BTS & Papa Mochi Are Reunited!

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    In this extended interview, James welcomes BTS back to the Late Late Show couch after not seeing each other in person for 2 years and RM cuts to the chase to clear the air with Papa Mochi. After, James congratulates the band on their GRAMMY nomination and AMA wins before asking if they still get nerves before their performances. And the big question of the night: has Baby Mochi been in the gym?!

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    1. Ayoola victoria

      B! vib(e)ration T!! vib(e)ration S!!! Vibe Really Jimin 😊 flexing 💪 V "his thighs too"

    2. Adoniii

      He's right though

    3. Mahjuba Marjana

      V oppa😊😊

    4. twilightmoon311

      I swear some Armys are freaking crazy. Anyone can see the friendship btw BTS and James. He's obviously a fan and the joke was a JOKE.

    5. Adoniii

      There is no need to apologise

    6. Karen smith

      The English speaking leader got fat.

    7. ZWinter Bear

      সরম নাই 🙄

    8. Sofia Aramayo

      niñas de 15 años no? JAJAJAJAJAJA

    9. Jitsen Zangmo

      ok but the fits tho :3

    10. Queen_Dark🖤#Yt@bonelirimiçekme!!


    11. Leonor Galvan


    12. Ajajaja Ajaja

      Idk who the hell these aliens are

      1. Lisa

        Well, first of all, the members write and produce their own music. They have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to their songs and the message of them, their performances, their mv's, ... the vocalists have amazing voices and vocal technique, the rappers are some of the best out there today. They are also amazing dancers, one has a background in street dance, another in contemporary dance. Their performances on korean award shows are mind blowing, the west just cant compete. You can check out BTS MMA 2019 performance Second, BTS's music is about topics such as mental health, self love, social and economical issues, hope and not giving up, the challenges of adulthood and adolescense, their own journey as artists and people. So their music is very genuine and resonates with a lot of people. BTS' discography has genres from hiphop and rap to edm, pop, trap, rock, soul, r&b, ballads, indie, ... so they are very versatile. Their music and mv's are also inspired by movies, books, philosophy, art, ... Third, their is an ongoing fictional universe that runs throughout several mv's, a webtoon, a book series, higlight reels, a game ... . It's about the story of 7 young men dealing with different mental health issues in a way and how they over come it. But it's fictional, so there's time traveling and so on. The story is still going and we only get snippets of it, not in order, so ARMY is still trying to piece everything together. There are also running themes through albums, for example the love yourself albums, and some songs are connected, like boy in luv and boy with luv. Some songs of them may seem to have a superficial message, but when you are not an ARMY, you won't pick up on certain things that make these songs meaningful. Fourth, BTS came from a very small korean company that was close to bankruptcy, so they weren't very popular when they first debuted. After that, they became victims of hate, discrimination, prejudice, false accusations, ... . So BTS and ARMY always had, and still have to fight, defend and prove themselves. This is why BTS and ARMY have such a close bond, because we've been through so much, but we got through it together, with our heads held high every time. Then there is also the fact that they are just the most respectful kind, genuine, honest, hardworking and caring people, donating to many charities, practicing 18 hours a day so the performance is perfect for their fans. They launched the love myself campaign with unicef to protect children and gave 2 speeches for the UN. The love and dedication and passion they have for their craft and art is amazing. The members themselves are really close too, they are like family to each other and all still live together in the same appartment. One member once stated: the members are like a wallet or phone, when you don't have them with you, you feel anxious and nervous. Another said: thank god, I have the members by my side. They support and help each other and keep each other grounded. It's litteraly so heartwarming to see. This is probably not everything on why these 7 boys are so popular and we as fans will always fight for them, but it may give you more insight. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    13. Ajajaja Ajaja


    14. min onya


    15. RM

      I love you BTS Forever ❤️😘😘😘🤩

    16. It'sKiame

      *me wondering when will James post their crosswalk musical*(i do know a lot of armys are posting the vid but I wanna see it in James' channel)

