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    Contestants Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Doug (Tom Hanks) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).

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    1. vaporwave juice

      My favorite underrated part of this skit is that there are no real answers. As long as Darnell agrees, you win. Edit because the replies are driving me mad: In actual Jeopardy, you need to get the answer exactly correct, word-for-word. But in this skit, Darnell accepts any answer he personally agrees with, even if it is not the "correct", exact answer. Sorry I didn't explain myself well enough in the original comment, but these replies are driving me up the wall.

      1. Dalton Locklar

        Underrated part of this comment is that it's stupid af

      2. Daniel K

        Those were real answers whoyakiddin

      3. Ian James

        This sketch is so goddamn funny.

      4. Higby Prigby

        It’s figurative. It’s Jazz.

      5. Rosie Pestel


    2. Darryl

      Think we can safely declare this one of SNL's best sketches.

      1. Thing Thang

        @Justin Clowater Blaaaaarfingar

      2. Justin Clowater

        This one and Betty White's Census Taker are probably my two favourite skits of this century on SNL

      3. Wilma Flintstone

        This and the one where white people find out Beyonce is black. lol

      4. Kristen D.

        It really is lmao

    3. NotNotCharles

      This video taught me more about American culture than a decade of the internet


        @Ashley Green with all due respect mamn I did not say this wasnt funny. (Though I don't think it is) But you must take into account the juxtaposition of humor and tragety. Things are only funny because they are horrible. That's a fundamental truth. Even laughing at a fart is funny because of how horrible it is. That being said, the subtext of this humor is divisive, stereotypical, and degressive. How does your generation view step in fetch it or the disney scare crows or "Song of the South" or any of the media from the past that is now deemed racist? This media is no different. This is a generational phenomena. History always repeats

      2. Ashley Green

        @TRUTH HURTS, DELETE IT. 🙄I mean I guess. I can only speak for myself, but as a black woman, I'm pretty sure myself and future generations of my family will still find this quite amusing. Tho that could be because we see the world for what it is, and have never really let any type of media, social, mainstream ect influence our opinions and what we see and know to be facts because of past experiences. Any black people I know wouldn't really find this offensive, they may say it's not all that funny, but they wouldn't say it was racist or divisive in any way. But that's only the black people I know, pretty sure there's a good bit who don't see this shit as funny and think it's making relations between black and white even more strained.


        @Ashley Green because it promotes negative stereotypes and perpetuates a divisive and segregative subtext. It's racist. Future generations will cringe at it.

      4. Ashley Green



        @kevin courtney to swing an election all they would have to do is have police security - with the police around the toll booth; blacks and minorities wont go anywhere near them

    4. Tate Robinson

      I like how keeley agrees when Doug says skinny women can’t to a damn thing like she isn’t skinny

      1. Tate Robinson

        @Frog idk man

      2. Frog

        @Tate Robinson Weird.. my reply keeps getting deleted for some reason.

      3. Tate Robinson

        @Frog since when does skinny mean malnourished

      4. Frog

        @Tate Robinson slim and skinny arent the same. A skinny person is someone who is lacking some "meat on their bones". She definitely isnt.

      5. Tate Robinson

        @Frog is she fat? Most people would consider her skinny or slim

    5. Krazedkat

      Kenan has great facial expressions, one of my favorite SNL cast members ever.

      1. A G

        Well good for you, I suppose, since he has been on there for decades...

      2. Red

        @John Steele

      3. Bly Man

        Meh, he peaked with Good Burger movie

      4. Werner Ziegler

        Kenan was funny when he was on Nick as a kid, but SNL has been a dumpster fire for 20 years. It's not his fault, SNL just has s*** writing these days... for the last couple decades.

      5. Jonathon Cafaro

        His “YES!!!!” at Toms first right answer sends this sketch into orbit

    6. Dr. Beau Hightower

      Final category 😂😂 it was good while it lasted doug

      1. metallord69

        I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to be the one to break it.

      2. Ashley Green

        @Deoxal 😂😂😂

      3. Deoxal

        @Ashley Green Stopped reading when you said drump. Yes Trump does love the country. He's the most honest politician we've had in a long time. The way I know is the weird random tweets you undoubtedly hate and I facepalmed from.

