Genoa 0-3 Milan | Messias strikes twice in Rossoneri win | Serie A 2021/22

Serie A

Serie A

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    The Brazilian forward hits a brace to give Stefano Pioli’s side all three points | Serie A 2021/22

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    1. Martin del lobo

      Playing his entire career in serie D.serie C and B , and one day to another playing and scoring in Milan , what a story of messias.

      1. Damir Kajtazovic - Relaxation Channel

        Ibrahimoviććććć BRAVVVVVOOOOO

      2. eXtreme Official Keep dreaming .

      3. András Dudás

        I feel like we may have our new Pato.

      4. Carrot And A Stick


    2. 吳鳳Rifat

      Humans get old but Zlatan !

      1. Nad Ba

        Old get zlatan

      2. Grandpa Shugiono

        Zlatan is lit 🔥

      3. 四哥仔

        WU is Milan fan?

    3. JtotheP

      Man that curve by Ibra, he's never gonna loose his touch. Amazing, Sempre Milan, FORZAA!

      1. Robin

        That curve reminded me of his freekick against Denmark in the qualification to the European Champions, when he send the whole squad of Denmark into retirement :D

      2. Chris L

        It's a funny wall Genoa put up. It's like they are urging Zlatan to aim for that corner.

      3. Anand Tri

        And "Age is just Number"

      4. Haekal Jaelani

        As the saying goes "form is temporary, class is permanent"

    4. Rossoner deri në frymën e fundit

      Ibrahimovič continues to not recognize age, forza Milan ❤🖤🔥

      1. eXtreme Official Keep

      2. dark dark

        @Teo Dizdar reci mu čuvara turskih tvrđava

      3. Sheldon James

        Coz he is the benjamin button.

      4. Teo Dizdar

        Ibrahimović anyway ic never ends on ič only to ić

    5. Raden Wijaya

      Forza Milan!

      1. Reno Bgd

        Forza crotone hahaha

      2. Jimmy Peter

        Forza milannnn...klub tersuskses di italia 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

      3. Ekipa Surfa

        Forza Juve

      4. David Beckham

        Forza Manchester United!

      5. Sugianto 88

        @ringgopace oke,,klu bgtu mari kita sama sama berdoa semoga Milan bisa jadi urutan 8 diliga n lolos dari degradasi,,berdoa mulai 🤣🤣🇮🇩 Balikpapan Kalimantan timur Indonesia

    6. Effe L.

      Ibrahimovic, Messias and Maignan superb. But how unlucky (again) with Kjaer's terrible injury!

      1. Bozenna Szymanska

        Yhea i know and kjær is out 7 or 6 months

      2. eXtreme Official

      3. iqro syarief

        lets talk about this player KRUNIC ,diaz, hernandez AND 1:15 THAT WHAT I CALL THIS FAMILY ATTACK 2:15 big brain.. i wanna see they playing. like this next MATCH vs liverpool.. NO SUPER STARS BALLON doris...

      4. Effe L.

        @Romadhani Syahputra oh man, Kjaer will surely miss Liverpool, we need to pray and hope that it's not the end of his football season. Knee is so delicate at his age and with his historical injuries. We'll know more in a few hours.

      5. Ptolomeid Generation

        @iqro syarief something is wrong with you, bro!!!

    7. aricodorado

      When you see Dida aproaching Sheva and you become excited to see that handshake, and then Serie A just decides to finish the video 😡🤯

      1. Sendrone

        @Abdirashiid Mohamed thanks, that's very kind. It has been an interesting journey filled with successes and some harsh moments and despite the many years, I still get the enjoyment.

      2. Abdirashiid Mohamed

        @Sendrone yeah, i meant that, you are lagend, watched big games and have a lot of football experience 👍👌

      3. Sendrone

        @Abdirashiid Mohamed you mean "since" 2003 ? Actually, I have been watching football and Milan since 1990 :)

      4. Abdirashiid Mohamed

        @Sendrone respect dude for watching football since 2003 👌👍

      5. Sendrone

        Yes I agree! Made me think of 2003, when Sheva and Dida hugged after decisive penalty against Juve

    8. far_skyeast

      we are lucky having Maignan service . his response was amazing .

      1. bla bla

        agreed. As a Romanian I never understood why Milan (my favorite football team by the way) have signed Tatarusanu, the Romanian goalkeeper. I mean, had they really wanted a Romanian goalie I think there would have been better options, but that moron has no clue about goalkeeping. Anyway, glad to see that Maignin is back in goal again.

