Legendary Red Cards in Football

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    Legendary Red Cards in Football video with you. There are many star names such as Neymar, Ronaldo, Hazard, Di Canio, Robinho and Serge Djiehoua in the video.
    Enjoy the video..

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    1. Spor Delisi HD

      Video Part 2: tronline.info/status/video/tNid2NpmsYKpqtw

      1. Gilang Aditya

        @IceLegend llal

      2. RudeDog


      3. RudeDog

        Where is Cassano?

      4. Johnny

        This needs to be a full time series.

      5. Loulou Loulou

        7:52 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Nishesh Dahal

      Most of them deserve an Oscar award for their phenomenal acting

      1. La vie en vrai 🌍


      2. ADUB80

        My favorite is the goalie lying on the ground for five minutes after getting a ball kicked at him. Lol that’s literally you’re whole job is to get in the way of balls getting kicked at you.

      3. Truthz Truth

        Especially the referee after the di canio push 😂

      4. Super Strike

        Welcome to soccer

      5. BW Pyrotechnics

        The most awful sport.

    3. milanista181

      One of the most remarkable red cards was for Suarez vs Ghana in 2010's World Cup He saved a goal with his hands and had a penalty for ghana which gyan asamoah missed Then later Uruguay qualified by penalties shootouts

      1. Michael Lubin

        @donovan Dave I think they should change the rules so that in that situation, the team that was deprived of a goal should get a penalty kick WITH NO GOALKEEPER -- that is, the keeper would have to uselessly position himself with his teammates. The infringing player would only get a yellow. That way, purists can't whine, "The ball never went into the goal, so it's not a goal." It would be a fair outcome.

      2. Kevin Tufts

        My heart is still hurting from that wild turn of events! Dam that Suarez!!!

      3. stigoftdump

        Gotta love Suarez at maximum shithousery. He knew that a penalty and 10 men is better than a goal and his gamble paid off. Evil Suarez is peak Suarez imo.

      4. Landry Jongte

        "get away with it", "other teams suffer from it" lmao, the rules are pretty clear. If an outfield player handles the ball and prevent a goal, it's a red card and penalty. The fault entirely lies on the one who misses the penalty here

      5. Chris Richmond

        wow im sure no one has seen that red card before

    4. Werder fan

      "If I steal his card he can't send me off", flawless logic really

      1. Mario Gutierrez

        Right? Player: "I've taken your yellow card away -- now what are you going to do?" Ref: "Hmmmm...let me think...there must be something I can do here..."

      2. Brandeis Hopwood

        “Can’t card me if I pretend I’m unconscious” lots of geniuses in this video.

      3. Sugary

        True indeed. Haha

    5. Cem Goodman

      6:27 That innocent face of goalkeeper... Unfortunately, this goalkeeper died 4 years ago at the age of 37. RIP Abdoulaye Soulama...

      1. Ishan Gupta


      2. Arâthann

        Not like most of the others in this video, this card is nothing to be ashamed of. Honest mistake in the situation, followed by a quick moment of clarity. The card was due, but I do feel sorry that the ref gave it in such a harsh way - he would have deserved to get send of with a comforting pat on the back…

      3. Username

        This breaks my heart

      4. Samuel Legesse

        Oh sad i remember the game Ethiopia vs burkinafaso And burkinafaso4-0 won.

      5. ibo beko

        They won that match 4:0 against Ethiopia 25.01.2013.

    6. Doctor Prishnicov

      1:50 honestly I can understand the anger and the frustration of the goalie

      1. Die Fritte

        As a former goalie this blue team douchebag triggered the sh*t out of me. Should have gotten a red card aswell for this disrespect.

      2. AnqeI Creations

        the player ran into him like wth

    7. Don Self

      6:33 that goalkeeper created a new type of foul that has never been seen before in football

      1. Chthonic Cannon

        Haha Alan McGregor dirty dirty goalkeeper

    8. MegaMg84

      Remarkable also the red card to Zola (Nigeria-Italy WC 1994) and the double red card to Frank Rijkaard and Rudy Völler (Netherlands-West Germany WC 1990)

    9. Agustin Hurtado Martinez

      La cara de Serge Djiéhoua 6:50 😆😆😆

    10. Romario Benedito

      Mesmo com VAR ainda acontece muitas injustiças extremamente significativas no resultado dos jogos

    11. Zavito Ltu Xavi

      Zidane's Red Card will always be legendary 😎

      1. Mochammad Andrew Fickry Mahardikha Tamin

        @Vikas Keshav materazzi was deserved that headbutt

      2. Michael Lubin

        Zidane's retaliation was legendary for its stupidity... just what the guy was after when he insulted his sister. He took that headbutt for the team.