      4. Ashley Green

        @Deoxal So cause drump hugged a US flag that means he loves our country? So anyone, Presidents, government officials, ordinary citizens, who haven't or don't hug our flag don't love America and want us all to prosper? Whoever lied to you and told you being ignorant and ridiculous ass hell was cute, really fucked you up. I don't normally condone violence but a few slaps should be given to this person. They really fucked you up.

      5. Ashley Green

        @Anonymous Person Uh, maybe the vast majority of important US history is dominated by white men because for the majority of US history, white men didn't allow people of color or women to have active parts in how our country was run. People of color and (white) women weren't allowed to vote until 1920 for women and 1965 for black people and most people of color. So it kinda makes sense that white men have done so much for this country throughout our country's history.

    7. Jim Weekley

      I love the astonishment in Darnell's face and voice when Doug gets his first couple of correct answers.

      1. Chris J Productionz

        Yes, Yes, Yes😂😂

    8. Yolanda Morgan

      I am still enjoying this sketch 4 years later.

      1. Michael Pepin

        1/4/22 and still laughing 😆

      2. Mingus

        Man its deep.

      3. A M

        I just saw this for the first time and thought it was from 2021!

    9. Mar-Sha Gazorpazorp

      “Lives that matter” …… “Well it was good while it lasted, Doug” Lmao the good chair & car tape had me as well, unfortunately so relatable.

    10. Robert T.

      When you have 4 very talented individuals execute a brilliantly written skit this is what you get a classic!!! Tom Hanks a Legend!!

    11. Travel with James

      This is both one of the best snl skits and also the best explanations of American culture I’ve ever seen.

      1. the2006mvp

        More like best stereotypes of American culture...especially Afrocentric culture. Smh

      2. wayne thiltgen

        @caycug1 Well said! 🕺😎

      3. Master GhotiHook

        @Daniel Lewis that's a stretch

      4. Master GhotiHook

        @Russell M Oof, you are severely brainwashed.

      5. Master GhotiHook

        @caycug1 you're either a troll, a bot, or just ignorant.

    12. Scott

      This was the very best Black Jeopardy!!! Everyone was awesome and I couldn't stop laughing.😆 😅👍

    13. Jag Brit

      Tom was spectacular here, and Keenan was born to host. His inflection here is top notch.

    14. TheOnlyTominator

      I don't usually think of Kenan Thompson as an actor-actor, but when he reacts to Doug's first answer, his surprise seems absolutely genuine!

    15. E Charts

      To understand how iconic Tom Hanks is as SNL host: This skit and David S. Pumpkins were on the same episode.

      1. Margie Johnson

        i forgot about that because i view those skits separately.

      2. Delila Sloan

        What!!!! That just made me smile

      3. Kristen D.

        Tom is always fun on SNL lol

      4. lh9591

        He’s the best comedian. In some aspects, I’m sad he went into being a drama actor.

      5. Kaylah Brays

        I was wondering

    16. Jacob Kim

      this, hands down, is one of the best sketches ever done on SNL.

      1. Steven Manchester

        genuinely funny

      2. Pope Bender

        Barcelona Chair it’s not that it’s funny. It’s fucking hilarious, but it’s the fact that this skit represents America today and highlights its problems in society. Get ya 1970 crap outta here because that’s not what he is talking about

      3. Jamestown Sassacre

        @Bonnie Archie oh look, here you are again. I gotta say, this comment even more stupid than the previous, great work!

      4. Carolyn

        @Bonnie Archie Okay, then you should go watch comedy done by conservatives. ...Oh. (So you're jut mad that you can't find wit on your side of the aisle, and you resent having to come here.)

      5. S D

        Bonnie Archie You are such a condescending piece of shit.

    17. G

      "The only game show where the audience is in church clothes" ⛪ that line : priceless 👌

    18. Michael Sandoval

      This was freaking hilarious. The social commentary and the proof that people of all races should see eachother for who we are and not our skin color. Perfect.

    19. DavidLee

      I don't know if I have words to describe just how brilliant this was.

    20. Christia Power

      This made me laugh way harder than I thought it would. “You alright Doug”

    21. Chris Snyder

      This is one of the best SNL skits they've ever done. It's hilarious, topical, and surprisingly understanding of other people's views without just taking easy cheap shots. Making the Doug character relatable despite massive political differences was great, and managing to do that without coming across as preachy. Whoever wrote this one is on another level.

      1. David Fleming

        To bad SNL SUCKS now, what happens when you get WOKE, people get turned off, they want to laugh not get preached at. This whole woke culture is destroying AMERICA. P.C. culture turned into the woke culture. Never was P.C.