    9. Vahan Me

      Congrats to AC Milan! The Team did well - I was really impressed with both their offensive and defensive play against Genoa. Of course I mainly follow the team to see how Ibra The Lion plays and he continues to impress. That goal by The 40 Year Old Lion was absolutely insane. ✌

    10. Mr T

      1:18 Zlatan knew it was a goal midway in the air lol. Legend.

      1. UCLN

        He always knew it 😁

    11. DK !

      Maignan é simplesmente incrível, que goleiro nós temos meus amigos kk

      1. DK !

        @FgniccoMoneyoff opa! Salve mano!

      2. DK !

        @CRF meu segundo time é o Milan man kk o primeiro é o Fla kk

      3. Мikael

        @CRF até pq time Italiano é rival de time brasileiro na libertadores né animal

      4. igor huss

        @CRF virou fiscal agora? Kk

      5. Bruno Ferrari

        @CRF sou galo men só torço pra time vencedor nessa porra!

    12. Zefroniac

      History being written right in-front of us. What a day when Zlatan says goodbye. Not only is he still athletic at 40, but his mind state is incredible, what a mentor.

    13. Guest 73

      From a delivery driver to a super sub, you are living your dream Junior Messias

      1. Deez Clips

        Hes living every football fans dream😅

      2. Mo Ab

        He should be a starter from now because he can score, with saele we cant excpect goals

    14. Gio C.

      Anyone remember when Shevchenko played for Milan? What a terrifying striker he was!

      1. Marko Cvejić

        @Dr Zed Milan at that time,and Milan now. You compare funny stuffs. Milan was have best squad in history. Just compare abillity of Ibra with Shev and leagues where Ibra played,and how much goals he scored. For smart,thats enough.

      2. Dr Zed

        @Marko Cvejić Fool. Who is the winner of the highest award for football players, the Ballon d'Or? Shevchenko. Who is the most successful striker in the Champions League? Shevchenko: 48 goals in 100 games Ibrahimovic: 48 in 127 games Who has won at least 1 Champions League? Shevchenko. Who is the Legend and the second scorer in the history of Milan? Shevchenko.

      3. Marko Cvejić

        @Dr Zed then matey you dont know nothing about soccer.

      4. Dr Zed

        @Marko Cvejić do not make me laugh

      5. Marko Cvejić

        He was great. But Ibra is on another lvl. Ibra is GOAT

    15. Suhandi Wijaya

      Who needs Messi when we have Messias 😁 Forza Milan! ❤🖤

      1. tawadhu

        @saya khadka my point is dont be so serious... The first guy who mentioned Messi was only joking either

      2. Zulfikri Ahmad

        PSG become big team because of MONEY not a TEAMWORK.

      3. Caio Lopes

        Junior Messias 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

      4. I Don't Know My Name

        @saya khadka AC Milan is bigger than PSG ever will be

      5. Bao Huang

        @saya khadka but you said messi will never play with a team who hasn't win a scudetto in 10 barca ....😱

    16. Andika Ahmad

      The last goal is pure class 💪

    17. Garut Turunan Kidul

      Kayanya sheva ngalah deh demi club kesayangannya :D ✌🏻 #ForzaMilan 🔴⚫️ ♥️

      1. Budi Setiawan

        Jir tatapannya Dida ke Sheva 😁😁

      2. Romadhani Syahputra

        Ga bro. Ekspresi sheva diakhir ga spt itu... Dia kesal juga gabisa bikin 1 gol pun, pdhl blg akan menyulitkan Milan. Kipernya sih yang bagus... 2x save potensi goal

      3. firmansyah dimas

        yg ada sheva dipecat anjir 😐

      4. Fiano Anthonio

        Sama halnya Spezia-nya T.Motta ngalah sama Inter semalam :D. #ForzaINTER dan #SempreMilan.

      5. Wayne M

        Agent Seva

    18. Ellah Urusaro

      Back to winning ways. Forza Ac Milan

      1. username7 !!!

        Hard with these injures

    19. Virgilio Peralta

      Happy to see Maignan again, a great GoalKeeper, what a player is Junior Messias he is doing a great Job, Nice signing, Forza Milan

    20. Donato Bytyqi

      Beautiful performance by A.C. Milan!

      1. Rossoner deri në frymën e fundit

        @Donato Bytyqi 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰❤🖤🔴⚫

      2. Donato Bytyqi

        @Rossoner deri në frymën e fundit hello my shqipe ❤️

      3. Rossoner deri në frymën e fundit

        Hello shqipeeeeeeeeee ❤🖤🔴⚫

    21. Sthira Pradipta

      Respect for sheva.. hope his can win every game after this (except against milan ) 😀

    22. Teffy Milanello

      Messias for Ballon d'Or 🔥❤️🖤

    23. Ruz👤

      What a Super free kick by Ibrahimovic 😍😍 My Legend 🙌

    24. F2 Tekkz

      Happy for Messias❤⚽️..He had gone through all those tough times,And here he is👏🏼💫

    25. Dazziano Colucci

      We played well and deserved the win. Messias Jn is my new hero. He's looking like a really shrewd signing.

