Father & Son RESTORE 300-year-old Barn.. [80 Day Timelapse]



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    In 1732 a team of skilled craftspeople built this structure using 3 locally-sourced, natural products: oak, clay and stone. As a testament to the integrity of these materials and the techniques of their trades, the building has more or less survived 4 centuries, witnessing the French occupation; the creation of America; and the invention of concrete, power tools and plywood. But the march of time is rarely kind, and various repairs over the years have resisted - but not repelled - building's oldest enemy... water.

    A full and proper renovation was long overdue and thanks to this platform, my Dad and I were able to take on this challenge in the Summer of 2020, filming every step of the journey. However this is not a restoration in the truest sense of the word. Triangular rafters would have been laughed at in 1732, but the accuracy and versatility of modern sawmills and bandsaws meant we could try something that addresses some of the inherent weaknesses in a roof designed before the advent of electricity, and - dare I say - improve it.

    A huge thankyou to Festool UK for envisioning and supporting the project from the start (using some of their gear definitely shaved a couple of weeks off), and to the incredibly generous patrons.

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    Tool talk:

    Sword Saw: bit.ly/3h6dAAl
    Chop Saw: bit.ly/3kXn9mn
    Underframe for Chop Saw: bit.ly/2X1036j
    85mm Circular Saw: bit.ly/3DTa2Lq
    55mm Track Saw: bit.ly/3n89Uly
    Impact Driver: bit.ly/3kVJalj
    Drill: bit.ly/3BM7MDX
    Hammer Drill: bit.ly/2YxyQIQ
    Angle Grinder: bit.ly/2YmufJi
    Ortur CNC Laser Engraver: tinyurl.com/4vraj9ty

    00:00 Demolition
    03:35 Rebuilding Oak Frame
    14:04 Installing New Frame
    20:18 Repairing Top Plate
    22:25 Repairing Ridge Beams
    26:46 Cutting Scarf Joints
    34:20 Installing New Purlins
    42:28 Pulling Frame Back Together
    45:08 Making Rafters at the Sawmill
    50:07 Nailing New Rafters
    54:24 Cutting Rafter Feet
    56:18 New Concrete Ring Beam
    56:49 Building Genoise Eaves
    1:04:18 Installing Rafter Wedge
    1:06:34 First Row of Tiles
    1:10:45 Lime Pointing Genoise
    1:13:39 3,000 Reclaimed Tiles
    1:18:40 Finished!
    1:20:40 Sweeping the Roof

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    1. carlrogers

      This was a looong time in the making - so thanks for all the thumbs up, comments and Subscribes, it's really helped this video explode 😀 I'll have to make some more now!

      1. AS pos

        This is in Gers, France.

      2. Wayne Dempsey

        @Willem van Schaik Sorry incorrect...The Pyrenees are in the video but when you see them the camera is looking to the South. The Dept No. on the vehcle is 23, this means the area is Gers and the Capital is Auch (Occitaine Midi-Pyrenees) I have been lookimg for a clue to the close location of this Farmhouse but have not been successful.

      3. Sanie Estuita

        Im your avid fans here in Philippines... Nice videos and you are super gwapo.. thats why i idolize you carlrogers ❤️❤️❤️

      4. Brenda K.

        Absolutely the most intense, accurate. Set of old world skills . I never knew just how much technical craftsmanship went into a barn . You and your boys should be very proud of this work, ( Masterpiece ) I am in awe of your skills 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      5. Xziztor The Eternal

        @Tay IKR, the narrating is beyond captivating also. I was spellbound throughout the whole video

    2. Private Number

      This is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. You and your father should be incredibly proud. This was a pleasure to watch.

      1. ganea-baicu laurentiu emanuel

        @анатолий котков It seems you didn't understand anything . Hahaha . Watch again please .

      2. albert carrillo

        @__Hoggasims __ Low self esteem produces ugly comments.

      3. Dean Loveridge

        @Sam Kaeppel What a spiteful person.

      4. анатолий котков

        Загубили весь шарм. Дубовые старинные конструкции находятся в хорошем состоянии.Надо было открыть их для обозрения. В крайнем случае усилить там, где это необходимо.Или скрытно передать нагрузку на новые элементы.