      2. Angel Gd

        @Clayton Brown I bet you're black so what

      3. Angel Gd

        @Mackenzie Penny and the one person who just has to politicize people getting along for comedy. Nice job.

      4. optimus2g

        This was stolen from the Howard Stern Show.

      5. koopatroopa187

        @MrRickstopher "You've had a soft life and you wouldn't last 24 hours in my childhood." " No, I just had typical daily torment" Oh no dude. Not daily torment. How did you ever survive that?

    22. Parker P

      The "prizes" they win are always so hilarious. My favorite one was OVEN HEAT

    23. Deb NKY

      My favorite part is when Doug acts a little scared of Darnell's hand shake

      1. James

        I really didn't get that part, why is he scared?

      2. Jag Brit

        Very realistic. Like how some people can't even walk down the street, going about their activities, while others get unraveled, clutching purses, partners, kids...

    24. mrpentium

      A feel good skit... we need more of this

    25. Kate West

      Tom Hanks is such a great actor, he completely transformed into "Doug".

    26. HeyNonyNonymous

      Tom Hanks' comedic timing and delivery is impecable.

      1. Melissa Tuel


      2. Christia Power

        Hard to believe he started in comedy when he did saving private Ryan so well!!

      3. Joe Link

        Yeah honestly like everything he does…it’s him all along, but you get lost in the character and then have a moment where you remember…”oh yeah…it’s f’n Tom Hanks!?!?!!!!!!

      4. Ant Don J


      5. emu314159

        I forgot this myself, and I've watched him since Bosom Buddies. After Philadelphia, which I think I recall got him a lot of praise for transitioning to drama, people started to forget his standup days, which he relived in that movie with Sally Field i'm too lazy to look up. Punchline, maybe?

    27. nuller87

      I LOVE this sketch. One of the best in SNL history in my opinion. One of Kenan's best, and that is saying A LOT cause that man is amazing when it comes to sketches.

    28. Lauren Tead

      This is one of those sketches that was great from start to finish. It probably would have been gteat with any host but Tom Hanks is a national treasure.

    29. Gupta General Stores

      Kenan is just so good. Just his dragging of a certain word gets me.

    30. AJC1983

      One of my all-time favorite sketches. An instant classic.

    31. Montez Moore

      Y'all out here forgetting that Tom Hanks was originally a damned good comedian. He killed this skit!

      1. Montez Moore

        @Anthony B that's actually my favorite Tom Hanks movie. Bachelor Party was the shit!

      2. Anthony B

        @Derric Kennemer sorry- I see you mentioned Bachelor Party already. I didn't scroll down. Hehe

      3. Anthony B

        Bosom Buddies series and some of his 80's movies were top notch comedy. Bachelor Party comes to mind.

      4. Dana Trabue

        Yup..very good comedic actor at the start of his career

      5. Matt Smith

        He is originally a Rockefeller

    32. mulvey0731

      As Denzel Washington once wisely said: “it’s not about color, it’s about culture”. We have different “come from” cultures, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s not anything wrong with showing it in a humorous way. Some people seek to drive a wedge between our cultures for their own political gain. While we can all be different, the catch is navigating these differences while continuing on the path of excellence in this country. Our enemies pray every day that we fail. We do fail when our differences divide us and accentuate our negatives. We cannot accept what’s wrong no matter who’s doing it.

    33. Kosher Jew

      I love this episode!!!! I laugh every time!

    34. إيمان دارم

      Keenan’s commentary after every answer is hilarious.

    35. Lakendra Timmons

      This is a reason why I'm glad Tom Hanks and his wife made it through. He is good person and seem down to earth.

      1. mandograssable

        Yes, Tom and his wife joined the other 99% who made it.

      2. Connaeris

        And she's a sturdy gal

    36. S. B.

      Whoever wrote this sketch is a genius. They really highlighted some of the socioeconomic similarities between black and white folks in this country. For better and for worse.

      1. metallord69

        @37thgungrunts I think it's safe to say that anyone who plays scratchoffs on a weekly basis isn't that well off.

      2. Ashley Green

        @Mufasa's Brother was Foul AF 💯💯💯

      3. TheKhopesh

        I think one of the biggest issues in America is that "white people" as a whole are generally perceived by the image of the top 10-20% of white people who made it big, while the rest are relegated to the shadows and living in the same low-income world as everyone else.

