BTS: Permission to Dance

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    Late Late Show guests BTS take the stage for a dazzling performance of their hit song "Permission to Dance."

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    1. Samuel Wijaya

      Pales begini pada demen ya

    2. realhooligan123


    3. s d

      Jimin's vocals really shine in this performance 🥰💜 I know we're talking about Jin (and he deserves the praise) but i need to praise Jimin here for a sec. His vocals are so nice, precise and way more controlled than before and his riffs are strong as usual. I was really impressed by his skills in this live performance. Back to Jin, he sung nicely and cleanly as usual, no complaints 😩😍

    4. Maria Nijai Gomez

      No lip sync! I love them as always so much!

    5. a

      노래 연습좀 ...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 조마조마하면서 듣는다 그래도 끝까지

    6. Ope Albinda


    7. Kristine Heng

      It is so nice to listen to their music, full of positive vibes!

    8. aarnav khatri

      The beginning was kinda rough of jk and rm

    9. BTS 2020

      Jin’s voice is crystal clear and powerful undeniable king live performances #btsjin

    10. Nandana Rajkumar

      💜Iam Army💜

    11. Obsidian Doll

      Perfect performance

    12. Anam Shaikh

      Wow its so really amazing😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

    13. rusul

      i love you bts 🤍🤍🤍😭

    14. ليو مسي

      Wow 🥺😣 love you ine my

    15. ﴾BTS﴿The Seven Kings 🇮🇶

      당신은 지민의 모든 사랑을 받을 자격이 없습니다 🔮🔮🔮🗡️🗡️🗡️

    16. ﴾BTS﴿The Seven Kings 🇮🇶

      주님께 감사드립니다, 애완 동물은 없습니다, 용서하십시오 😂😂😂

    17. norlen sumile

      Jin's vocal is very very stable, great good jin oppa

    18. Baiq Evalia

      BTS love

    19. Ginar Januar

      J-Hope so stable

    20. •Fari•


    21. BTS ff

      Jin part is awesome 😍

    22. Razia Khan

      Purple bts💜💜💜💜

    23. Ana Mariiaa

      Jimin's vocals are blessed from heaven

    24. Ana Mariiaa

      Jimin's voice and dance on point as always. I am so proud

    25. Ana Mariiaa


    26. gizem dede

      Bu şarkı cidden sıktı

    27. Ging Silleza Retorta

      It's how graceful and how much love they put in their dance movements, that you'll start swaying in with their tune.; nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!❤👏👏👏

    28. Abegail Villacrusis

      Sorry I'm addicted to their live vocals 🥺💜

    29. Tender Juicy

      Not an army but I really appreciate Jungkook he is a really good singer as always, not saying others are bad either.

      1. •Fari•

        Ikr his voice is just so soothing lol

    30. 하몬

      진 뷔 정국이 사랑해


      They all slayed as usual💜💜

    32. Mei Hua

      Seokjin-ah!!! Your voice's slaying as usual! My forever bias wrecker. 🤣 They all performed great as usual, you can see how happy they are to be able to perform in front of us again. Missed seeing my boys perform live. 😭😭😭

    33. Mia

      wooooow, j hopeeeeee

    34. Ishita Sarkar


    35. Vesna Vaga

    36. 황토템

      라이브좀 안했으면 좋겠다.. ㅜㅜ 크.. 굳이 해야 하나?

    37. Ştefania Enache

      jin filling the comments> anything else

    38. JH P

      무대 정말 예쁘네요! 언제 들어도 기분 좋은 노래라서 행복해져요🥰

    39. Наталья Карпова


    40. Tech Ka Principal

      I love jin love you

    41. Tejal Chaudhari

      Jimin voice is so so so beautiful 💜💜💜💜

    42. yash jugroop

      I really like J hopes outfit

    43. I love Louis Patridge

      I love BTS 💖 King 👑...

    44. Kwok Ching

      Jungkook is so STABLE💜💜💜💜

    45. Blurryface _

      Los amo 💕 El escenario es precioso.

    46. netika indah


    47. yenjan7

      KimTaehyung your voice and expression made my day

    48. justinewest87

      I live for Jimmin

    49. ashley

      ill forever love jhopes part in this! super melodic

    50. Siddhi tech and new creativeness

      Good video

    51. Mary Castro

      Ugh my Jin my heart 🥺 they did amazing ❤️

    52. Nusrat Jahan

      I must say this...that..jhope looking damn hansome 😱he is really our sunshine...

    53. kavtoM

      so when is the rest of the footage coming?

    54. بنبوشه ةة

      كل التعليقات على وسيمنا 😍😍😘

    55. HBradley

      Love V, but BTS need to write songs that don't go so high and even go lower in pitch to really showcase his vocals more.

    56. Jeon Jisoo𖤐៹.

      seokjin 😭💜✨

    57. 영영

      1:27 음정 어디로….?

