Game Theory: FNAF, Goodbye Father (FNAF Security Breach Predictions)

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The Game Theorists

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    FNAF Security Breach is nearly upon us! Before it arrives, I want to see if I can predict all of the twists and turns and, most of all, the ending. Today I will tell you about the future of FNAF, the end of Afton, and the rise of a certain, pigtailed animatronic. Prepare yourselves, Theorists!

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    0:00 - Intro
    1:24 - The Game Theorist $1 Million Challenge For St Jude Is COMING!
    2:27 - Back to FNAF!
    4:59 - Don't Miss Our New FNAF Theory Wear!
    6:40 - What will happen in FNAF Security Breach?

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Pedro Freitas, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Kayla Sicilian

      Matpat please pin this comment 🙂

      1. Yurrie


      2. MonoPlayz ;D

        Tape girl from Help Wanted might be vanny

      3. Weird stuff Found here


      4. YourAverageJoeShmoe

        Wow. A lazy comment!

    2. Straw hat luffy

      matpat the tentacal maybe the tentical of spagehti fredi


      matt please pin it i think that fredbear family diner was the one to open the first with the animatronics , becoming hellish beasts for fnaf 4 player ,so i noticed that the beak of nightmare chica is similar of those to withered chica so i think that fnaf 2 took place just before the opening of fnaf 1 pizzaplace also i think that somehow fnaf sb is revealing more of the lore so make sure to keep an eye on it lots of love from india

    4. Shrek

      4:29 I’ve seen enough anime to know where this is going.

    5. Caleb Monyepao

      My issue is that the tentacles look to be made of wires?

    6. Bubble Baby

      How much you overthink me :

    7. Azalea Mermaid Sharkgirl

      0:32 best area of the video because of… MatPat: MUSIC MAN!!!!

    8. Matthew Leong


    9. Duck Films

      God SB is gonna be wild

    10. Matthew Leong

      I feel like I just made a mistake watching this before sleeping

    11. Mualimohan Reddy

      Matpat is very funny

    12. Sleepy Miracles

      Honestly the amount of wholesome in "MUSIC MAN" is too much for me, my heart is melting

    13. kaisa sakk

      trashed chica trashed foxy trashed every1 maybe it will come together and be a giant trash monster controlled by afton and then we need to kill it by using the real animatronics using the glues that we find assemble them and we can kill it but aftons spirit moves on to the fresh fnaf a new golden bear we wake up in a hospital ''i guess that was a dream''

    14. Animation 1GG

      Isn't remnant a liquid that powers animatronics

    15.  ♥ Galaxy ♥

      Matpat yelling "music man" is gonna become a meme, also matpat YOUR SO KIND OF HOLDING THIS FUNDRAISER, i try donating to st. jude why i can so ill try to be at the stream today

    16. Amystical Entity

      15:35 - 15:45 This is just chaos incarnate, it's hard to believe this all came from a small sprite horror game.

    17. Leo jukola

      Matpat: you cant change my mind!!! Me: but what if...

    18. Syeda sumera Zafar


    19. Paul Benedict Juan

      MuSIc mAn!!!!

    20. Dakota Tower

      the part when he sead oh my god i called it music man.

    21. Froggybun 707

      i rly want the game theorists merch but i dont want it to stick out so much like the jackest was cool and yeah i want it but i wouldnt wear it sadly. (pls this shouldnt be hate its just i want merch thats like mor casual that i can wear every day without getting bullied in my school....)

    22. Zero Is satire (.Zero.)

      bruh, matpat is from fnaf, istg.

    23. Ilex Keir

      can we talk about the fact that glamrock freddy is now freddy faz bear i think that might have some lore

    24. Calminecrafter

      『』   『』

    25. Audri


    26. Kacper Szafinski

      08:15, you sure? We've never got a look on the puppet burning and getting its soul freed, it probly chose to stay, that's my opinion, but I also have to inform you that's just a GAME THEORY.