      4. NotToday, Sportsfans!

        You mean black folks and southern white folks. Hell, we ain't got race in the Dirty South. We too damn poor down here for that.

      5. Y20X TongvaLand

        @TheSpacemannspiff Hahahaha. Oh, be quiet. We ain't the same.

    37. Wombat32

      Darnell going in for the handshake and Doug backing up like he's getting robbed was an overlooked gem in this skit

      1. Jim Foley

        Yes! I was just about to make that comment everyone else did. I’ve been watching the skit for a few years, it’s funny that you beat me to this comment by 20 hours

    38. Aunya Sutton

      That was my mother's favorite line what can skinny girls do for you not a damn thing when he said that we started laughing 😂 🤣 I miss you mom

    39. Todd McGuckin

      I never fail to almost pee my pants laughing so hard at this skit.

    40. Dylan 2020

      I love this version of snl the one that doesn’t villainize anyone and just try’s to make you laugh and sure it has politics in it but in a way that makes you laugh not in a way that makes you hate it or makes you hate someone, it shows that we all have have something in common and we shouldn’t have to hate each other

    41. Roy Barrows

      I don't think anyone could have imagined how well this bit would age.

      1. Christian V

        @Buddha in a Beanie you talking about Biden who said and I quote “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle” when he was asked about segregation in schools

      2. Kurt Haas

        @Stacy Escobedo movement and for profit corporation espousing socialism while living the capitalist dream of the very backs of the people they are supposed to be helping and continuing false narratives to keep the money coming in. Black lives matter and so does the truth.

      3. Buddha in a Beanie

        @Kathy Stanton I disagree. White people are portrayed as afraid of African Americans, government conspiracy theorists, and as supportive of a president who said some really horrible things. Not a good look.

      4. CURTIS YOST

        Yes co cocaine is a hella

      5. CURTIS YOST

        @olivia pray on this , lol

    42. Kilowrocks

      When he threw his hands up like he was getting robbed, I almost died! 🤣

    43. Harry Rosson

      this is one of the most intelligent skits SNL has ever done.

    44. Josh M

      Had me crying so funny!

    45. Jake Easterwood

      Thank you for this SNL and Tom Hanks for this. You guys nailed this. We can all laugh at ourselves and should.

    46. James Gibbs

      As a black man living in the south who knows MAGAs, the skit really does illustrate how much rural whites and blacks have in common.

      1. fakeu love94

        @Sanity tbd I agree. The Asians still segregated based on skin color. The lighter the better they look at you because of their ancestry. Those with porcelain white skin were nobility while those with tanned skin from the sun were poor. All were Asian. All from the same race just tanned from hard labor and making ends meet. Even in kpop idols there are whispers about the darkness of an idols skin. I don't see racism in my town.. . But then again we are all poor living in the rundown rust belt so no one has anything unless you are a doctor or lawyer. We all just try to make ends meet. I don't care what color of your skin as long as you are kind, because i try to be kind to everyone.. That's what I judge. 💕 Hope you and your family are safe and happy through these times.

      2. PurpleJive

        @Jeff Finley He didn’t say “all” are like this. I myself have met very well-spoken, intelligent Trump supporters. But Politics can be a very subjective matter. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to see different perspectives.

      3. PurpleJive

        @Jeron White YES. I’m from Birmingham and the skit is spot ON! 😂

      4. josh burk

        Smart man! Tip o the hat to you good sir

      5. 762x51n8o

        I don't think there's this great divide as the media makes it out to be. When it comes down to just people going about their daily lives, we have more in common than what we don't. I'm around a lot of different people, and I just don't see the hostility we're told is there. I think we all want the same basic things. But, it benefits a lot of people to have a divide.

    47. Tisha Smith

      Tom Hanks is the best! This was hilarious!!

    48. De Ana

      I’m dying 😂. This is all in good fun. Finally! I’m not of huge fan of the current SNL work, but this ranks up there with some of my favorite skits. I know plenty of “Dougs”, and I literally have an uncle named Cecil👨🏻‍🔧; he fits the description to tee👌🏼. We need more of this fun loving humor. Love, safety, and blessings to ALL. 🙏🏼

    49. Valentine

      I loved how when Kenan announced the final category, Doug's eyes got really wide as if even he was thinking "Aw, Dammit".

