LeBron James Gets EJECTED After Fight With Pistons' Isaiah Stewart

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

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    LeBron and Isaiah Stewart were both ejected. Russ was given a tech.

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    1. Edward Gomez

      Can’t anybody shut that ignoramus up?

    2. 夏の終わりの雨音が

      Isiah didn't do anything here and didn't do anything at LA what a fucking clown , I'm not saying he should punch lebron but not even a fucking hard foul when they played in LA what fucking tough guy he is .

    3. xXAquoskillerXx

      Should let him rock lebron, describe a situation in basketball when you should even have a closed fist. It was a dirty move and he or his teammates should have clocked lebron and put him out for as long as a suspension should have been because we know the league gonna show favorites and give lebron nothing.

    4. Gregory Neale

      I love ❤️ you soooooo much and appreciate all you do for me

    5. asontes12

      Westbrook was ready with his shit up for whomever came his way.🤣🤣

    6. Francisco 65

      wtfif i got that elbow done to my eye and more blood flowing = i will never stay calm i will fight! get revenge no man can stay clam dude

    7. ROLLIN100"S

      Commentators are so worthless

    8. Frozt

      "All fans stay in your seats" that boy remember '04

    9. SUPAA!

      When 2k crashes and you accidentally click madden

    10. Quynh Nguyen

      LeBron Mao James

    11. Omens

      Watched this on ESPN, it wasn’t an elbow it was a closed fist.

    12. Vishow Samudraw

      Lebron from Space Jam 2.

    13. Pimpjit85

      Didn't see the elbow but really? That's one hell of an overreaction

    14. Jose Lopez

      All the time black 🖤

    15. Kawaii ness cures depression :)

      Aah le bum eeryday idiot.

    16. Josh Siemon


    17. Ana Ramirez

      Debil pegarle de una ... no empezar a verlo o discutir

    18. Kongkon Sarmah IMBECILE

      And now he's waiting him in parking lot 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Ken Vik

      Lebron needs to be deported to China

    20. 3rd Coast OBS

      Lefraud planning his next fake hate crime

    21. Jacquenta Todd

      Bron got them GUNS gotta watch out

    22. Shan Delacruz

      He elbowed in the eye He's not little upset man that's a real deal bro.

    23. tony castro

      he should be removed from all public media platforms,,,,this violence should not be tolerated,,,,nike,,,and the likes cannot support such violent outbursts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what are the kids and our youth that look up to him gonna do????????? the shame.............

      1. SaucyMinakaze


    24. Tim Coleman

      Roid rage

    25. chawks666

      Good!!! LEBRONSUX!!!!

    26. Cheryll Hamilton

      James is dirty in every way

    27. Bryan MT

      Isaiah Stewart es un máquina! Ese LeBron se cree que puede hacer lo que le de la gana tan sólo por ser amigo de Bugs Bunny, que se vaya a vender cortinas!

    28. adrhiel herrera

      gives me wwe vibes

    29. Mae Pearl Berjamin

      0f F

    30. adrhiel herrera

      this gives me john cena and brock lesnar fight vibes

    31. Tommy Guo

      I guess Lebron is strong enough to knock him out,

    32. Emily An

      Isiah: I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay! ( Hooks back around and starts steam rolling through folks like a running back)

    33. Hello Turtle

      Damn lebron swung at him and then ran away, who woulda thunk

    34. For Fun

      Basketball to boxing real quick

    35. Anna Bluebubblegum

      Dang I had to watch this 3 timed and I finally saw what he did horrible

    36. Mike Mike

      Lol what a clownish show...

      1. Emily An

        Being held back always make you more angry..

    37. Swagg Marii

      No Westbrook squaring up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hell nah yp

    38. brandon HVAC/ANTS

      LeBronda is a little beotch hiding behind everyone.

    39. Rich Rich

      That eye looks like it’s popped to me

    40. PrettyThang

      Whole staff + group of 6ft guys tryna stop this man but he still got through. NFL needs to call him 😂😂

    41. PIEPIE

      He did em dirty. Used his nails like a cat. Meeeeow!

    42. James Wilson

      LeBron is a classless act. He's been a pampered athlete is whole life.

    43. KiN iOS

      He knew he was gonna get toss out so he chose to have some fun before getting out 😂

    44. مهند الخرجي


    45. Yautja

      He should've lied down and let the medics come and sue that badstard 😅🤣😂

    46. Simon O.

      all show , acting ,as if , its bball accident does happen . it not the first time in nba ,, all show stewart

    47. KLRGopher

      Being held back always make you more angry..

    48. Al O.

      If he really wanted to fight Bron, he should have punched him the second they started shoving each other. When 5-9 dudes try to stop them from fighting he goes berserk and proceeds to run through people like a mad running back on steroids. If you gonna punch the guy, then punch the guy while you can. All bark no bite.