    58. R M A A

      Sounds like a goat sorry to say

    59. Shanelle Cortado


    60. Claire


    61. anika ibraaheem


    62. Nidhi Chag

      Jin 's vocal were heavenly 😍💜💜💜

    63. Riko sama

      1:48 was so satisfying and on the right note ♡

    64. BTS fangirl army💜

      I am tearing hearing army’s cheers luv u bts 🥰

    65. Linda Makinson-McNally

      There is one shrieker in the audience who ruined the while performance!

    66. sweeet psyco💜✨

      We all are dancing fools😂😁💜✨

    67. Satwik seth

      Vocal kings!

    68. oil78

      BTS ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    69. Vinod Kumar


    70. Vedashri Ghosh

      I love how everyone in the comments are talking about our SEOKJINIE 💗💗 He deserves this so much.

    71. savannah addison

      Absolutely killed it! Couldn't stop smiling the whole time!

    72. Agnes Kuni Brown

      They sounds so bad they can't even sing I don't see how people love them some looks like girls Koreans guys so girly not a fan


        Haters are gonna hate..🤡

      2. Jennifer Mann

        How exactly do they look girly? BTS fully english songs don't exactly show off all that they are capable of. These songs were just meant to cheer people up because of the pandemic so they are very upbeat and poppy. Listen to Mic Drop, Black Swan, Fake Love, or Blood Sweat and Tears and you'll get a completely different vibe from them. People are fans of them because of how diverse their music is sonically and lyrically. The explore different genres and their songs speak on issues people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to such as self love, mental health, loss, societal injustices/expectations, economic inequalities, and so much more. BTS deserve a lot more praise for their songs that are in Korean but radio refuses to play them. They are also very involved in the creative process for their music. Not to mention they have great personalities, some of the best rappers, stage presence and charisma, and top notch choreography. The performances BTS give in the US are nothing compared to the performances in South Korea.

    73. Jennifer stone

      I will be honest I'm not a big fan of Gin. I'm not hating he's not one of my fav. He is okay and I'm intitled to say that. They all did amazing with out each other they have nothing. We should praise them all. They are a team not just one or two members.

      1. lovelove

        @Pushpa Singh the op is not even fan she really mispilled the jin name,,, and this people need some one to shade in interview people were shading rm and here these people bragging jin...

      2. Pushpa Singh

        Why are you all so triggered when Jin is praised? Why don't you say this same thing when the entire comment section is filled with appreciation of maknae line?🙄 then you all have zero problem but when Jin is rightfully praised for his GRAMMY ACCLAIMED SILVER VOCALS then you all start preaching about this so called "ot7" !!! Hypocrite AF!!! And you are saying that you are not a big fan of Jin and that you are entitled to your opinion then tell me how exactly are you "OT7" when you don't love him equally as others! 😒Then who are you to talk about praising all seven when you yourself don't love Jin as you love others! Shut up! And drop your double standards!!!! Just say that you are jealous of Jin!!! Well no matter how hard people like you are going to pull him down, he is only going to rise up and up! And yeah he will be praised!!!! So cry harder !

      3. lovelove

        It's jin... not gin

    74. tomoe’sgf

      Not to be hateful or anything, just wanna say that am i the only one who realises that jungkook just did not put effort on his part with the high pitch? Cuz idk he always pull the pitch off perfectly on that part.

      1. lovelove

        They were dancing tooo girl... Hope you even try that part when your jumping...

    75. Teresa Bertrán

      cuándo salen las performances que grabaron en la calle?? alguien sabe?

    76. Janvi Sharma

      They are all perfect💜💜💜

    77. Ingrid G.

      Jimin se lucio como siempre.



    79. anshii_BTS07

      BTS ARMY💜❤

    80. Dyah Susanti

      Love BTS

    81. Wish you was clean like me

      I think this song is awful! Just my opinion. Performance seems sesame streetish!

    82. Behind BluEyez

      They are all adorable

    83. komazaku saki

      Orang yang dulu pernah mebuli jimin waktu masa sekolah mungkin sekarang menyesal karena yang di buli dulu menjadi terkenal dan banyak di sayang orang.

    84. Alejandra Gómez

      Jiminshiii aaaaaaaa

    85. シMehar Gill


    86. dali tajum sari


    87. theaaajung

    88. Pongkwan NP GodTeddy


    89. Arini


    90. It's Me Yaris

      Jhope deserves more parts in the songs! 😕

      1. lovelove

        Have you listened to all their song or just listen to the English singles

    91. Maria De los santos

      Este año su disco no estuvo tan bueno como lo otros años

    92. Joyce Carla Silva


    93. Joyce Carla Silva


    94. I chusss Lang Day

      They have the best wardrobe ever😘 All the time🥰😘❤️

    95. Juana Salinas

      Jiinnnnnn 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    96. Jack’s One true Love


    97. Gabrielly Leto J.J

      Lindos!!! 😍

    98. toti

      Uuuuu así se haceeee