      1. Sergio Sarmiento

        @NachoMist okay

      2. NachoMist

        @Sergio Sarmiento look, i've told you what very clearly happens in the video. i've given you the information. it's up to you whether you want to accept reality or not, i won't force you, but my part in this conversation has come to its logical end. if you need me to explain any other basic things i'm going to have to respectfully decline

      3. Sergio Sarmiento

        @NachoMist you're pulling my leg. There is no way you really think that his eyes are wide open, they only way that would be possible is if he had his eyes completely closed at the start (which is not the case, he doesn't even blink)

      4. NachoMist

        @Sergio Sarmiento right after the category is announced and it cuts to the three of them at 6:06 he's kinda squinting a bit at it, by 6:08 his eyes are wide open

      5. Sergio Sarmiento

        @NachoMist Am I watching a different part of the video? His face stays completely unfazed, he's literally the only person to not react to the last category.

    50. Manuel Diaz

      As many times as I have seen this, I still laugh my ass off!!!!!

    51. LazyLion

      Tom Hanks is great obviously, but can we acknowledge once again how Kenan Thompson is just the most consummate SNL workhorse? he can sell any line, make any skit work, makes every character better. he's just automatic. like Tracy Morgan. like Chris Farley.

      1. Peter Sadowski

        Yeah don’t compare him to Chris Farley, he’s good tho

      2. SweetN Hairy

        @jshudo44 I totally agree.

      3. Larry Parker

        @titwio I personally think that is one of the most underrated bit ever. I know it's repetitious and silly, but it makes me laugh out loud every time.

      4. Larry Parker

        Much like he grew up doing in All That....Too bad they can't throw Kel in once in a while.

      5. Yvonne

        @Clayton Witt he was in The Mighty Ducks 2 and 3!

    52. BigAngieFan

      This is brilliant, just brilliant sociological observation here. Maybe the best snl skit ever

    53. david Kautz

      One of the best skits this show ever made

    54. Wylieisnothere

      funny how no matter what skin color, political stance, or religion, we all have common ground to agree on and that common ground is what we should focus on, instead of focusing on the differences

    55. manifestgtr

      This is probably the most politically relevant sketch SNL has done in 20 years

    56. con.bombadil

      This sketch earned SNL a bit of respect from me. Very insightful and uplifting.

      1. con.bombadil

        @Maximus hahaha

      2. /fit/ is dead

        This really is one of their best


        VERY TRUE.

      4. fearanarchy

        @CLxJames If you mean Adam Sandler's career, it lasted longer thsn it was usually welcome for. However we got 2.5 good movies; Waterboy, Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison (that's the 0.5)

      5. CLxJames

        It didn’t last long

    57. Bazjams

      I passed on this skit literally hundreds of times, thinking it was going to be some BS! Best political/cultural humor since Carlin!😂😂😂

      1. Chris Moore

        This is some good shit

      2. Evelyn Beveraggi

        Carlin was awesome!!!

    58. Not-Homesick NG

      I've seen several of the black Jeopardy skits, and this is easily one of the best! 🤣

    59. Kingly One

      This plays in 2020 and 2021 so well and has much deeper meaning than it has the right to.

    60. dapog

      2021 and this skit still funny as ever

    61. slutpuppy

      This is how you do racial humor without being racist.

      1. Marshall Gill


      2. Gottomgjg

        That what you call black privilege

      3. Anonymous


      4. slutpuppy

        @Jenn P No LOL

      5. Jenn P

        Actually it is racist

    62. regularFool

      It's making me laugh to this day lmfao

    63. Jordan Galle

      Tom Hanks as Doug is by far among his best roles.

    64. Nubian King

      Lmao. When Tom Hanks starts backing up. Gotta love Tom Hanks.

      1. Keira Woods

        🤣🤣🤣 I died

    65. Theresa Gardner

      Son unos de los mejores HoTLoVe.UnO los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Senada: ''Hermoso.'' Amor. ''Momentos.'' Jamas.: ''Corazon.'' Habara.: ''Sostengo. .'' Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.. tus.admiradores......feliz ..

    66. Señor Frijol

      “skinny women can do this for you” Doug: “Not a damed thing” Boy I spit out my sprite so fast 😂😂😂

      1. Beth A.

        Hey it's the truth...and why I will never be skinny!

      2. Paul


      3. Garchomp Kills

        Ain't that the truth

      4. Krissy Burke


      5. Markmagician2

        Sprite "When did we become the Black Soda?"