      3. Omegosh TV

        @Vikas Keshav no hindu football player, shame on you indian

      4. Omegosh TV

        @Sony Studio©™️ you are wrong,, materazzi most hated player, see his dangerous tackle and provoking attitudes.

      5. Omegosh TV

        @Priye Rai no he only focuses on religion. That's hindu works

    12. Briian Lpz

      Falta la de Balotelli, comete falta cerca del área y recibe la amarilla, en la ejecución el estaba en la barrera y mete la mano, 2da amarilla y roja en menos de 2min. Y creo que recién había entrado desde el banco

    13. Howard Barnett

      4:49 I'm surprised Neymar didn't fall down and grab his knee while rolling around after the red card.

    14. T-sauce24

      8:00 the inconvenience is astounding 😂

      1. Wee Didi

        That's terrible. Bad luck and a shitty ref.

      2. Ahmad F. Faruq

        Haha badluck guy

      3. Ryan Malone

        poor guy

    15. UneekBlaze

      3:45 i love how the ball hits the goalkeeper on the chest and the commentator "hits him right on the face" smh, only in america

    16. Mads Leonard Holvik

      I love how the referee sent of Robinho for acting. Eternal glory for the referee!

      1. hard rik

        You mean flamingho?

      2. TomburiohTalun


      3. Kayky o Coisa Souza

        I miss old Santos days, i was happy and didn't knew it

      4. David Fernandez


      5. nita amoy

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    17. Jason Gonzalez

      The Zidane headbutt will always be my favorite 😂

    18. Overwatch

      The way the ref fell when di canio pushed him was like a leaf falling of tree rofl 😂

    19. El Lapicito

      3:06 Poor referee... He was like "Give me my yellow card please..." That red car was TOO deserved

    20. Mateusz Antczak

      2:41 epic moment 🔥🔥

    21. Vexo

      1:08 Andora pobiła rekord czerwonej kartki grając z polską

    22. Kurt Adam

      Respect to Hazard 🙌

    23. David Casaes

      Agora pode acrescentar o Diego enforcando o Rossi 🤣

    24. Merlin

      Some of these are absolutely hilarious. The one where the goal keeper throws the ball at the players head 😂 😂 😂. Had me creasing… their facial expressions man 😂 so funny

      1. Hadjer Benhrira

        Algerians don't accept offence

    25. Calvin Brauer

      4:11 even the ref knows how to fake an injury

      1. Freddie Bloggs

        @nita amoy slag!!!

      2. superofca

        Ah yes! Di Canio at his best :D

      3. Mr Heckles

        He wasn't acting at all, he was just old and had the balance of a baby.

      4. Jeraax

        @Just Relax it's muscle memory

      5. danstylus1

        Yeah I don't know why he started crawling away... what a muppet!

    26. Ciny

      3:08 - the expression on his teammates faces is priceless

    27. Josh White

      6:40 never a red! Well done mcgregor 😂🇬🇧

    28. Johny Fitantra

      I know, Juninho meant his target (the goalkeeper). Hahaha.. You know he can hit the target from 50 m distance

    29. عابر سبيل

      6:26 best and funniest reaction 😁 6:31 with Roberto Carlos as a referee 😂

    30. Martin Nduba

      6:27 has to be the best. His reaction is priceless

    31. Goku

      1:45 *I like how Hazard is like okay!, "UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY"*

      1. seppe josten

        I would be so mad its was do or die and a ballboy first wil not only f is his job of to lay on the ball then when eden kicks the ball he did like he was touched. Then he be sent off for that i would be so mad on the kid

    32. nguyen man Huy

      6:16 isn't it a little harsh for the goalie? He kept his feet inside the box, not to mention the strikers didn't even touch the ball yet.

    33. מאור סבאן

      Loved Ronaldo's face at the end of the video

    34. Fernando Fernandez Espinoza

      Their reactions after getting a red card is priceless. “What did I do?”

      1. medivalmf

        tbf alotta of them didn't really deserve a red

      2. Blauze

        Hazard's reaction was more like "Really? For actually wanting to play football? Alright then, whatever"

      3. nita amoy

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      4. Willy Zirio

        @Byron Wolf exactly my point

      5. Preman Youtube

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    35. Aleksy Citriauskidis

      During WC Qualifiers match Poland vs Andorra (2021), one of andorra’s player got sent off in 14th second of the game, which is the fastest red card in professional and international football

      1. Aleksy Citriauskidis

        @Airyana Waējah Yeah, but I am talking about fastest from the point of the start of the game. The one who was sent off after 3 seconds came as a sub in the middle of the second half

      2. Airyana Waējah

        Fastest Red Card Is 3 Second.