      1. What Ever

        Wasn't he inside Lefty?

    27. fnf is basically dead lmfao(ImNotWatchingYou)

      Remmember the live, its nov 30

    28. Gregory Rodgers

      looked more like cable than tentacle

    29. Everyone is disappointed in me

      I know that fnaf world isn't canon but that looks like the cave in the game 14:42

    30. Maxinations Gaming

      I love how you do the livestreams to raise money for Saint Judes. Both my grandparents died because of cancer and it’s amazing how you raise money to cure kids with cancer

    31. Camila Ribeiras

      10:00 there was no lock on the box though.. the trunk we have has two of em.

      1. What Ever

        Chest is chest

    32. Dhaile 123

      You know if I see Matpat theory about FNAF's cluster f*** of a lore I just accept it as cannon. Heck I'm here trying to get nightmares (I haven't gotten one in a while) but all I get is furry bait... wait what am I doing again?

    33. Dr. Pepper

      Petition for Matpat to review and make a theory on Alex Bale (The SpongeBob Theory Guy) about his channel's hidden lore (from fake meat sponsors and disturbing mid video segments) you dissected Wilbur's and OwO's respective ARGs after all. I'm sure you can complete this one

    34. Christopher Najera

      I was born at Saint Jude’s hospital

    35. nexus gaming\ toy reviews

      ... wow I hate being broke.

    36. John Martin Mana

      Bro 1 day before security breach

    37. ninjawarriorjosh


    38. QuantumBlur_314

      Had fun skimming the subreddit to see all the things you got wrong. Especially before seeing the video. _especially_ after not keeping up with the books and seeing the weirdest things being mentioned

    39. Achreeved


    40. [Sofffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

      Let’s be honest everyone, it wouldn’t be a proper month if we didn’t get another dose of a FNAF theory from MatPat.

    41. Jesse Cardenas

      new fnaf making me actin real sus

    42. Minilinkmask

      Circus baby the nightmare that just keeps on giving

    43. [C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Let’s be honest everyone, it wouldn’t be a proper month if we didn’t get another dose of a FNAF theory from MatPat.

    44. aidan ceallaig

      He will be back he always dose

    45. [ASHLEY] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

      "MUUUUSIC MAAAAAN!" It's really cute to see Matpat being excited for being right XD

    46. CrazyinsanityGAMEZ

      Im gonna call it now its the puppet

    47. Kayleb Jackson

      Enerd? Maybe? because it didn't look like one tentacle. it looks like a bunch of cables bound together

    48. unknown Afton

      Ok ok just one question? What happend to michael afton?

    49. NiteBlade Wolf

      Me: *Sees black and white clothes* My brain: UNUS ANNUS!!!!!!!! Me:No....Just no Brain: B-But- Me:NO! It's GONE!!!!!!! My brain: Fiiiiine....*Cries in corner*

    50. SheltonBH

      Today is my baday. And today is the day we save children from all over the world

    51. Yeah_ish

      Glitch trap Vanny *M U S I C M A N* now this is one hell of a combo

    52. LinKaiTheNinja

      Baby learned black whip OFA

    53. 𝐸𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃

      I think the tentacle monster is glitch trap but he's a giant Wire spaghetti amalgamation for like a final boss

    54. LinKaiTheNinja

      The fact that Cory joins the charity makes me feel like [Insert PS2 Launch sound]

    55. Reshiram Lodke


    56. tired. _gremlin

      Matpat was gonna pop a blood vessel from excitement of *MUSIC MANN*

    57. Elvingleaf

      Who remembers when Matpat thought fnaf was just based of an irl murder case lmao

    58. Jack Esposito

      No way this is definitely not the end of the series

    59. Cameron Gander

      MUSIC MAN !!!!!