    26. Gede Swampu

      Nobody gonna talk about tomori’s bicycle clearence & krunic backheel preassist

    27. Chris T

      Im an inter fan but im happy for messias,shows you that you should never give up on your ambitions,from the lower divisions of italian football to playing for Milan,Respect.

    28. Vamshi Origanti

      What a player and what a's amazing he plays for classic club like milan ...

    29. DAVID WESLEI all

      Boa, Junior Messias! 👏🏽🇧🇷

    30. Sajjad Ridwan Sikder

      Zlatan scored 6 goals in 9 matches in this season, where some young strikers can’t score that much goals .He proves that age is just numbers.Forza Milan

    31. Rick

      Love how excited Brahim is to shake Shevchenko the legends hand

    32. 港男蜘蛛俠小智OTAKU KAMEN KAZUKI

      Messias, what a legend!

    33. Robert Ismaya

      So happy to see sheva again, hope he will be a great manager

    34. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. ✨

      Feel really sad for Sheva. His face after the match made me cry 😭. I wished Milan win with 1-0 . 3-0 is harsh on Sheva 🥺🥺

    35. najaf jaffery

      No need to worry until Zlatan is here ! what a sublime freekick amazing manhh


      Ibra continues to amaze ✨

    37. Qellogz

      Messias arrives perfect for Christmas 😂

      1. FishyCam

        best comment 🤣

      2. Richard Löwenherz

        Not a Lie

    38. Footbal Live

      it is a pity that Genoa got under the hot hand, after the match almost all the players came up to Sheva and shook hands, glad for the respect for him, Sheva is the best

    39. Rufat Hasanov

      Neymar Junior 🇧🇷 + Leo Messi 🇦🇷 = Junior Messias 🇬🇷 😄

      1. Nathan Abrahamsson


      2. koy channel

        Like 😂

    40. Antony

      Messias 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤩☄️🔥

    41. Arie

      Happy to see our legend sheva🔴⚫️

    42. Dhana's Vlog14

      We bounce. Back on the track. Forza Milan ❤️🖤

    43. Felipe Pereira

      Vai Brasil 🇧🇷 Messias

    44. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. ✨

      What a goalkeeper we got in the name of MIKE MAIGNAN 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Absolute beast 🦅❤🖤

    45. M Cyril

      If the last strike had gone in it would have been a beautiful goal,props to the keeper

    46. Julian Ari cahyono

      Thanks Zlatan. . U prove ,Age is just a number !!! Forza Milan 🔥

    47. Hannes Ekberg

      Grande Messias! ❤️🖤

    48. K '88

      keep calm, keep fight, and focus!! forza milan sempre!! ❤🖤

    49. Maxpayne

      Sou Italiano mais esse Messia chegou para o Natal.....presente de papai 🎅

    50. dave bhianco

      Sheva is always a milan's legend

    51. Zefroniac

      Brahim Diaz becoming one of the fastest growing Atacking Midfielders in Serie A, His footwork & ball control is incredible, just needs to work on some finishing & final touches.

    52. Fahri Ansyah

      Ibra & especially,,Messias,,thanks for your goal.... Match NOSTALGIA For SHEVCHENKO..... Forza Milan,, 🔴⚫✊🇮🇹....

    53. Anilcy

      What a freekick by Ibra. Messias & Maignan!!

    54. Osmane Ibrahim

      Ibrahimovic doesn't age what a goal❤️🙌

    55. Otto SL

      Great performance by the young gem, Zlatan

    56. yahya hasyim

      We are AC Milan, Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️🖤♥️🖤

    57. Modi Amodra

      Theo Hernandez (left) and Junior Messias (right) is dynamic duo. Imagine when Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing for Chelsea, an ideal center forward.

    58. Bekzat Sadykov

      Happy we have our Ibra. Even being a teenage demigod he does the job perfectly.