      5. Mike Wilson

        @Sam Kaeppel damn how miserable are you?

    3. G BROOKE

      The skill set needed for this build is absolutely incredible.

    4. snipewa4

      Living in Canada I’d assume a roof like this nearly unheard of…I’ve never seen one built like this….incredible craftsmanship…I’m beyond impressed…congrats and look forward to the next project!

      1. YosheetaBoneeta

        Yeah in Australia we'd just make it out of zincalume steel and spray it with terracotta coloured paint.

    5. Matt Sawyer

      The precision on this build is actually mind boggling.. no mastic infills, no foam sprayed to cover holes (just to secure tiles).. just amazing craftmanship which gets things to the mm. As an architect I am beyond impressed with how much attention and time would have been taken to design this to that kind of preciseness. Watching the jigs that you used to level the concrete to get the rafters bang on is incredible.. Well done guys.

      1. Jay Taylor

        There is no way you're a professional architect if you think any of the processes in this video are "incredible". These are all pretty basic construction techniques, albeit impressively executed by a small 2-man team. I suggest you get out on site more.

    6. Copper Man

      This was incredible, kudos to this father-son team. I'm 68 and I also have severe arthritis, it started when I was 18. You're right - you have to keep moving, stay active and stay engaged, no matter how bad the pain is. You keep that mindset, so that when you're my age you can stay active and get past the pain. Your Dad is awesome, both of you guys rock! I learned volumes from you, watching this process.

      1. bccochrane1

        Good advice sir, an older chap (78 & does more work than anyone I worked with) who is the labourer I often work with says the same, use it or lose it. He has a hot bath at the end of each day. All the best to you 👍🏻

    7. Chris Wood

      Watching this makes me appreciate even more how the original carpenters 300 years ago were skilled. No electric power tools just steel saws and lots of muscle. I bet they had one person just to keep the blades and chisels sharp enough to cut as the steel would not have been as strong as it is these days. Remarkable.

      1. Team33

        @kr0k3tt Yip. Why didn't you say so in the first place then ... Cheers.

      2. kr0k3tt

        @Team33 not sure you got the right idea from my comment. Power tools are amazing and I would pick them over hand tools any day. Just 300 years ago we were already making really high quality hand tools.

      3. Team33

        @kr0k3tt I'll leave you in yr wanda world. If I were given that work and on the left I had power tools and on the right old fashioned quality steel tools dating back a few hundred years I know what I'd choose. The issue isn't being able to do the work properly and tidily, BUT as they say endless times in the video EFFICIENTLY. They gained 2 whole days work using a band saw to cut triangular beams as opposed to using a hand held band saw. Thats is ONE month's work doing it with "good ole steel" hand saws. Wake up mate. Happy new year.

      4. rotex

        @Lars Hansen Troll Let's go, Brandon.

      5. kr0k3tt

        I think you'd be surprised at the strength and quality of steel back then even compared to modern blades. Impressive stuff still, cutting all that heavy lumber by hand would be hard yakka.

    8. simon g

      What an engrossing film, that satisfying 'chunk' when the joints go in perfectly.... Beautiful job and great to see the family working together in such harmony - heartwarming stuff.

    9. Steve Wainwright

      This was one of the most captivating projects I have seen on TRonline, your father most be so proud of you, I can't imagine the time it actually took to complete and also the editing of the film footage. Well done guys and it was a pleasure to watch. ;)

    10. Qua††ro

      Well done TRonline for finally recommending something good! As an engineer myself with 30 years in my chosen trade (taught by my Dad), this video really warmed my heart, made me smile & almost made me cry when the old Makita wasn't enough for the ancient oak... Great job, brilliant video, looking forward to more 👏👏👏

    11. christopher krum

      This was a masterclass on an old restoration. Very well detailed explanations on every process. It was so much fun watching this. I would love to watch you guys build a modern log cabin next, from the ground up. Well done.