    60. Lillyanimates now we're gonna have to fight trash-ton.....huh

    61. FNaFGamerDragon

      No need to play the game when your have MatPat to clean it all up

    62. Greyhound600

      Just figured out how Chicago gets ruined in the latest trailer shes chasing Gregory onto a conveyor belt and gets pancaked by crusher or compactor of some kind idk if I'm late but legit just realized this after watching it

    63. Greyhound600

      Just figured out how Chicago gets ruined in the latest trailer shes chasing Gregory onto a conveyor belt and gets pancaked by crusher or compactor of some kind idk if I'm late but legit just realized this after watching it

    64. maddie agreste

      cant wait to see mark play it

    65. Danny D

      1:04 Why is the short hand on the clock spinning fast and the long hand spinning slowly??? That covid brain has been hitting me hard lately but this is tripping me out.

    66. F12 Mikey

      What is canon and not canon?


      Hi Matt pat I was listening to the voice-overs for all the characters in ucn I discovered that on Ned bear if you listen to some of his dialogue one of his dialogue talks about William Afton getting to experience the same pain over and over and over again and behind that voice confirms your suspicions I hear baby's voice in the background! I didn't know if you knew that already

    68. Sam Rentfro

      Does anyone else think that the "tentacle" resembles a bunch of cables as opposed to a tentacle?

    69. Samantha Beckey

      From what I hear about the books, they are beyond disturbing.

    70. Zodicat Space

      Crack theory: there's two security guards in Security Breach. One with golden eyes (Vanny), and one with green eyes (Baby) and outside of eye color they look exactly the same

    71. Andre M


    72. McHooves

      *"MUSIC MAN!!!!"*

    73. alexis grondin

      Dream will dont give $$$

    74. Erdem Tukur '2'

      MatPat: William's end... Willim: I always come back... Fnaf Fans: NO.

    75. Shaila Gaikwad

      The captions are in korean 😆

    76. I like Bleach

      Cant wait for Markiplier to play this

    77. Klayton Dickman

      Who would be caught dead in fnaf clothes 💀

    78. WillusThe3rd

      7:04 i beg your pardon 😳

    79. Leohasbeenfound

      I like how he forgets the nightmareish hands in the first trailer lol Edit: Theory:i think nightmare glitchtrap might be the one with the tentacles. Sorry if i have bad grammer ;-;

    80. Ariana Rose


    81. Fooxy538

      You know in one of the teasers of security breach it shows that a purple metal claw *hint* *hint* purple claw that could be afton

    82. Diego Monsalve

      Matpat after the game comes out and you do all the theories about it you should do a new revamped full timeline with all the books games and everything added in it

    83. Evan Andrews


    84. Dont Ask

      FNAF is like math both are solved in a way, your gonna need evidence to solve either of them, they both give hints to solve them, and both gets solved a bit(a part of either of them are solved)

    85. Yumi Mercado

      Whenever Matpat puts the clip "MUSIC MANNNN" my days gets more and more better

    86. Gabriel Giles Solis

      fun fact: fnaf

    87. Deadass Cat

      just saying to me those tentacles look like they're made of cables and wires. maybe we're seeing the return of the Ennard collective?

    88. Benicio Bermudez


    89. Ratsmacker 69

      riding the freddy mech is going to be like titan fall lol

    90. Gabriel Giles Solis

      i think we may be able to go outside to go main character 1 Million percent on the trash robot

    91. Mr. Memer

      7:03 YAY Sayori makes a return!!!

    92. celesbian megastar

      I can’t believe the purple screens actually pieced together to be Glitchtrap. I literally thought “there’s no way lol” when Matt was talking about them being a puzzle in a live.