    17. Wonye Myoung

      진짜로 대단해

    18. Maurice Taguinod

      Wow jhope's radiance here tho 🥺🌞💖

    19. Abigail ‼️☸️™️‼️

      James started to cry is just soo cute

    20. bunny kookie

      RM appreciating Jimin's thighs and Tae hyping it 💀💜

    21. Leader Kim

      Sorry Papa Mochi never can be reunited! Disrespecting cannot be forgotten We just fogive your apology 💜

    22. cloud

      Hobi tryna lift James up 💀

    23. zaniab Malik

      I mean I should not say that but I forgive him because bts forgive him 👀

    24. Yujin Son

      Ngl I think I shred a tear when Jimin said “I believe you” to James🥲

    25. The Reaper

      use me as a Dislike Button

    26. Manuri Kosgallana

      I don't know why but I don't like them .

      1. Lisa

        Well join the other 1% of the world population that don't like them, they need more members 😋

      2. Rainbow Ashlyn

        We don't care😘

    27. Mayee Isidoro

      give to it BTS to be professionals. forgiving those who did not ask for forgiveness 💜

    28. Bablu Sarangthem

      Jimin : Papa mochi I believe you🤧😣💗💗 Was the cutest 🥰🤞💗

    29. ليُونَيداس.

      Bruh stfu what did he said??? He said PAPA MOCHI hh lol.

    30. Itz_Shakira

      LOVE YOU BTS!💜 It's good to see that James and BTS are the same just like before and James is still Papa Mochi. I hope James is alright after all he "has been in the hot water with the ARMYs" 😂😂😂

    31. princess_BTS(공주님)

      Sometimes I am very afraid bcz I don't love any one in my life expect my family 💜no men 🔪 ever but Jimin is my first love and only man I fall in love with 💓 I don't know what will I do I just want someone like him ❤️ just him 💜 #iloveyousomuchjimin

    32. Viv Green

      I mean .. the fact that RM brought that out , out in the open .. Respect 👏🏻

    33. Crytra

      It is so good to hear that James Cordon is taking so much care for BTS

    34. Its ashbow.playz!!

      BTSSSS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 RELPY IF YOU ARE "ARMY"💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    35. bone mami

      Do they have something in their ear to translate the English to Korean? If so that’s cool


      No but they're so precious huhu I love them so much



    38. Thun

      Namjoon = The protector of ARMY 🥺

    39. Rubynavish


    40. Aayesha Shaikh

      m laughing hard for what jhope did while hugging him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Dred Sumeguin-Fiel

      i appreciate your apology..

    42. Allen Leo Antony

      He's been on that side ...he looks genuinely scared 😂

    43. zijuiy wttuy

      Awwww papamochi's voice was emotional when he asked" am I still the papamochi" and the last hug of papamochi and babymochi was adorable

    44. pre pony

      "We accept your apologies" "it wasn't an apo...."

    45. Brogan McGarry

      I guessed JK because the boys and rm u always notice and make sure he's alright and that's true brotherhood and friendship

    46. Brogan McGarry


    47. tannurathod978

      Wow what a entry😚😚😚💜💜💜😝 saranghae bts

    48. Brogan McGarry

      Yeah us 'Army' will protect the boys but some might have gone a bit over the top

    49. Brogan McGarry

      I love them after hearing James said some not so nice stuff, I try understanding why tho and if bts was seriously so bothered and petty they would not of gone again, I love their attitude, their big hearts and their minds omg you guys have got 'IT' 🥰😍

    50. Baskota 7md

      Jimin soooo funny can't understand but keep smiling😊😊

    51. Ayesha Zia

      Would someone like to tell me what was happened between James and bts for what he apologized???

    52. MARIm Ramia

      لا تفكر ان تمزح مع الارمي أو مع بي تي اس 😊

    53. Baskota 7md

      Is that an old episode?? Or a new one???

    54. Lil Oriane

      Stop calling yourself papa mochi you fucked up with army it’s dead

    55. Potterhead:3🧦🦅

      and i am 12 and i am an army so that’s so not true

    56. Rishibala

      I feel like jungkook has turned as a pineapple faced figure do you feel the same

    57. Question? Hour TV channel

      Jiminnnnn isss sooo handsomeeeee 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    58. Trevor E.

