Bruce Lee - Fist of fury [HD]

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    1. Higher Mind

      Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. - Bruce Lee

      1. Yellow Fans

        @TheStrmcliffae46 words who mean nothing in front of drive by

      2. Yellow Fans

        @Iraisa Tejada agree

      3. Black Lyfe

        Nah I want a easy life

      4. Teresa Downes

        There no easy way out I will never look for an easy way out

      5. TheStrmcliffae46

        words to live by

    2. Tony Hurd

      I can only imagine how many people began martial arts because of Bruce lee himself . What a legend !!

      1. Teresa Downes

        I felt actually physical pain watching this

      2. sam bosco

        What did he do?

      3. Jayanta Nag

        May be five hundred million people

      4. Jegathisan Mk

        Hi. ,zj. B

      5. Dirk Bruere

        @Zapora 447 Same with me. He's why I eventually taught martial arts

    3. Kurt Zwar

      Magnificent and immortal Bruce Lee. Unapproachable talent, focus and discipline. I was at the University of Washington in the late '60s when Bruce Lee was there. Never met him, but people heard of Bruce Lee back then. All said he was really special and a supreme student of body mechanics and motion. It is all on display here. Hard to believe he is actually doing it. I studied his anatomical drawings and motion studies to try to understand how he could generate such force with such short throws. The drawings are Leonardo Da Vinci like. He surely had it all in his head before he drew such high speed motions. Bruce Lee is the best and it is a treasure to watch such scenes. RIP Bruce Lee

      1. Мр Аник


      2. Мр Аник


    4. 9teen8tee4

      "If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ― Bruce Lee

    5. Moosa Qureshi

      "Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning." - Bruce Lee

      1. Moosa Qureshi

        @Firebolt thx dude;)

      2. Firebolt

        @Moosa Qureshi Hes one of those delirious hyper-religious types, best leave him be

      3. Moosa Qureshi

        @dellaquilae dell444AQUILAe5 ok, what does all of this mean...

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      5. dellaquilae dell444AQUILAe5

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    6. Kenneth Lui

      Never get tired of Bruce Lee's fight scenes even after 48 years since he died. Legendary and iconic.

      1. Tupac Shakur

        The GOAT In his profession

      2. John Wolf

        Guess u believe in Santa clause and the easter bunny

      3. Сергей

        Но правдоподобия нет - такое количество нападающих могли бы задавить его просто одновременно подойдя со всех сторон.

      4. Jamie Purucker

        Ugh, such a sad loss. Bruce Lee will always be a legend!

      5. SUJIT

    7. duinay3

      when you watch a bruce lee fight scene you are watching the complete package - no one else can duplicate or possess these abilities in a single person ever again - the ultimate martial artist on screen - it really is mind blowing

    8. Ghoul1sh Gobl1n

      I wish Bruce Lee could still be alive today for us to document his moves

    9. TheStrmcliffae46

      Bruce Lee, a true legend

    10. Haydon Cooper

      Never tire of watching the greatest of all time.There will NEVER be another Bruce Lee.

    11. Jodi Jody

      Great legend Bruce the world still missing his style fighting 👏

      1. Sal Orrino

        9e Right Elvis

    12. Wai-Ip Chung

      I must have watched this dōjō scene at least 50 times in 10 different languages throughout the years. Still loving it.

    13. Marvin Murakami

      This movie will never get old. It was really an extraordinary and special time seeing Bruce Lee movies when they first came out at the theaters. Asian artists in the entertainment and sports world were an extreme rarity at the time.

    14. brice works

      I never knew Bruce was that much of a savage! He doubled back at the end to humiliate them again 😂

    15. Epic.

      I remember my dad always telling me “if you wanna learn martial arts, the person your admiring or look up to has to be Bruce Lee.” Since my family is Chinese we all loved Bruce. And we still do.

      1. Mauricio Monroy

        @Abhinav Joshi hola buenas noches que sueño 😘🙏

      2. Abhinav Joshi

        btw Bruce lee was american!!!

      3. Jerry Lin

        @Ninguém he's literally fighting the Japanese in this scene. Japanese called Chinese 东亚病夫 as the display in the scene. If he is Japanese I don't think he would be making a public splendor out of the Japanese. A house cannot be divided against itself.