    12. ColliCub

      It’s rare that I’ll watch something of this length in its entirety, especially if I don’t know the channel or the content. But this was engaging, start to finish! I really enjoyed following your journey, in a way that I’m unlikely to ever emulate myself, but I never felt patronised like you do on some DIY channels, only that I was leaning something (ie. kerfing). Great work. ☺️

      1. Qua††ro

        @Mace Meeker hallelujah!

      2. Scet8

        @Benjy Spg🎤 lmfao that music is totally shite stay out of the comment section

      3. Scet8

        @Mace Meeker yea

      4. Nicklas708

        @The_Dirtbike_Lover 1 eyy another adhd'er i feel the same way

      5. LYTE Yearz

        Agreed bud! I couldn't take my eyes away!

    13. HighlandLakeCottage

      Impressive, mesmerizing and I enjoyed every minute. I usually watch gardening videos but I hope to see more from you…thanks!

    14. Jesus Davies

      Genius move using the off-cut as a ramp, what an impressive and aesthetic piece of work and editing. You and your dad can be really proud, keep it up Carl!

    15. Kerrie Medlin

      Wow! The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding! It’s almost impossible to find people who are willing to produce such a quality product these days. I’m so glad you created this video.

      1. chopperhehehe

        Nothing beats craftsmanship like that . But folk won't pay for it 🙄 👍👍👍😜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦕🦄😁🤞✌ Alot say they can do it And charge full price for poor workmanship Need to trust your builder

      2. Jay Bee

        yep, nothing beats quality craftsmanship.

      3. Jose Oblianda Sr


    16. Ian Ramsay

      Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to put this together: another time consuming and careful project. Kudos to all of you.

    17. Robert Hoffmann

      I’m sitting here mesmerized, admiring your Woodworking skill, but also how well produced the video is! Thoroughly enjoyable thank you!

      1. Jesus is LORD

        Repent to Jesus Christ! “When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭2:10-11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    18. Jonathan Bassett

      That was an hour well spent! Beautiful place, a real pleasure to watch 2 dedicated tradesmen at the top of their game. I own a construction company in the UK and one of the most important things about any construction project is the sometimes very laborious finishing details (pointing up the eves, for instance!). You guys nailed it! Looking forwards to more of these.. Jon

    19. Bob Khan

      Thanks for taking the time to make this video and share it with us. I'm sure your relationship with your dad has its troubles, like all relationships do, but it really is an unspeakable blessing to have the chance to work together with a father in a trade like yours. I'm glad you two have been given the chance to live such a life--caring for the past, adding value to society today, and serving those you are responsible to with dedicated craftsmanship that also looks to the future.

    20. Dottie Baker

      What a great project! I just started watching, and I'm impressed with your replacing the rotted beam with the curve in it. But, in using the old beam as a template, isn't the new, green one going to shrink 10% and eventually end up being too small?

    21. Misha Scovill

      This was incredible & fascinating. I can imagine it’s a lot of extra work to film alongside the actual renovation project, but I’m glad you did!

    22. Jacquy Jacquot

      As French, I recognize directly that you are restoring a house in the same region where I just have finished my own restoration after 40 years. The work you have done is not only huge but professional. The tools that you are using are impressive, far away from what I have seen by the local professional. Being myself very conservative about restoration of ancient house, I was helped by a magazine “Maisons paysannes de France” which guided me in certain works linked to old technics and tools. In fact, based on my reading and with the help of an old carpenter, to finish the curve of a beam or other pieces of wood, I didn’t used a sander but with we call that in french “une herminette” the result is not so smooth but more ancient. The technic that you are using to put your tiles is unknown for me, maybe is linked to the local way. In Dordogne, for a roof of a barn, separated by 20 to 24”, 6 to 8” oak square rafters are used. To support the tiles, we nail pine or chestnut planks.So, from bellow, we don’t see the tiles. I don’t known if you are aware that the region is infected by termites. To protect each piece of wood which is in contact with a wall or the ground, I drill a few holes and inject xylofene on a length of 20”. I have used my best english to congratulate you and admire the work you have done. Your talent (and your money) will save a beautiful 300 years old farm. Be aware that you’re the money that you are investing in this project will be commented (not always positively) by your french neighbors. Enjoy the view on the Pyrenees and le foie gras du Gers.