      3. Michał Graciak

        that's right it was Ricard Fernandez Betriu... he needs about 15 seconds :)

    36. Vu Me

      The legenday head spear by Zidane😂

    37. Victor

      2:25 Fun thing is that the referee gave a red card for simulation to one player, and a red card for the other for hitting him, that doesn't even make sense 😂

    38. Israel Duque

      Só eu que não tenho dúvidas que em 3:50 o Juninho correu em direção do goleiro para pedir desculpas para ele? Morre o homem fica a fama e no caso dele de ser um excelente desportista limpo e de caráter.

    39. Kanal00

      3:21 the teammate is legendary

      1. Lukáš Troják

        @Randy1337 watch again 3:20 - 3:23

      2. Lziinn


      3. Randy1337


      4. nita amoy

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      5. Bruno Volpato

        André Luiz, this guy is amazing

    40. Tomás Prior

      4:23 i love how kurzawa was the one trying to separate everyone and he ended up with a straigh red

      1. Sowas von Lustig

        @jesus6221 No he didn't. He tried to separate two guys without violence. The opponent was acting as he was falling down.

      2. jesus6221

        i think he slapped someone

      3. Ruth Emmely

        Feels bad

    41. Nikolozka

      Di Canio, what a mad lad

    42. ExeTheEnhanced

      8:00 The irony that the foul itself should've been straight red, but he got only a yellow. But then when he accidentally shoots an opponent in the face afterwards, he gets the second yellow for it. The ref didn't even see the second scene happening at all.

    43. Hugo Aceves

      I think Ariel Ortega's red card against Holland in the quarter finals of 1998 is missing here. Also Zidane's red card againts Saudi Arabia in 1998 as well. Quite legendary in my opinion

    44. InfoForU

      R u kidding ? Where is Becks's red card when against Simeone's acting ?

      1. nita amoy

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      2. Rekz VS

        @Rock HSW Solskjaers red card at 1-1 vs Newcastle

      3. Rock HSW

        There are many legendary red cards miss out here, Gerard red card in 14 seconds, Rooney red card vs Portugal, Suarez hand of God vs Ghana, Cavani red card vs Chile shove-into-your-as?.

      4. ÄLIEÑÑÄ

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      5. Anibal Salaris

        @Thomas Amby exactly

    45. David Fernandez

      5:27 Of course the old: “if you don’t have a red card you can’t show it” (really smart!!)

    46. C. Bishop Young

      Zidane, top red card of all time.

    47. Cedric Lappessen

      I miss the legendary punch of leo messi 😂

    48. William Briceño

      Zidane….epic…legendary…red card

    49. Joyous Avocado

      5:40 haha I love how the referee hides the card behind his back so they can't take it

      1. Tungdil

        Yes, he watched that match at 3:00

      2. AL Kudus

        @Just a Bored Man yeah that is subkhiddin

      3. Noily

        Or should referee hid 5 more cards under pants

      4. Just a Bored Man

        That referee from malaysia hahaha

      5. Nati Born2Run


    50. ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ☯௧வி

      2:32 his name is Steven mendoza, and he played for CFC in isl India in 2013-2016 and golden boot winner of 2015

    51. Kïनg ¢r7 ⚽

      2:41 epic moment 🔥

    52. Jesús Torres

      4:10 mi parte favorita

    53. Stich

      That random guy holding the ball deserved the kick And the guy who hit it out of the goalies hands

    54. Erick Lapo

      0:25 I still remember when Banguera pretended to faint 😂😂😂

      1. Ian Rumipamba

        haciendo tiempo JAAJAJA

      2. Kelsivann Brittto

        el es el hijo de Pelé 😂😂😂

      3. luis david dussan hermoso

        When i saw this clip, I knew Will ve a great video

      4. nita amoy

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      5. Non Nonen


    55. This Sounds Good

      1 - Steal of the red card 2 - Steal of the Yellow card 3 - Funny moment: Di Canio push away the refree 4 - Head of the Week: Unforgettable Zidane. Pure technique and choice of the moment to hit Materazzi's pressure point. He studied at the Hokuto school. See out of the contest all this make us laugh... but when it's for your team...

    56. Thomas Buck

      That ref crumbled down to the turf like he was my 85 year old grandma 😂

    57. Ornn El Fuego Debajo de la Montaña.

      02:24 *Red card for you because I don't know if you faked the blow and red card for you because I don't know if you actually hit it. XD* *hahaha that's the best referee I've ever seen.*

    58. Eddie Winehosen

      Domenech at 2:52 lmao, Get a grip dude, he headbutted him in the chest full force, ofc it's a red, one of the clearest reds ever in football!