    67. kroakie4

      “If I can laugh and pray in 90 minutes, that is money well spent!” 😂😂😂

    68. fisharmor

      I remember the first time I saw this all I could think about was how when I was growing up, Tom Hanks was one of the funniest people in the business, and then he didn't do any comedy for over 20 years... and then he came back and did this, and he was like a childhood friend I hadn't seen in all that time.

    69. Josh Clearwater

      I really love SNL for when celebs shine in very different way than you knew they could... Even Peyton Manning was hilarious...

    70. Here2Learn

      The writing and acting are brilliant. Notice how the girls turn to Doug at the same time @6:04. Wonder if that was the writing or directing. All the little things that make this comedic gold.

    71. Amarvir Bilkhu

      This is one of the best written bits of comedy, genius

    72. Lynda Koers

      I adore Keenan. These skits are always hilarious.

    73. Thalia brockway-guidry

      I absolutely love this skit

    74. JOE LONG

      Tom Hanks can do it all, I'm so surprised that he started out with bosom buddies of all things to start your career with!

    75. Beetle0302

      This is some of Tom Hanks best acting ever. How shook he got when Keenan approached him was just A+.

      1. Flat as a cueball

        @steve bri and another There is no shortage of this stuff.

      2. steve bri

        @lilmil You wanna put people in victimhood categories and I'm the one who's the racist? You are being brainwashed and you don't even know it

      3. steve bri

        @Flat as a cueball Obviously you do not research anything before leave me a comment do you

      4. steve bri

        @Flat as a cueball Give me one racist thing trump has ever said

      5. Flat as a cueball

        @steve bri Do you also need proof that Ray Charles was blind?

    76. BKgamerplayz

      My favorite part of this is that there are no real answers in the skit as long as Darnell agrees you’ll most likely win and the only real answers were the ones that doug got

    77. Dad & Daught's Home Cooking

      Well, it was good while it lasted Doug! Primo line and delivery

    78. vjv82 -

      I had never seen this skit before.. Loved it

    79. Jimmy

      For those wondering why Tom Hanks looks small here: Leslie Jones is six feet tall

      1. Galaxy Animal

        He's also slouching.

    80. Benedict_Bumfluff III

      Doug’s a little confused, but he got the spirit.

      1. Elijah Butterfield

        Spirit is everything. It doesn't matter what hat you wear, or which side you grew up voting for, If you have the right Spirit, the Spirit of botherly love, of friendship.... ....the American Spirit... ...then that's the only thing that matters, because if we have that, we'll be able to endure anything. Godwilling.

      2. du3h3yeueheh3y ehey3hey3g3hey

        @Espy Bounce so I'm a nazi for supporting a republican president? God you really just prove that you guys are uneducated and close minded asf

      3. du3h3yeueheh3y ehey3hey3g3hey

        @Espy Bounce Better than supporting Biden

      4. du3h3yeueheh3y ehey3hey3g3hey

        His political beliefs are correct, why would he want to support an old man with dementia?🤣🤣

      5. TheViralSpiral - CourtesyOfTheCCP

        @Espy Bounce Gone silent, dumb-dumb? Don't want to own-up to your drivel? Let's try again. I quote YOU; _"When Trump told the Proud Boys to 'stand hy' in the debate, when his father was a literal member of the KKK, when he refuses to acknowledge or do anything about the US Nazi problem... _*_he is a Nazi._*_ And therefore anyone who gleefully backs him knows this and agrees with him. Therefore they are _*_also_*_ Nazis"_ Again, don't make excuses, dumb dumb. *Provide evidence regarding Trump's dad.*

    81. Tony el coleccionista

      One of the Best skits ever made!!! I love it!!!!

    82. This and That

      I come back to watch this around once a month. So good.

    83. Scott Miller

      Tom Hank should won a Emmy for this

    84. Not-Homesick NG

      I am deceased! 🤣🤣🤣 I've seen several of these black Jeopardy skits, and this is one of the best.

    85. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

      Tom Hanks, a top film star, went out of his way to take SNL seriously and perform within their format rather than trying to take over the show. He blended into the ensemble perfectly.

      1. Kevin LaTorre

        would of been funny if he Doug said Trump lives matters

      2. Jeff Diehl

        @Randall Kennedy just stop, dude. You creeps have been saying this dumb shit for far too long now. You all just don't learn. Stop watching TRonline so damn much. It's rotting your brain.