    49. Bomboclaat

      Stewart a bitch be real, the guy went crazy, only when the entire building security was in action and there was 100 people trying to stop him, bitch was calm as fuck when they’re was the least amount of people, that pussy only started acting hard when there was 10 security guards holding him back, why not throw hands when you was face to face hahahah waited a whole 5 minutes to go crazy edit: ik im gonna get whatever about being a Lebron fan boy, I can tell you hear and now, I don’t watch basketball, at all, and I hate lebron James, except for the fact he supports Liverpool, that put him in the good books, but I only came here because the internet is making Stewart out to be crazy, but he really isn’t, football sees this type of “crazy guy” all the time, only kicks off when he feels safe 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Luis Loretto

      He literally poked his eye

    51. Ewan Mclean

      Typical Modern day Athlete... Falls down first even though he got hit in the face... then stands directly infront of lebron for 10 seconds talking and could have landed any sort of punch or done what he wanted... But no he waited until there was 70 bodies between him and lebron and then starts trying to do something 😅 Usual.

    52. Sup Dox

      Haha straight Busta🤣🤣

    53. asonunique419

      LeBron was hoping everyone was gonna hold Thomas back , Thomas was about to beat the breaks off LeBron

    54. GetYourGameOn

      Lebrun clearly show concern and let’s it be known that it AAS NOT INTENTIONAL …lol..plus tht man was crying…Kenton ain’t gonna smack no dude crying like a female….lol..lol..also you see when he makes a break for it and run over a bunch of people ,eventually he gets close and realizes that if he continues that he is gonna have to fight someone if he makes it to the other team …lol..soooo a one handed catch by someone is what stops him after he literally trampled everyone over because he was just to strong…someone’s one hand held him back..lol..lol..ole silly billy face

    55. Yn_ PrettyFlacko

      Whole lotta crying 😂😂😂

    56. r2 d2

      Lol i dont hate bron but thought it was hysterical how he started the fight, starting pushing when Isiah was pushing back, then as soon as Isiah pushed with more aggression, Bron backs up lol he instigated the fight then backed away n tried to get Isiah thrown out. Thats a weak move for a "king"


      he came for him like 7 times

    58. zijuiy wttuy

      This is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in basketball in years!!

    59. reef mulkey


    60. gigglyme2001

      The shots of Stewart’s face in the media is a bit misleading. He was thrashing about and his adrenaline was pumping. Lebron may be to blame for the blood on his face but Stewart is to blame for his face being a bloody MESS.

    61. Uriah Dowell

      This right here folks is the reason why Lebron is not the GOAT.... he Chickened out hands down.

    62. Elpro Gamer

      Ik he ain't tried russel wb

    63. Phily Extreme

      He ran to the security he’s a b****

    64. Pppsean

      Damn those guys are huge.. those morons talking about white supremacy don't watch nba..

    65. Joser Tv

      Pu$$ya$$ Lebron left quick

    66. Chris Handley

      When you're British, and come across this, and can't help but laugh 😂 it's a little graze and a little bit of blood 😂 imagine how long these would last in a rugby match 😂

      1. Nelson Wilkins

        You’re british you’re whole existence is made fun of by everyone have several seats sire

    67. Tyrone Shultz

      He should be benched for the rest of the season but he won't be they'll use the race card and get away with it just because of who it is 🤬🤬🤬

    68. Robert Reynolds

      Some call it misconduct. I call it the rebirth of the Bad Boys.

    69. David Brown

      Lebron is soft and nobody in the NBA really fears him.

    70. David Brown

      Lebron isn't close to being one of the top ten of all time. I'm old enough to have seen Wilt and many many others.

    71. Re Run

      Lebron is shiteater!

    72. Jack Morrison

      Definitely not NHL tough

    73. Aron Bennett

      Dana White can put an end to this quick...

    74. Louis Ward

      Auditioning for Andy Reid...lol

    75. autoglas centrum

      Euro watching here, start to like that basketball u guys play over there ;)

    76. Jeremy Bartolomei

      Where did king James go? Should've let those 2 finish it. James would've been humiliated. This was no fight. A lot of acting. Run James run!

    77. Dweeb Ghost

      Hey elbowed him on purpose.. I watched it again ad again

    78. WoodyVer

      I can already smell the “top 10 rage moments” videos coming

      1. Nelson Wilkins

        Lmaooo i didnt even think of that

    79. Lenny Wilson

      Maybe lebron needed a little lesson

    80. Malvo

      beef stew got sliced

    81. lucid

      u dont even wanna know what would happened if that was me

    82. Gabriel Onofrei

      Dudes a major piece of it

    83. Esen Boga

      Where is the fight

    84. Jbd B

      Yeah I would have kept going after Lebron (Lebanon) too had he caused me to bleed What a cheap shot

    85. Shannon D Brown

      If Lebrun did that, That was a bitch move, he was hit hard enough to cause blood flow. I can’t be mad at him for wanting to stomp somebody. Lebrun saw how serious he was and got his old ass out the way, then there goes Russel, Anthony n everybody else ready to fight for him when he probably was guilty. Right is right n wrong is wrong, I don’t care who you are.

    86. email

      It was absolutely nothing. This shit happens all the time in a contact sport. Isaiah made it worse

    87. Timothy and Sherry Blair

      The thing about it is Lebron did nothing purposely wrong. The other dude was just hot headed.

    88. William

      Lakers just getting tilted because they are garbage. Lebron runnin like BITCH.

    89. Anais G

      The way people are RIDING lebron is astonishing....You can tell he rlly got upset once he realized he's bleeding from his eye....everyone would be upset in this situation too