      1. duudsuufd

        @Félix Pérez Villega Je sais. Mais avec ce video il etaient deux possibiltees. Amérique ou France.

      2. Félix Pérez Villega

        @Vincent Forrest Ce dont il parle, ce sont les choses qui se passaient dans le monde pendant que la construction résistait à l'épreuve du temps. Désolé, ceci est une traduction google

      3. Félix Pérez Villega

        @duudsuufd Votre déduction est erronée. Les Pyrénées sont visibles depuis deux pays, trois si vous me permettez de compter Andorre comme pays. Désolé, ceci est une traduction google

      4. duudsuufd

        @Vincent Forrest Il peuvent voir les Pyrenées, alors c'est en France.

      5. Vincent Forrest

        Bonjour, je n'ai pas alors tout compris ? Je pensais au début que ça se passait en France, puis dans la description, les auteurs parlent d'une construction qui date de la colonisation par les Français et la naissance de l'Amérique... Puis je vois que la plaque du pickup est du 65 ?? Je n'y comprends rien, mais anyway, c'est un superbe boulot.

    23. Robert Ferrell

      I don't know what your professional experience has been, but I'm incredibly impressed with your work and your knowledge of old building methods to rebuild and restore your barn. It was during the prep, before tile began that I was blown away most. "How does he know this?" I'm asking myself. You're a historian and builder. Wow.

    24. CreatiXx

      Hey man, i just stumbled onto this as it got featured on my home page. I love long videos and this one was awesome! Lovely edits, small little puns and great insight and knowledge of why and how you do what you do. Although i'm nearly not as skilled as you, your father and the for me unknown woman, one can only admire the craftsmanship! Really nice to see you reusing so much of that old oak and not going all brand new. Keep it up!

    25. Matt Vargo

      Loved this! just stumbled upon it tonight by chance. Incredible watching you guys replicate the old school mastery look to these beautiful old structures! Cheers!

    26. Paulo.S.M.Quaresma

      Congratulations on the beautiful work performed with all the care and whimsy. The result was excellent. The details had all the attention possible so that there were no flaws. I write from São Paulo, SP - Brazil. I wish you and your family a fulfilling new year.

    27. Jacob Eliyah

      Enjoyed watching this incredible video of restoration and seeing a strong bond between father and son (it's a rarity in these harsh times). I also wonder, how much time the original maker spend to create such marvelous structure, especially with those old-day manual tools.

    28. Deb Knights

      I loved your video, absolutely wonderful to see your skill and expertise. You and your Father are amazing and addictive to watch. I love the precision involved in the measuring and cutting etc., I love the coasters you have made from the ancient oak and would love to have a set, but , sadly , I am totally shocked at the price. Perhaps you have sold loads and I am being unrealistic regarding what they are and the work you have done to produce them. I'm really sorry that I won't be purchasing them, they are just too expensive for me.

    29. Tony Seddon

      Totally amazing. Loved every minute. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects.

    30. Dan Fisher

      Hey carl, Just seen the video of you rebuilding your barn roof. Been a roofer stroke builder stroke wood butcher for 20 yrs. Fair play, you know how to put a days work in! Your old mans not too shabby either. Cant quite believe how labour intensive that job was, a real labour of love. Not gonna try to win the prize for health and safety issues, building is dangerous any way you cut it , and i lost count anyway! As you say , festool rocks and good kit makes work safer. Loved the carpentry detail, innovative rafter solution eaves and the ridge detail. My only suggestion when you come to do the rest of the roof is, get a tile bumper and electric hoist. If you can afford festool you can afford these massively time and energy saving pieces of kit, and can sell them on once finished with them. Thats it, great job. Btw , i never, ever ,post or subscribe, im a dinosaur so be proud of yourself and the old man. Hope your illness isnt holding you back, ive found building good for body and soul, like you said. Use it or lose it. Buy your dad a drink , he loves you. Cheers Dan fisher, stroud, england.