      1. Madjeek

        Yes but they saw it on camera

    59. Сергій Захарук

      1:20 Hazard did right

    60. Gejamugam Latsoomanam

      Neymar learned everything from robino and ashley young

    61. el peniguais

      Grande maximo banguera, protagonizando uno de los momentos mas memorables del fútbol

    62. Stax

      4:10 Coitado do árbitro 😂😂

    63. neils19

      The goalie getting the ball kicked at his arm and him dropping like he was punched out is amazing!! How do you have any self respect after that

      1. Adolf Hitler

        Its meboulhi the Algerian goalkeeper

      2. Sharks

        the problem i have is that the players are rewarded for shit like that. totally ruins soccer for me when there is so much reward for ugly behavior like clear time wasting and diving

      3. Walroos

        He’s a phenomenal goalie one of the best in the premier league

      4. Joe Hearn

        @Da_Gamer have you even watched the video it happens at 3:55....

      5. Da_Gamer

        @Blank bruh have you even watched the video it’s on the first minute smh 🤦‍♂️

    64. Strahinja B

      1:35 honestly for this Swansea should be punished...what was the ball boy even thinking...

    65. Michał Chyliński

      2:40 the very first time in history of football an Italian footballer didn't have to pretend there was a foul;)

    66. Dirkus Maximus

      That bal boy…Hazard that sensible, the acting by the balboy….Hilarious…But yellow should have enough, these moments kill a match. And that home team is responsible for their staff !

    67. The marsh Bar

      The keeper thought he’d got away with it pretending to be unconscious lol

    68. M Daniels

      I love how the first guy thought it was fine to just do criminal damage then carry on playing :D

    69. Daniel Edler

      2:34 - perfect from the ref there. Opposing player struck out even if he missed, victim faked it.

    70. asmodean26

      That is why I always carry two pairs with me. Happened to me ones as well. But this time he kept my yellow. I hope he was happy with it.

    71. Mr. Herman

      4:45 six more could have been more legendary 😂😂

    72. EDO HRAJE

      i dont understand why the goalkeeper got red card at 2:00. The guy got what he deserved.


      6:10 entro y tapo el penal que crack

    74. LEOX3

      14 M de visualizaciones en un mes es LEGENDARIO

    75. Mạnh Muối

      it's not called a legendary red card, it's called a legendary football referee!

    76. NJT

      6:28 That innocent face

      1. SorryCanadaUSA

        Yeah 😂 so Funny

    77. AbrahamA

      Ramires was mad dammmnn, that was like a 99 agression totm card (99phys)

    78. Guilherme Prado de Abreu

      You can't call it legendary if you missed out the GOAT! Where is Suarez brilliant save against Ghana in the World Cup?!

    79. Joel Sosa

      We need to card divers more regularly. It's so uncommon.

    80. Life Reels

      Zidane head shot was best 😂😂

    81. Mow Vu

      i love that zidane did that in his last game haha. made me like him even more.

      1. Altra12

        @Paco Mike Alpha no

      2. shesaidyesnoyes

        @The7sins Totally agree with you

      3. Akram Benchikh El Hocine

        @zumzum and just too bad for France

      4. LazyGibbon

        @Willy Zirio I'm not even French but that moment made me despise the Italians in football.

      5. CooL_ PrincE_

        @Willy Zirio fr m8

    82. Freddie Mercury

      6:50 82.25 Dijehua entry game 82.30 exit game

    83. Brone Ztar

      Falto la mano en la linea del arco de suarez en sudafrica, la roja mas epica de lis ultimos 10 años.

    84. Сергій Яковчук

      Можна было добавить красную Месси в его дебютном матче за сборную, когда он вышел на замену и сразу был удалён

    85. Vincenzo degli Abruzzi

      Suarez handball against Ghana at the very last second of the quarter finals of the 2010 World Cup should have been in this list.

    86. Vinicius R

      Luís Fabiano representou kkkkkkkkk

    87. CharlesOffdensen

      5:02 M'Bolhi was a great goalkeeper, but man, he had some issues. Might have been the best otherwise.

    88. Gero von Gersdorff

      Edmundo vs Zandona is very legendary ;-)

    89. Anderson Lopes

      Robinho não sabe mentir mais um pouco… sabe fingir de dor cara…

    90. فامیل دور

      4:16 is legendary 😂😂😂

    91. Adrian Jr.

      That Zizu headbutt is the real 👌 🤣💯

    92. İsi Hüsü

      02:41 LEGEND

    93. Bronson Yazzie

      Zidane paved the way for Antonio Brown.

    94. TimoMimo1994

      Missing some of Oliver Kahns brutal actions:D

    95. Sophia Miranda Gonzalez

      Zidane headbutt in 2006 finals and his last game, will forever be legendary

    96. TBSFlashback

      How on earth does this video not contain Guerrero's foul against Ulreich?

    97. esteban

      1:02 le metieron otra tarjeta fue por para el balón con la mano,o por la falta?

    98. Alex Sérvulo

      Ramires parece o cara do PARA NOOOOOSSA ALEGRIA. kkk

    99. l' M

      Zidane is of course most legendary.

    100. Cristóbal

      Nunca pensé en ver a mi Chilito en este video🤩