    93. Ahmad Hosein

      now that Steele Wool is in charge of the FNaF games, they've taken to the Scott method of giving hints. I love that they are still dropping lore in obscure ways. While it's obviously different from when Scott made the games, I also love how they've been taking it. I can't wait for the full game. 1.3K 18 Nana97ification 2 days ago "MUUUUSIC MAAAAAN!" It's really cute to see Matpat being excited for being right XD 802 4 Santiago Gomez 2 days ago I love how Matpat is so enthusiastic over "MUSIC MAN" over any other character. I have a feeling where gonna see an over abundance of that one clip lol. 250 Rainbowappleslice 2 days ago You gotta give Afton credit. He should’ve died like at least 4 times and he survives all of them and Jacks himself into the matrix to survive even longer and will probably turn himself into a huge trash monster. Real persistent 377 8 Taurin Gaster 6 days ago MatPat yelling "Music Man" while leaving couch is now my favorite thing 4.3K 41 ♡V01D-K1N_!♡ 2 days ago I wouldn’t be surprised if like a year later MatPat screaming “Music Man!” be an official meme of the channel…. 91 2 Lincoln Prestridge 2 days ago Matpat yelling "MUSIC MAN!", fills you with determination. 587 5 ChillSpider 2 days ago The "MUSIC MAN!" scream is just the best thing. I'm going to look back at that clip after the game gets released and smile 63 Volrag 1 day ago Considering every instalment of this franchise involves some degree of murder, I have to ask how Freddys keeps getting any kind of funding in their universe. 22 TimeBucks 5 days ago I love how excited Matpat gets when his theories are right 1.5K 22 RadMoi 2 days ago "You insert that sort of stuff to punch serial killers in the face." Yes, I love it. 22 Sheehan 2 days ago how he nonchalently explains what was in the box something that gave matpat migraines SEVERAL times really does show how far we have come 40 Shadow Wing 1 day ago I wish MatPat after he has done all for FNAF theories can make a timeline video of what happened from beginning to end so that I can actually make sense and remember all what happened for these past years. 10 Shikaschima 1 day ago "Nightmare Marione is just a character ina videogame." So is Glitchtrap, technically speaking. There's no reason that the Marionette couldn't also have a soul in it in that game. 19 5 Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation 6 days ago At this point, I'm pretty sure Mat is writing the story for the creators without knowing it. 1.7K 22 PlaceFantasy 1 day ago After all these years I’m so glad we finally have confirmation about that damn box’s contents but the fact that we never saw that box opening in a fnaf game with a big reveal will always make me mad. Like I know the books are a big part of the lore to these games but that box being hinted at to have been openable years ago and WE can’t open it in game will haunt me for life. 13 AishahCraftz 19 hours ago Security Breach: Yet to be released MatPat: So this is how it ends... 6 [FRANKIE] H0T Girl L!ve Cam 15 hours ago I love how excited MatPat gets when one of his theories is right. It's like getting a question right in Kahoot 4 #FNAF #FiveNightsAtFreddys #SecurityBreach Game Theory: FNAF, Goodbye Father (FNAF Security Breach Predictions) Fundraiser 3,699,462 views · 6 days ago The Game Theorists 14.8M subscribers Comments • 14,811


      Always remember matpatt... I ALWAYS COME BACK. ĮTŚ MĒ. Never... forget...

    95. Allura

      Imagine a really secondary character making its return in SB, just like musicman did

    96. Damien

      I believe that security breach will be shutting the book on the lore that came with the new fazbear frights books and the games after VR. The game that (might) come after security breath would possibly be a new story? With new characters possibly? Maybe even closing the chapter of the afton family. We’ll just have to see! Fnaf has been apart of my life since elementary school. I’m now a junior in Highschool. This game is MY CHILDHOOD.

    97. Ethan Wagner

      I don't even know what's going on in this game anymore 😅

    98. — • Izuku Midoriya • —

      Sorry to be the guy that disproves something but there is two things that haven’t been confirmed. The claw (even thought it’s most likely the fact that it’s Afton)

    99. Defender

      i don,t feel like back would do that i hting it,s the puppet in a new from like you said nightmaroi has tenicals mabey a difreant versone of the puttet with onl ywite stripes on ir,s body