    31. david crawford

      when i was watching i wondered how many craftsmen like you are left . I cannot imagine how much the timber cost. You should both be very happy with the quality of your work and when seen in context to the whole site it was well worth your time and skill set to restore this history.

    32. Trish Speilberg

      Really nice! I enjoyed watching...I never expected to watch the whole thing being so long but I did and loved your drone shot ending. Thanks for taking the time to make and share this!

    33. Dan Kosek

      Great video, carpentry, and masonry work… my grandfather was a ship’s carpenter from 🇬🇧… Nice see some off what I saw him do being kept alive… Beautiful work guys and great video edit/narration… BTW, the 2mm offset finally help me understand how to tighten up the wood only joints… thanks!

    34. chimichata

      I can’t believe i watched the whole thing!!!! And LOVED it. Thank you. You guys are amazing at this. The love and dedication are evident. Oh, and great sense of humor 🤪 Can’t wait to see the next video. Cheers 🥂

    35. vwsyncro

      After the watching the first minute, I knew I was going to watch it all. I love the production quality, the pacing, the narration, the jokes, the doggo. I love how you respectfully restored an old barn (just think of the history) while incorporating modern tools to keep it sane. It’s so satisfying to watch you carve the big pieces of green oak. Super romantic setting. One of those videos that has me thinking: what am I doing with my life that is truly making me happy? Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Construction Hacks

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      2. yo mama

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      3. Ajran Hoxhaj

        @Ed Russell t

      4. BOL ULM

        Yes.. dog was really nice. :)*

      5. Ed Russell

        Well said,@vwsyncro. The last line you said rand true with exactly what I thought whilst I watched this also. The beam drop/explosion had me rolling 🤣. First vlog of yours I have seen but not the last. This deserves a subscription, and I'm going to check on some coasters next. Such a good vlog.

    36. R Fusco

      Great video! Love the incredible craftsmanship that is being passed down from dad. You all make it look so easy. Side question...are there any mountain biking trails in that region?

    37. Steve Tilk

      Quite impressive! You guys did amazing work. It begs the question. You had an impressive collection of modern tools that saved time and labor. How long do you suppose it took the craftsmen that built the barn to do it? And how many men did it take to build the structure? It’s nothing short of amazing what our ancestors were able to accomplish with the tools they had available at the time. You guys can truly be proud of your work! I hope your structure lasts another 300 years. Thanks for capturing such an awesome project.

    38. Uriah Giles

      What a project! Great job guys. I'm a little jealous though, buildings that old are almost non existent here in the US, so the chances of finding a job like that is slim. What a blessing to have a sawmill close by to get that beautiful oak. That's another thing that's hard to find here (which is why I have a portable sawmill of my own). And thanks for making it a long video instead of 30 minutes of sped up footage with no dialog! It's sad how many people don't have the patience to sit still long enough to get through anything more than 15 minutes long. The amount of knowledge they miss out on is huge, not to mention just the simple enjoyment of seeing something through someone else's perspective. I love long videos, lol.

    39. Aud I

      That was amazing. So good to watch you and your father using traditional methods. Something so different from today’s methods, and especially in my country! 👍👍

    40. Harry Fusco

      I've been a mason most my life and I have to say you guys impress me very much, would love to just come help, and are you going to do the rest of replacing the tin with ceramic tiles? I can't say a carpenter but I can do stone and concrete and brick and block very well, and I'm thinking of ordering a few of them coasters with the date 178? On them 👍✌️ and your pop is a little younger then I am young man, and he can work circles around me lol👍✌️ But I must give you a thumbs up on all you guys have accomplished 👍✌️

    41. Jason Copland

      That was excellent. I didn't think I'd sit and watch all of it, I expected to skip through it but it held my interest all the way through. A really impressive job, well done

    42. Backyard-Built-Trucks

      You have to be impressed and honored to watch this kind of craftsmanship being done to preserve a piece of history . Without history we will forget who we are. You did a amazing job.

    43. gsxrdoug

      Wow you and your Dad are TRUE craftsman. That was an amazing adventure, I can't believe it can be done that way.