      Ugh, James Corden is so fake it hurts. Making fun of BTS for clout and then pretending to be a fan to their faces. I'm not even an "ARMY," but I know a phony when I see one.

    59. Rhea Rondina


    60. 강력한 의지와 믿음

      방송진행상 웃자고 한 농담이 아미에게는 썰렁했다. 결코 악의적인 의도는 없었다. 파파모찌 전 당신을 믿어요!! 코든 순간 눈물이 핑돌음!! 많은 다른 사람이 안믿어줘도 누군가 자신의 말을 믿어줄때 그것만큼 가슴 뭉쿨한 믿음이란 단어가 있을까요?? 진짜 사막에서 오아시스를 만난듯이 가슴이 미어져 벅찬 눈물이 핑 날겁니다. "제임스 코든" 웃기려고 방송하다 오버한것은 맞지만, 난 당신이 평소 방탄과 아미들 대하는것 봤을때 악의는 없다고 생각하고 있었어요. 남준은 기분나쁘지 않게 하면서도 쿨하게 사과를 받아들인것 너무 좋았고 지민은 믿음으로 감동을 선사했내요. 아무든 재미있게 봤고요 서로 오해를 푸는 화기 애애한 자리였네요.

    61. Ana Mariiaa

      Jimin english has improved so much. I'm so proud of my boy

    62. Ana Mariiaa

      The hug between Jimin and James made me cry. That was so sweet 😭💛

    63. Ana Mariiaa


    64. lily albano

      jin: see papa mochi photo and watch papa mochi video captions: speaking in foreign language

    65. ♡Teresa♡

      I feel bad for taetae and hobi they always ignore them

    66. Claire E

      Don't worry Papa Mochi. You and armys are cool.

    67. Mo'mina Zokhiddinova

      it is revenge time for ARMYs. RM again proves that he is one of the best leaders in K-pop. He did it for ARMYs. Respect✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

    68. Yoongi's Wifeu

      im only watching this for bts. still havnt forgave u.

    69. Ishita Sarkar


    70. Jimin Park

      i love jame's and jimin's bond

    71. Manna Rachel Govathoti

      Jimin’s father in Korea: 👁👄👁

    72. ady

      Bet Yoongi wearing a wig.

    73. Pipelayo Mimiko

      8:05 Jon's laugh 🤣

    74. Pipelayo Mimiko

      They been in the gym

    75. Tiger gaming YT


    76. Pipelayo Mimiko


    77. Amna yousaf

      They are the best out of the rest💘💜✨

    78. PURPLE WORLD 💜💜

      How many years u are putiing the same court do you wash ittt 😂😂


      Hloo james go to tell him I love v..

    80. min suger


    81. Brownie ⟭⟬ Sweetie

      James struggle. Jimin cute reaction.

    82. Umer Khan

      Seven Monkeys on the branch lol

    83. Nishoscribbles !

      I came here first for BTS obvio and second, JUST because of the CAPTION 💯🌸😭🥺

    84. Aanjay

      India (Kerala) BTS ARMY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 love you guys 😘

    85. Keerthi Ramani

      I still doubt u James

    86. TD Army

      No bts 💜 no life

    87. Mylene Donor

      Take note Papa Mochi I'm not 15 year old girl I'm on my 20's the boys love you and they trust you and we all the Army's forgive you....💜

    88. TataeKookie

      *“We accept your apology.”* Damn Namjoon Ssi.

    89. 김은영

      Grammy missed the chance to award bts. Poor Grammy.

    90. Mikrokoseok26

      Safe to say... Friendship restored??😃💜

    91. Ayushi Gupta

      Hobi at start omg so freaking funny

    92. ーjwsfaire

      Jhope is so extra I love him 😂

    93. justinewest87

      BTS works so hard. They have been everywhere in these last few weeks.

    94. MJM


    95. Schrodinger

      Whenever i see them with James it just reminds me of 1D hanging out with james, like James been protecting our boys since then.

    96. MJM

      its good how james realised his mistakes and tried to make up for it