    59. Влад

      Dopo questa partita, ci auguriamo che il Genoa faccia più punti possibili Forza Sheva Forza Milan ❤️🖤

    60. Endang Nurul Hudan

      Forza Milan, Respect from Indonesia 🙏🇮🇩🔥

      1. Rossoner deri në frymën e fundit

        Forza Milan from Kosovo ❤🖤🔴⚫🚩🏴 🇮🇩🇽🇰🇮🇩🇽🇰🇮🇩🇽🇰🇮🇩🇽🇰🇮🇩🇽🇰🇮🇩

    61. SanBlops

      Amazing stuff from Maignan. Diabolical performance from Genoa. Sirigu should have done better for the second goal. It's going to be painful for Genoa before the transfer window. I see Dida there at the end waiting to shake Shev's hand

    62. marcos cesar zaleski de oliveira

      Sempre soube que o goleiro era brabo, e valeu pelo Gigio hehehe

    63. Wawan Kurniawan

      Forza Milan ❤️ 🇮🇩

    64. El del

      3:04 Dida-Sheva❤️ 2003 old memories… Magic mike maignain

    65. Check THIS GAME

      We can't talk of great players without mentioning Zlatan. What a time to be alive,

    66. פאביו

      Maignan é tão bom que eu nem lembro quem era o nosso goleiro antes dele

    67. No Name

      Win or Lose , AC MILAN till the end ❤🖤

      1. Nathan Abrahamsson

        forza milan

    68. turaturu

      glad Messias performed well, 2 goals and 3 points for Milan, Forza Milan

    69. dominance EX

      Messias !! What a player!! He deserves it.

    70. Alexander Torres

      Forza Milan 💪🔥

    71. Luis Fernando Gárate

      2:59 Dida and Shevchenko, so many memories came back...

    72. Milan Zaric

      Forza Milan,❤️❤️❤️❤️

    73. Obinna Obiekwe

      Where has this Diaz guy been the whole time? What a player he is.

    74. alaric gaming

      Great game milan Always happy to see milan legend Forza Milan

    75. John Muhammead

      Ibrahimovic é sensacional

    76. Gaming Mania

      3:04 that moment when two of our legends meet together

      1. Muhammad Rizki ramadhan

        Dida n sheva

    77. Gabii Gabrielll

      Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️

    78. ASH studioZ

      Milan's No. 10 seems to be a promising player!!

    79. Ilir Tanku

      Pioli runing to celebrate the second goal at 1.33 min made my day.he has such a passion for this club

    80. Food Loves Company

      What a curve on that ball by Ibra 👌

    81. Bahrudin Ismail

      Forza Milan 🔥🔥

    82. Abdul Ghani Abu Bakar

      Sheva, u always Milan Legend

    83. Weeee meme comadies

      Messias on fire🔥🔥🔥

    84. Ivan B

      What a save at the end!

    85. Doyok Gonzalez

      'Super Mike' Maignan is back! Without him, this match could have ended differently...

    86. eljero azmano 🇲🇾

      Messias got a bright future ahead 🔥

    87. Alfonso Davidson

      Messias story is fantastic 👏 keep believing in your dreams ✨

    88. Rausyan Safwan

      2022 , Messias gets call up from either Italy or Brazil 😏

    89. Eldar Aliev Inc.

      What a game! What a Messiah!! Forza Rossoneri!!!

    90. Tenretni Tnuocca

      AC Milan will be 21/22 Serie A Champions. FORZA MILAN ❤🖤

    91. Rocky Docky

      3:04 my heart trembling T_T

    92. hassam saqib lodhi

      Great performance by Malan 💙💙💙.

    93. Panca Lestari

      Forza Milan! Per sempre!

    94. Milan Scout

      Tomori is back! Clean sheet too!

    95. Omar Suárez García

      I hope Johan Vázquez and Genoa stay in Serie A next season, although it´s gonna be difficult. Greets from Mexico.

    96. Esperanza

      Qu'est cquz ce que j'aime ce championnat ♥️🇮🇹

    97. Farrel Fattah Rifasa

      Not gonna lie Junior Messias is the most underrated brazilian striker

      1. akil amir

        I am fearing Milan will sell him after few seasons to richest clubs....and we can't see 2007's milan again...Milan has the habit of selling their important players to other clubs...🥵🥵🥵🥵

      2. C

        Nope- Arthur Cabral is, he’s on Basel, look him up

      3. Gabriel Martins

        @S M Haryanto nothing special? Lol

      4. Wisnu Setyo Pamungkas

        @S M Haryanto drpd kowe? msh lbh berharga dia tau g.. maen di Ac Milan.. lha kmu? 🤭🤭..

      5. I Rossoneri

        @S M Haryanto Nothing special? He kept our Champions League, Round of 16 hopes alive by scoring against Atletico Madrid

    98. Mahendra Alcantara

      Forza Milan!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    99. Aa Dersha

      No doubt for playing Messias. He is AS card.

    100. bouytt guyt

      Happy to see Maignan again, a great GoalKeeper, what a player is Junior Messias he is doing a great Job, Nice signing, Forza Milan