    44. Dan McBride

      This was my first time watching. I can’t tell you adequately how impressed I am with your building techniques you possess and with your heavenly patience. Your reverence for the exactness you apply your skills to achieve this this traditional roof structure. I don’t live in Europe, however I can now appreciate why the buildings and structures look and last the way they do. I truly enjoyed this project and look forward to seeing your next one.

      1. Ross 281

        Dan McBride...you made my day with your words.

      2. Tom Cave

        Your vocab is flamboyant

    45. Frances Franklin

      This was one of the most informative ,entertaining and humorous things we have seen for ages, loved the human element to a very big project ,having bought a property in France , not having been lived in for ninety years , we were living and feeling with you every step of the way .The organisation and thought process is astonishing, Your care and love shines though every thing ,we would love to see what else you propose to do ,have you done the house? How long have you been there ? And of course how are you .happy new year and good luck .

    46. Van Kirsch

      In awe... Wow! We Watched the whole thing dreaming about being back in Southern France or Northern Spain doing exactly that.. 😍 Thanx for the inspiration and the tips and opportunity to learn a couple of new things.

    47. Donna Jones

      I just finished watching your video ! Wow - I love any type of woodworking tool and learning how to use them. What you and your father did was mesmerizing to watch! Y'all's knowledge of the old school ways were amazing to witness! thank you so much for sharing!

    48. Beth Trevor

      I am deeply interested in history. The respect you show toward the history of the building and materials have me hooked. Thank you.

    49. Neek R

      This is incredible, you guys are incredible and your work is outstanding. This is the first video I've watched from your channel and I've learnt so much! I'm totally here for it. Keep being amazing!

    50. Ken Cade

      Amazing level of craftsmanship! This barn will easily see anoth 300 years, well done!

    51. Joe Bloggs

      I really enjoyed this video. Really enjoyed your style of filming and the way you explained what you were doing and why. I would love to do a project like this with my dad.

    52. Elliot Fox

      That was beautiful. First time seeing how a tile roof is laid. Speaking from inexperience, is it possible to put the saw brace above the cut while trimming the rafters? You mentioned the dangers of cutting the material the brace is connected to.

    53. DArynBDeMoss

      I feel like the people from 300 years ago are smiling down at the restoration you all did. Truly incredible.

    54. Homestead to Table

      I must say, I learned more from this video than I may have through a year of drafting classes in engineering school many a year ago. Thank you for documenting the process for us to enjoy.

    55. Gale R Simpson

      I was fascinated watching this video. I received some answers I have wondered about and love watching it done. You and your father are quite a team. You both have put in the work and time to accomplish such a feat. Well done. I like the way the video was put together with humor. Shooting expressed how steps were accomplished and how truism was obtained. Well done.

    56. RSD_MtnBiker

      In a word: Amazing. Everything about this is video is great. The editing is incredible, really well done. The “meows” cracked me up, love you sense of humor. Is this place yours? Cheers👊

    57. aalexander928

      This is a beautiful video depicting splendid restoration. I loved every minute of it. Thank you ever so much for filming this and sharing it. Happy New Year!

    58. Maerlin65

      Young man, just watching 30 minutes of this video, I am very impressed with the carpentry skills you have. Being in the US and done farm house/barn work when I was younger, I appreciate the folks that passed the knowledge of 'old school' and timely craftmanship to me. Please pass on what you have. Peace and be careful and safe; most of all stay healthy with your illness.

    59. Ashley Marie

      This is the best thing I have EVER WASTED MY TIME WATCHING ON TRonline!! Normally get caught in the rabbit hole of pointless videos haha 😆 this is going to be a understatement but this was amazing. Especially for just you and your father to do!! I just came across this randomly and I’m so happy. Upset I missed out on the coasters they would have been really need to see in person Amazing work!! Commented before finishing the video… My god. The patients and skills you guys have is incredible. I learned so much this was thee best thing I’ve seen wish I could see something like this in person one day. ( from Canada 🇨🇦). Wish things were still built like this so much pride and way nicer in appearance. Makes the metal sheets look horrible and wonder why they’d settle for them even with costs into affect I’d want this way not the metal sheets. Simply amazing work.