      3. Jeff Diehl

        @Dead Planet no he's not and no he doesn't. Weren't you all saying he was arrested just a couple months ago? Along with Oprah and Ellen? You people need to get out more and leave TRonline alone for a while. It's rotting your brain.

      4. ICE T

        hes too smart to let the ego get to his head

      5. Sean

        @Qelilah Solomon Yep. People for get about how funny Tom Hanks was in this early comedy days. Obviously he still is funny, but you don't get to see that side of him as often. The guy is an amazing actor, and that's probably because he is very intelligent and had diverse experiences before he became so famous. And that matters. That is why plastic mannequins like Kristin Stewart and Scarlett Johansen will never have a fraction of his ability.

    86. Not-Homesick NG

      I am deceased! 🤣🤣🤣 I've seen several of these black Jeopardy skits, and this is one of the best.

    87. Charles Saxton

      This is the funniest smartest skit in 25 years. Absolutely brilliant!!!

    88. OldSchoolSolarPower

      One of the best, most clever social commentaries that I can think of

    89. Allen Livera

      I can watch this daily and still laugh.

    90. TrialByGaming

      Darnell: Skinny women can do this for you.. Doug: What is "Not a Damn Thing" Had me HOLLERING ☠☠

      1. BoomstickAsh

        True statement 👍🏻😄

      2. Indy girl

        @TrialByGaming definitely!!

      3. lalbiaksanga khawlhring221

        @William Mayer 77p77777777p777777tp7q777tttp7ttq7tt77777tt7tt7777r

      4. lalbiaksanga khawlhring221

        @Alexey sh 777tp7p77777p

    91. Jerm

      When I moved to the city, I realized really fast that rural white people and city black people actually have a LOT more in common than what people think. Had some damn good times with some people there!

    92. Eshan Nayak

      "Skinny people can do this for you" Doug: What is NOT A DAMN THING Keeley really just nodding in agreement there

    93. Linda Calder

      My fave Saturday night live skit. Perfection!

    94. Sir Tiger

      I was able to both laugh and pray watching this skit. Time well spent I'd say.

    95. Paul Conyers

      I really think this sketch is going to go down as one of the all-time greats. Obviously Hanks was amazing, but I really loved Kenan's "Yes!" reactions to Doug's responses. Pitch perfect. And the girls did great too. And really it's the not-so-subtle suggestion that so many of us are in the same boat without realizing it that I think will make it remembered and quoted for a long time. Always makes me laugh.

      1. Michael Liles

        I "Yes"!!!! I bet his pissed a little lol. EEEEPPPIIIICCC. :P

      2. frostbite585

        Marshall Dan it's easy to have them agree with you when they don't exist. ain't no blacks that are gonna be buddies with someone who voted for that fucker

      3. Samantha Nickson

        grimelab give him time

      4. Samantha Nickson

        Marshall Dan kinda find that hard to believe marshal dan

      5. Christopher Burns

        Paul Conyers You're drunk, this isn't remotely funny. SNL died years ago.

    96. David Baker

      Leslie stifling laughter at 4m32 - love it

    97. K

      one of the greatest sketches the show ever did

    98. Kristi Ford

      This skit still has me khaking myself every time I experience it 🤣

    99. doggyfriend doggyfriend

      This one never gets old. They are all such great actors.

    100. GippyHappy

      I’m genuinely shocked I thought this was gonna be bad but truth be told nothing makes me happier than when we think about our similarities rather than our differences. And it was funny as hell.

      1. Nicholas Grant

        @Micky OSully I'm mostly in agreement w/ you. It is true that you have to account for cultural differences, but the general rule is "When in Rome..". I think economics has a lot to do with it as well.

      2. Micky OSully

        @Nicholas Grant yeah okay…so my point stands right? You just completely agreed with my original statement.

      3. Nicholas Grant

        @Micky OSully I was born and raised in the south and despite what most people think we don't hold lynchings down in this area. We value manners and hard work. We also appreciate and accept ANYONE who shares those values. I'm of Cajun heritage and we love black folk, because they cook and party almost as good as we do. LoL. I think you'd be surprised by just how many old @$$ white folk love black music down this way, just sayin'.

      4. GippyHappy

        @Nate Williams ok

      5. Nate Williams

        @GippyHappy don't worry about it