      4. Mauricio Monroy

        @Mimicha Aliouchouche hola buenas noches como estás 👋😘🙏🇲🇽

      5. Mimicha Aliouchouche

        @Roshan Haobam هه

    16. libor Rybář

      Skvělá scénka,no to muselo bejt oravdu ponižující,jak napráskal Bruce tomu mistrovi na konec!

    17. kamuelalee

      On many levels, the greatest fight sequence in cinema history. Bruce Lee, the Legend!

    18. Norman Elder

      Hes a legend and he will live forever more.

      1. RUOK? , I'M FINE

        Watched more than 700times daily 5times atleast 🤕😖miss him

    19. Зинайда Саркисян

      Супер боец,самый лучший,нету равных ему,красавчик,ооооччень жалко что рано умер.👍💪💪🙏🇰🇿

      1. GAMER YT(Ostap)

        За то много чего зделол)💙🇺🇦🇺🇦🇨🇳🇨🇳

      2. Richa Singh


    20. PROJECT DX

      Never did a man who only stood 5 7" have such a magnetic presence on screen. There'll never be another quite like Bruce Lee.

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      5. dellaquilae dell444AQUILAe5

        Muhammad stood 5'7"and 1/2.


      Respect to the living legend 🙏

    22. matthew brown

      I always love Mr. Lee outfits such a style to this day. Legendary

    23. ZZ

      There is only one Bruce Lee and it will be decades before another one with his talent walks on this earth.

      1. Malik Saad

        9year ago

    24. Robert Bright

      I remember seeing this at the theater when it first came out, and when this scene came on the people inside the theater went crazy. After that EVERYBODY THOUGHT THEY WERE BRUCE LEE.



    25. MrLeonightis

      Of course it's just a movie but the speed is phenomenal , and his strength for his size.

      1. PROJECT DX

        With that perfect chiselled physique. It's no wonder he is one of the most popular human beings to ever live.

    26. Maria Fletcher

      Son unos de los mejores DaTeUs.UnO los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Senada: ''Hermoso.'' Amor. ''Momentos.'' Jamas.: ''Corazon.'' Habara.: ''Sostengo. .'' Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.. tus.admiradores......feliz ..

    27. Qiziqarli

      Legends never die

    28. Лидия Мартин

      He's a really nice looking man, and so talented! 🥰👊🏻🥋 He's really missed.. 🙏🏻😔☀️🌈

    29. Jeff Anderson

      A true legend, and pretty damn funny 😆

    30. Emerald Phantom

      so sad that he's gone, he's my #1 inspiration since 2017


      the best fight scene in movie history absolutely legendary

    32. Krypton

      Bruce Lee the Pinnacle of Force and Knowledge

    33. I R H

      The greatest ever. We miss you. Legend 🙏🏾

      1. Enrique Cecunjanin

        @Altagracia Valenzuela nobody said something to you so shut up

      2. Altagracia Valenzuela



      Legends never dies💪💪💪

    35. 08TISOY

      I love it when Bruce Lee throws them like a rag doll 😂

    36. Ángel Zamora. Díaz

      Puro musculo y fibra inigualable en las artes marciales era único el mejor 👌

    37. Walter Stokes

      This is another Bruce Lee classic watching the master at work took out an entire class who you right

    38. UltraNurture

      He did it so effortlessly it was outstanding to watch. You’ll forever live on in our memories Bruce Lee!

      1. Jose Moura


    39. Urb 89

      As much as I love Bruce Lee and his movies, notice how the bad guys always kindly wait until he takes his shirt off and gets into fighting position before they make their attack? 🤣

      1. The Absorbing Man

        It's called cinema dude. The suspense is used to convey a message of cockiness.

    40. G Truesdale

      Never let Bruce Lee's character get ahold of any nunchaku laying around lol.

    41. Patrick vaxter

      Best Martial Artist Ever. R.I.P legend.

    42. Dartaniam Rollins

      A punch from Bruce lee is the closest thing we have to time travel. It breaks the laws of time

    43. Ismael Roumane extremera

      Bruce Lee era el mejor luchando y lo seguirá siendo


      Brucee lee was legend

    45. Ricardo Morales

      Bruce Lee is amazing!