    60. xXShadeXx

      I rarely comment but I must say, this video was so beautiful, relaxing, and a whole vibe that I watched the whole thing start to finish! Now as someone with ADHD, and basic carpentry skills. This completely SUCKED ME IN! Great editing skills and the commentary was fantastic!

    61. Pierre Camps

      You are both extremely talented! Looking at the fine work you did to this beautiful old place, and the outstanding result, I kept thinking about 'Notre Dame de Paris' and all the work and love it is going to take to rebuild it. Thank you for sharing! Allow me please to finish in French saying "Partout où l'homme apporte son travail, il laisse aussi quelque chose de son cœur.” Henryk Sienkiewicz. Romancier polonais (1846-1916) Prix Nobel de littérature (1905).

    62. Andy Davis

      I clicked on this video during a 10 minute break ..... and ended watching to the end. It must be extremely satisfying to shape the components and they go together so smoothly. Beautiful work guys !

    63. Paul Brasier

      After trying to watch some junk on Netflix I somehow found this on my phone and watched an amazing well produced movie about a father and son repairing a 300 year old garage. So worth my time and not one foul word or fake drama. Thank you both for sharing with us.

      1. T Bone

        don't leave out the props to the hot chick that was helping

    64. daveawb

      That was one beautiful build, you all must be very proud of that roof, it looks spectacular. As a fellow sufferer of AS I know exactly what you were going through. It's sad to say but you must take care of yourself now whilst you're in your 20's and still have a good amount of movement in your back and neck. I'm in my 40's now and really wish I'd been a bit kinder to myself back when I was your age, maybe then I could have held out a little longer before my back competely fused.

    65. Per Edlers

      Watching this incredible video of a huge and demanding piece of work, done jointly by father and son, has been a 121-minute long pleaure - far better than any movie in cinema. Thank you so very much 🙂.

    66. Ray Lawrence Jr

      This is some amazing work. Restoring a historical building is a great thing.

    67. Timo

      Well worth my time. Amazing work. This is the first video that I've ever shared with my 62 year old father--a jack of all trades type guy. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

    68. Christopher Rich

      Those rafters were a bloody brilliant solution for those tiles. Builder here in New Zealand and was scratching my brain to think of why they might be useful. Incredible work man, great to see the attention to detail. Must be awesome being able to work alongside your old man and learn all his tricks.

      1. yo mama

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      2. Ron R

        same head scratching over here in germany. did wonder either he wants to dance on that roof or they got tons of snow load we ain't even have in the alps. highly impressed by the skills they got.

    69. B. Benni

      Gentlemen, dear neighbors, this is brilliant work you did here! Also the concrete work with watering and foil on the back end. The only thing I missed is a water gutter and sometimes a bit glue in the fat main bars. All the best from a wood crafts master from southern Germany


      Incredible, keep going like that appreciated every single minutes of the video !

    71. Mark Warchus

      Just discovered this Carl - many thanks for it. My father used to do this with hand tools - He would have so loved having these tools!

    72. Wendy Bell

      Thanks for posting this. You guys do absolutely stunning work! (I'm 31 minutes in and am blown away.)

    73. GrandpaEwan Builds

      It was nice watching this renovation in one go. Brought tears to my eyes to see the efford put into the old with a twist of new. Good job to you all.

      1. Claudia DeMoss

        Oui! A thing of beauty is a joy forever....Also brought a tear to my eye, as all beautiful things do.

      2. Insecthouse

        Yeah , beautiful work on a building with so much character. One of the best videos ive watched this whole year.

    74. Arash Jalali

      You guys are true artists. I'm going to order your coasters to show my appreciation for your art work.

    75. Simeonmaahn

      This was amazing to watch. Looks beautiful. And love your voice, and komments. Its awesome that your doing this with your dad, this is memories in the making. Well done ✔️

    76. Chris Lowe

      It's for things like this, as to why I'm glad TRonline exists... Kudos on a fantastic restoration.

