    60. LG Candy

      i would love to see more nuzlockes

    61. Draconix

      I have learned how to hold in my laughter during class because of videos like this.

    62. Just Some Guy with a chin Mustache

      It seems our guy is finally becoming a Poké-fan

      1. Hahonryuu

        He knew what STAB was...he was definitely already a fan. Thats not terminology a first timer would know.

      2. Baron Byakko Clarity D. Dragneel Woruto Zeppeli

        @Know1one yes it is indeed fake guy mustache

      3. Deez

        @Know1one no it’s his stepbro

      4. Esperto 02

        you fake

      5. Hardik Mehta

        Always has been!

    63. Tiffani

      This is the best gaming video you've put out so far. loved it

    64. Brofessor Bon

      We need more of these lol this was just epic with a buttery voice lol

    65. Kevin35gamer

      Conner, you didn't finish the game. At the end there's a raquaza vs another pokemon I forgot the name of the other pokemon

    66. Andrew Wang

      That started to hurt my stomach. I was laughing so hard.

    67. Captain Krust

      Charles is just a shonen anime protagonist that got iskeiad to the pokemon world as a mudkip

      1. CJCroen1393

        I would watch that.

      2. Keps

        That time I became a little Axolotyl and leveled up and beat shaggy with 8% of his power

      3. Dante Dante

        That Moment Where I Woke Up As An Axolotl Capable Of Ending Existence

      4. Draeckon

        That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Mudkip.

    68. Dublis91

      The fact that his Swampert still had Tackle fills me with all sorts of feelings

    69. Tech

      The elite four traumatized me as a child and I just watched this man Connor wash them when he was at half the levels I was.. RESPECT

    70. Kai Rensselaer

      that nuzlocke was fun watching through usually never watch long videos

    71. Draconix

      I crossed my fingers when he used his last pokeball on the Wingul. I also held b.

    72. B. F.

      May SPEEDWAGON, HIDEN BRUH, and PESANT rest in peace in the hall of fame ✨🏆🥇

      1. David Larkin

        @shiki granbell a good life.

      2. shiki granbell

        @Mr. Skerpentine and then *MONKE* is just in the afterlife a building a sand castle.

      3. Mr. Skerpentine

        and MONKE

      4. myboyJC_forever

        You forgot GIGA BRAIN

      5. Professor Baguette

        That champion battle was DIO's World level of intense.

    73. Flex

      Remember at the start when Connor said he was gonna make CHARLES the only worthwhile member? Well he wasn’t wrong

    74. Bismarck Senpai

      I loved the video Conner please do more :D

    75. Theo Chua

      The whole time I was waiting for his reaction to Cradily.

    76. TurtleTheo

      Hats off to the editor of this clip, good job mate

    77. Yūki

      31:56 "Does Charles have 1% of Shaggy's power?" >It's the other way around, Charles has 1% of Shaggy's power. what

      1. caprin.

        all y’all cavemen. It’s Charles Has 1% Of Shaggy’s Power. Not that hard. /lh

      2. Bio Demon

        @Raul E noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo charles has 1% of shaggy's power

      3. Keps

        @TheJoker Shaman r/wooooosh

      4. Keps

        @TheJoker Shaman ok I’ll wish you

      5. TheJoker Shaman

        no its shaggy has 1% of charles' power waiting for a woosh

    78. Shrimpter

      This was truly an emotional tale

    79. Frog Frost

      17:50 did the quickest 180 I’ve ever seen

    80. Joshua Lorenzo

      Charles was like a million levels over everything. It was expected that he'd be a beast.

    81. Alexj2003

      Watching this makes me remember how op mega evolution is

    82. BlanKaix

      Charles didn’t choose Violence, Violence chose Charles

      1. Pyry-Petteri Korhonen

        @DRX324 [Drix] He is the god of violence.

      2. Bruv

        violence is not an answer, it's a question, and Charles said yes

      3. YaBoiMohaimin

        Charles is free. Whatever he does is of his own free will

      4. DRX324 [Drix]

        He was blessed with the god of violence

    83. mlvforce

      This is the frist 50 minute video that I have watched without being bored 👍

    84. ES21296

      Probably one of my favourite Nuzlocke vids xD Pokemon Platinum next please!

    85. M.Yazid Bushtommy

      Definitely want another Nuzlocke on another Pokemon game 🔥🔥🔥

    86. sanablue1

      This was a lot more entertaining than I expected! next time, give yourself a level cap to keep things interesting. A lot of nuzlocke players use the level of the next gym leader (or whatever comes after that) as a cap and whenever one of the pokemon levels above that cap, it has to go. not exactly a death, but something like retirement because too stronk.

    87. Yasmine Husain

      Watching Charles absolutely decimate and avenge his fallen comrades at the end made all 51 min of this vid worth watching

      1. Levi the Beast

        Dang, I didn't know that Connor decimated his fallen comrades. That's kinda cruel, ngl. (Jk, I know what u meant.)

      2. Yasmine Husain

        @Gemcy ayeeeeeee :)

      3. Yasmine Husain

        @やr𐍉to ikr it flew by, I didn't realize how long the vid was till I paused thirty min in lol - it was hella entertaining

      4. やr𐍉to

        Wait the fuck up, i realised that this video is 51 min long whit this comment, it felt like a 20 min video tbh

      5. Gemcy

        so is me being your 51st liker

    88. Kyle Colley

      The moment I saw Kadabra vs Grovyle, I KNEW he should switch out before the first attack. I FREAKING. KNEW IT.

    89. SteIIaOne

      pesant is the last pokemon I expected to even make it to the elite 4, respect for that

    90. BlackOut

      9:28 the fact that gappy was standing right there in the corner and he didn’t once make a joke or reference deeply saddens and disappoints me. C’mon cdawg! Your better than this!

    91. Christian Schønbech

      Loved this so much

    92. gamer_weeb_weirdoz

      Connor simply want's to be "THE VERY BEST like no one ever was" in pokemon

      1. EmeNova355

        To catch them is his real test, and to train them is his cause

      2. FirstTryFred


      3. a mighty quack

        wow just wow 👏

    93. TheCriiss180

      the amazin thing about nuzzlock its that you can get an early magikarp and then use the rod in every route and make a mono water tipe team and break every simgle game

    94. jrs

      Charles is the very definition of "overkill"

      1. Agnius B

        Charles invented the word overkill

    95. Teldarin

      I like to imagine that Charles didn't use any moves at all, he was just punching them straight to the Afterlife.

    96. Harry Samra

      More nuzlockes please!

    97. woongfairy

      I think this means you need to do a RANDOMIZED nuzlocke next ayyyy 🙌🏻 super fun video to watch, hope u can do another nuzlocke and that I can catch it on stream!

    98. TJ Reed

      Seeing you and Jaidenanimations doing nuzlockes makes me want to do one with x&y

    99. Sam Broadhead

      wouldve loved to see you take on the delta episode at the end :)

    100. joão miguel

      you should do more of these pretty entertaining