    46. noob

      4:06 Idk why this part always makes me laugh lol

    47. Andrzej Poreda

      Świetny jest ten film pozdrawiam twórcę tego filmiku serdecznie 👍👍👍👍

    48. David Montgomery

      One of my most favorite segment of this movie. Never get tired of watching it. Bruce Lee was one of a kind. Never forgotten. RIP Bruce Lee!!

      1. بوخاري فاصل

        مو بخو

    49. Muhamed Misini


      1. earthphoenix7068


    50. Billy Habon

      Bruce Lee. The man that made ultra instinct possible.

    51. [ Ə ]

      As soon as Bruce Lee got those nunchucks, the master was like: *Oh, hell nah*

    52. Raymond Acance

      That blood squirt from the head was oldies cgi Love it 😂

      1. David Lang

        Not cgi, a bag of red fake blood in the hand breaks when he squishes it on his head, watch it at .25 speed you'll see it squirt out to the right.

      2. PaklekJ4

        Oldest not ol-dies

    53. JJ Lovecraft

      It’s sad some people will never know how iconic this was

      1. jake may

        @Day tripper mandarin

      2. Joe Price

        Politically iconic aswell

      3. Dilmurod Odilov

        @Code_yec3ll boknc

      4. Mr CoolJ

        @Paul Lustig bruh stolennnn

      5. Yuzuru

        My prof. never know him and master Yip Man

    54. Rob Rob

      I watched this movie in high school in 78, I've heard of Bruce Lee but never knew how good and super fast he was, how can a skinny 150lb man hav so much strength

      1. Sam An

        To be exact 5 foot 8 with 140 lbs…he can out run many runners for the 5 miles race

    55. Müslüm Kara

      Allah rahmet eylesin dünyanın en güçlü dövüşçüsüydü

    56. Алим Хапов

      Даже спустя столько лет, актёр смотрится очень эффектно, мастерство, сцены, очень харизматичный был Ли. Очень жаль что не дожил до глубокой старости и не одарил своих поклонников своим мастерством

      1. Josephpp Josephpp


    57. Pamoda Jayabahu

      Legend never die

    58. Rahul Rajoria

      Bruce is so fast and his kicks land very precisely from all different angles even though it's choreographed its so hard to land accurate. That kick while lifting the guy up was superb. You have to be an absolute master and at the same time he is controlling his power to not let anyone hurt.

      1. Tâm Trần

        B xxxd

      2. Bruce Lee

        @Stan Z what is prove you have that Bruce is defeated by chuck chuck Norris said that Bruce Lee is the real and bestest fighter in the world

    59. Muhmd Nuh

      if only bruce lee could be my teacher

    60. Pramesh. m Srimath

      Legend ❤️

    61. Martial Arts Lifestyle

      Back in those days people trained with great intention. Martial arts was a way of life for people like Bruce Lee. It wasn't about competition only or just for fighting. It was a socially significant philosophy fostered with conditioning and a disciplined way of life. His contribution will never be forgotten.

    62. Yazzie Joe

      Bruce lee is faster than the speed of sound.

    63. Lafawnduh 1

      I wish we could've seen him in real competition to see his true skill. Still an icon.

      1. Chris Arca

        Search it. One live competition where he was introduced he madea demonstration against the champ

      2. Hahvi Gotti

        Can you believe ronda rousey had the nerve to say he had no real fighting experience

      3. Lafawnduh 1

        @memo. ky that was pimp. Spot f'ing ON!

      4. memo. ky

      5. Joshua Brant

        He never competes because he would have lost

    64. Lettuce

      When this man becomes shirtless, you already know SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Bsbdb Ndndnd


    65. John Benita

      Bruce Lee is great 😃 legendry king in fighting 👍

    66. خالد مصطفى

      Fighting legend Bruce Lee 💪💪💪💪

    67. E A

      One of the best fight scene ever...

    68. Trevor Sutherland

      Unless you are of a certain age, you will never understand how many boys between the ages of 12 and 17 during the 1970s routinely made "Bruce Lee sounds" in daily life...

      1. envitech02

        As a teenager in the 80s, I'm also one of them. Those days, there were still reruns of his movies on tv.