    77. MTBR s

      Probably the best 80minutes I've had on youtube learned alot thank you and such a great job 👏

    78. oldchurch jr

      This was an amazing father-son project. Absolutely great to see how you have to build a classic roof. Well done.

    79. Bud Green

      Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Everything was top notch. The work, skill, time and effort. The fact that you get to do this with your father. The video quality and…..you proved that background music on TRonline doesn’t have to suck! Thanks for the amazing vid.

    80. Bert Orr

      What a privilege to watch you and Dad share that experience. Bless you moving forward, a pleasure to witness the love you put into that project mate.

    81. Lesiga Phillip Segola

      I love what I have been watching! truly a labour of love! father and sons working meticulously! great attention to detail! congratulations. Truly impressive.

    82. Jeff Hein Studio

      oh my gosh!!! its so great to witness true craftsman in an age where everything is built to only last 30 years (at least in America). Thanks for the inspiring video.

    83. Jeppe Zhang Andersson

      This is the most satisfying I have seen in ages. The beautiful structure and the surroundings, the filming, the handcrafts involved, the beauty of the materials: oak, the rain, the lime, the tiles. The geekyness and admiration of old and modern tools. The only thing that made me frown was the PE-foam used with the tiles, I think that was "wrong" and not in spirit with the rest of the process. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to show us your process. I would have loved to be there working with you guys.

    84. Vic Berwick

      WOW! An amazing feat of skill! Gratifying to see that these types of skills are still extant!

    85. Jackie Hancock

      I now know, and respect the work that goes into these roofs, and completely understand why they are so expensive. Fascinating, beautiful job.👍

    86. Michael LeDuc

      First of all, great video, huge amount of work. I like the re-use of old roof tiles, which makes the finished roof much more appropriate looking when seen with the rest of the building. Offsetting the holes for the wooden pegs ("trunnels") is not uncommon in the USA among those that build in the traditional ways. It is referred to as "draw-pinning". Nice Job!

    87. Aleksandra Mihaleva

      Тhat was amazing work, guys! I enjoyed the whole process!

    88. Missing Marbles Media

      WOW. This incredibly interesting. Very well shot and edited. Your dedication to doing everything as it should be is commendable. Thank you for sharing this. I wish you good health.

    89. BIG Nick

      That was truly impressive. Great traditional and patient carpentry skills. You should be very proud

    90. Victory First

      I have to thank you for your idea of the tool holder belt. Have tooled me one from top grain leather from my neighbors stash of leather odds and ends. He saves everything. I also ran the finished product through a rolling hard balls drum which softened the material to a just right consistency. Nice work fella and thanks for the idea too. VF

    91. G Bruce

      In some ways, this is better than all the previous, individual videos. Carl's narration takes things to a much higher level of understanding. Very well done!

    92. Tony Poole

      Bloody brilliant. Would love to know what the labour and material costs of this would have been for a client!

    93. David Rickards

      Beautiful work and I love the wood joinery and the gifts you have shown in you and your dad's work talents!

    94. Beëlze

      Now this was so much fun to watch! it's a labor of love and a work of art! 1 thing i would want to note as a fellow A.S. person and woodworker, pls wear a dustmask when cutting stuff as A.S. doesn't only affect the joints and spine. it can work on the soft tissue parts and organs aswell.

    95. Thomas Beck

      Great build or rebuild. Love that you went with the original roof style, beautiful when finished. Great Job!

    96. Darren AM

      That looked incredible when is was finished....true craftsmen. It was also filmed and edited really well. Absolute respect to both of ya.

    97. Ole Torbergsen

      This is one of the best videos on YT on restorations! Thank you for sharing.

    98. Nissan Nut

      Love this project. I assume this is your first house, what a great project. Love your Nissan Crew Cab, I have the US made version called a Frontier. I am in Texas but born in England. Love the skills and techniques you are sharing.

    99. Maik Wilhelm

      Incredible Job, Amazing what you and your Dad dit. It looks absolutely great. It was a pleasure to watch !!!

    100. oldesalt

      I was fascinated by your building skills. Never knew how a tile roof was built. You work together like a finely tuned machine. Enjoyed it all.