      2. Ilikethepain

        Don’t forget us girls. Love his movie!. How he “playfully” kicks everyone’s ass. When he get those crazy eyes going with the death wwwaaaaahhhhh. Ur done for! What a legend, with the skills. No other for me! So bummed he’s gone. RIP.

      3. Jess lvrde

        His spirit animal is a leopard probably

      4. Paul Braasch

        And hit themselves in the head practicing with Nunchaku's

      5. Bruce Butthammer

        Still in the '90s though.

    69. John Vo

      No shaky cam, no millions of cuts. This is what a fight scene is supposed to look like

      1. Ninjas boot

        It’s ridiculously over the top & unrealistic

      2. Ernesto Galura

        There are about 20 against BL. They come to him by 2's. If all of them gang up on him all at the same time, he's finished. But this is a film. You know how it is.

      3. Замон Мусоев

        @Hacker и

      4. Pero Vrzic


      5. Lukman Setiawan

        @Hacker .. .m

    70. China Hamyku

      Bruce Lee has spread the connotation of Chinese Kung Fu well in the United States and Western society.

    71. Leo Saeo-Yaet Young

      A greatest actual martial master,wow!...

    72. Георг. Меркулов

      In this way, he also beat everyone in one school in reality.

    73. Nael Dabash

      Bruce Lee fell victim to envy because of his fighting prowess, his super fast speed and his fame that filled the world. He is truly an immortal legend and his place will remain vacant and will not be repeated.

      1. Bob Correy

        @Fitzgerald Anthony I train and teach Northern Longfist, Xingyiquan and Northern Praying Mantis. And train some Wing Chun and Hung Gar as well. 20 years serious training. Bruce Lee was a childhood actor who was in 20 films by 15 years old. He took Cha Cha lessons and fencing lessons and went to private Catholic prep high schools in Hong Kong. He trained under Ip Man's assistant instructor, Wong Shun-leung, mostly. Soon after turning 18, he was kicked out of St Francis Xavier's private Catholic school in April 1959. His father took him to San Francisco then to Seattle Washington to live with his sister in August 59. At that time Bruce had a total of ~3 years Wing Chun training. Of the 6 forms, he knew: Sil Lum Tao and half of Chum Kiu. He also knew Chi Sao Sticky Hands sensitivity 2 person drill. Trapping play. Wing Chun is a Southern system. No kicks above the waist and in close fighting. Specifically WC is a stripped down Snake and Crane techniques from Hung Gar's 5 Animals. Instead of 10 empty hand forms it's 3. No stance training or road routines. No Chin Na, Throws or high kicks. It uses 2 stances most of which is the modified pigeon toed high horse. Footwork is taught and trained with the Butterfly Knives and Long Staff form. So Bruce never learned that. He came to America knowing one and a half forms of a stripped down bare bones self defense system. Wing Chun is not a fighting system. It's a very good self defense system. That fall he met James Yimm Lee and Jesse Glover. JYL did a Southern system under TY Wong and Glover was a Judo champion. Probably the worst and best things that could have happened to him. Glover was a good thing. JYL was a combination of Lee's rise, downfall and fueled non-stop problems and conflict. JYL introduced Bruce to Ed Parker in 1964. That's where Lee got his foot in the door with Hollywood. His father being a famous Chinese Opera singer-actor was the other foot in the door. I'd say more... But a little bit at a time.

      2. R S

        @Clavicus Vile gaydar?

      3. Fitzgerald Anthony

        Mate, Bruce Lee is an icon in the world of martial arts and is widely respected by the most prolific boxers and mma fighters to ever step in to the realm of combat. In real life sifu Lee through much trial and error, developed a fighting system that helped raised the game of several full contact karate champions. His elite fighting ability has also been acknowledged by champions who have sparred with him and seen up close and personal what he was capable of. Sifu Lees contributions to the martial arts community through his movies and through the teaching of his art will never diminish and leaves an enduring legacy. Meanwhile these laptop weasels "playing" men hiding behind a screen, largely from the UNITED STATES will leave behind nothing but the ignorance and stupidity they Like to demonstrate in the comments section on social media forums like TRonline etc.... Little wonder the United States is largely mocked these days by other nations. It doesn't produce many solid young men these days.

      4. Trent Mclellan

        And pride

      5. Clavicus Vile

        @Brown Jenkin youre gay

    74. alice copper

      Bruce Lee the true legend rip.

    75. Chris Asbridge

      Bruce Lee seemed to be a respectful and respectable man and a flat out decent human being, his martial arts skills were phenomenal!! He is a person I would want as a role model as opposed to the overrated, over paid “athletes” of today!!

      1. Điệp Nguyễn Văn


      2. __kKilla __KcAm

        @ImTiredL MMA fighters.

      3. ImTiredL

        @__kKilla __KcAm im so confused, are you talking about bruce lee or the athletes

      4. __kKilla __KcAm

        @Văn Đạt c

      5. Văn Đạt

        @__kKilla __KcAm b

    76. TCP

      Legend 💔

    77. Tupac Shakur

      They can kill a man but they can not kill his legacy ❤️

      1. MrSingh $

        Check nihangh warriors from sikh religion

    78. Zireael

      This was the first movie I have watched as a kid back in 90s. It was recorded on videotape. Beautiful times.

      1. Albert Chin

        This was my first Bruce Lee movie, too. Only in my case, it was the 70s and I saw it in a theatre just outside Chinatown, in it's original language (as heard here) with subtitles, before it's release in a english-dubbed version. I can't begin to describe the effect this movie had on me, except to say that here I am, an old man in my 60s, and I still get a thrill out of seeing scenes from his movies on TRonline.

      2. SUJIT

      3. PaklekJ4

        @Arshya aram this video is a movie so this is a movie made in real life

      4. sasa ha

        @Abhishek padhye everyone was building nunchucks out of broomsticks and a bit of rope after they saw Bruce Lee and went out of the theater. And then they all wanted to wield it like him but instead injured themselves on the head xD Fun

      5. Abhishek padhye

        Yeah!! So beautiful memories

    79. CRAZY SLOT


    80. Rui Bento

      I used to watch a lot of Bruce Lee movies at the cinema growing up with my friends

    81. Mick Hoover


    82. AZ

      Bruce Lee legend never dies greetings

    83. Mr. Snow

      Legends don't die.

    84. Sonu Ponnu

      The master ❤

    85. Wahinies

      Completely different film but for some reason I get the same feeling watching this as the scene in Ip Man 3 fighting the Japanese general.. Awesome stuff!

      1. イム

        That was Ip Man. 3 was Tyson

    86. Joël Umecker



      Bruce Lee é foda, sempre imortal! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    88. SubtleReed

      Bruce Lee is the master of the wind!

    89. మంగళ రంగస్వామి

      World best fighter 💪

    90. Joeseph Smith

      I have watched all his movies and read 3 books about his life including the one he wrote Jeet Kune Doo. Then in 2020 another and best book about him came out 400 pages. Well without question Bruce Lee has to be the baddest dude who ever lived on planet earth.

    91. Death breaker

      i seriously miss bruce lee

    92. Randomly Genius

      The Legendary BRUCE LEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Büyük usta Bruce Lee 😥😥

    94. Mehmet Şimşek

      Bruce Lee gerçek bir savaşcı vede Çin dövüş sanatı olan kung-fu yu dünyaya tanıtan ,oynamış olduğu filmlerle kendini ve kung-fu sporunu sevdiren,tanıtan bir sporcu ve oyuncudur ayrıca ona bu spor yakışıyor, Çin Devleti ne kadar onunla övünse azdır,,,

    95. Alex Tan

      I started to learn martial art after seeing this movie

    96. Kal

      One thing's guaranteed when you watch any Bruce Lee movie: You know he's going to kick some ass!

      1. Adnan Abarrop


    97. SEXY NETWORK 18+

      Son unos de los Girlforyou.Uno mañas no se la Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

    98. Бауржан Баур

      Bruce Lee-legend

    99. Heena Patel

      Bruce lee slogan,"I don't fear with a person who know 1000 of punch but i fear with a person who practice one punch thousands of time"

    100. Tyler Marsee

      Bruce lee is the greatest mma fighter of traditional world history, he created the mixed martial arts form, which takes all forms of martial arts and combines them into one deadly form known as ji Quan do